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    To further improve our business, we need to an app to allow our customers quick and easy use of our online platform via their phones. The app needs to link with the website. Please reply to me to prove you are the correct person for the job.

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    Web Project Έχει λήξει left

    Web api for the mobile app using nodejs and sql

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    Need to deploy Python code, wich works with tensorflow library, on server. And also set the app to recieve input data from another server via HTTP request and return answer back in JSON format.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed.

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    greedy and dynamic programming Έχει λήξει left

    3 problems base on greedy and dynamic programming technics to be solve language u can chose betweent these : java,C or C++ more info in chat

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    Task Management System Έχει λήξει left

    Need to Develop the Event and Task Management System in Angular 7, Node.js Web Api and SQL Server. Here is the list of features - Add/Edit/Delete and Search the Event. - Generate and email the invitation letter (as pdf file) to the defined companies to sponsor the event. - Add/Edit/Delete the Speakers of the event and attach the CVs and Medical Card of them. - Add/Edit/Delete new Tasks, allow Ma...

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    We were about to launch, then found the paginations in the site was just "dummy" - calling the whole database but showing 100 in 1 page. Expecting future issues with this method, we want to change it to proper paginations at server side itself. As per my limited understanding, it needs to be done by Stored Procedures. There are about 18 pages we need the paginations to be implemented. T...

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    Wowza Server Module Έχει λήξει left

    I need a module writing for Wowza Media Server which will allow events of stream's start and stop being sent to a web server via a HTTP Post

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    Advanced SQL Tests Έχει λήξει left

    Hi I would like someone to assist me with an online SQL test via team viewer should take aprox 1 hour or less

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    I have a project which involves basic app development and database analytics with Reporting dashboards and need to make a Proof of Concept. Kindly go through the high level requirements below and I am open to suggestions on people who are willing to take this up and require an estimated quote for the entire project. 1. A URL where people have to upload an excel sheet. (Only authorized people sho...

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    Have excel template with VBA that connects to sql server, populates several worksheets, 3 of the worksheets are pivot tables. THe process is very slow, need to make sure it runs very fast. Pulling data is super fast but rest of the process if super slow.

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    I already have an Android app. expert in PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App using AngularJS + Ionic framework ,front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5, setup this app on my server , you can check it with the link below. [κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL] and create ...

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    Web Application with Java, PHP Έχει λήξει left

    Experience : A Programmer with experience more than 10 years. Build Web application for varies business such as auto mobil , government, financial insurance and more. Tools : "Major with java and oracle." I' developed program with Java, Spring, ADF JSF, Struts, Hibernate, deploy on Oracle Application Server, Web logic, IBM Websphere, Tomcat or Jboss. Developed Oracle Databases wi...

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    ASP.Net MVC web application Έχει λήξει left

    We have to build an Asp.NET web application that tracks polling results from across a country. The app is fairly simple and would require 3 different real-time dashboard pages, an approvable report and another data approval page. We are looking to build the application using the code-first approach in ASP.Net MVC with SQL Server 2012 as the database. We are looking for someone to take ownership o...

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    comsol expert Έχει λήξει left

    Using Finite element Method/analysis to solve 1D and 2D problems in COMSOL Multiphysics. A step-by-step solution-guide is needed too. The problems are divided into 1D and 2D problems. 1) 1D problems: 1D Scattering problem - Multilayered Dielectric mirror 1D Eigenvalue Problem - Optical waveguide 2) 2D problems (extending to 2D): 2D Scattering problem - Dielectric cylinder 2D Eigenvalue problem - Q...

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    CRUD Automated Website Έχει λήξει left

    I have a website that has been half way developed using ColdFusion. The goal of this website is CRUD automation using multiple web programming languages (ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, etc) that will work with all major database types (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc) and versions dating back 10 years. I want the user to be able to come to the website, register, login, and follow a process to get the...

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    sql and using bracket and xampp Έχει λήξει left

    sql and using bracket and xampp

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    I have been trying to write a webscraper on the Macbook but encounter SSL certificate verification problems which apparently are common on OS. I have tried many means of circumventing it but I have been unable to install verifi, use a monkey patch. Closing firewall is no help. What to do? Frankly the MacBook is nothing but problems. Pythonista on iPad is trouble free

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    My emails are going straight to spam and i can't have this since these are password reset mails. am running on a DigitalOcean VPN and i think i messed up the DNS records

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    PHP/Angular/Node/MYSQL Project Έχει λήξει left

    Looking for freelancer who has ENTERPRISE level experience with large projects involving Angular, PHP, Node, and SQL. The job involves help creating the second version of an existing web app that works heavily with scraping and API's. You will be working with a team and must know how to work well with GIT and other developers. Must speak good English and follow instructions very clearly.

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    Windows Server LSA development Έχει λήξει left

    I need an experienced Windows Developer who has knowledge and/or experience in developing modules to intergrate with the Windows Server LSA.

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    Magazine Start Up Logo Design Έχει λήξει left

    I am looking for someone to design a logo for an online magazine. This logo will determine the look and feel of the entire site. I need different versions of the same logo that will create continuity from page to page and other virtual and print media.

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    We would like to have the customized linphone app with android and iOS in our logo and company information, and integrate the apps with our existing ASTPP PBX server , required features are listed as follows 1. audio calls (g729, ulaw, alaw, Opus, iLBC, GSM) 2. video calls with video preview (H.264, H.265 and VP8 codecs supported) 3. Multiple calls management 4. Call transfer, pause and res...

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    I need some help with my business.

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    Need to implement the logic in sql Έχει λήξει left

    Implementing logic in SQL, please find the attachment is the table structure and after implementing the logic we need to create the SSRS/PowerBI report after creating the table structure

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    Fix five M server Έχει λήξει left

    I have server I have a file But if have a little problem Cant access es_admin ( give money,item ) And revive player If anyone can fix it i will make a deal unti 50$

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    My windows server 2016 is running IIS. I am hosting PHP application. I have registered domain name that points to the server. I can browse to the server [κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL], but if I try [κάνε είσοδο γι&alp...

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    jmp Quantative research methods Έχει λήξει left

    Hello I need help with my jmp problems in Quantitative research methods Need you to be available during my session of 4 hours and help me solve 7 questions.

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    Looking for an experienced XML API developer which strong knowledge of SQL Server and JSON. Must be able to Implement Custom Asp.Net Web API using Handler (.ashx) and WebRequest to handle XML data. Must be an API GURUS with C# experience and must have experience of testing the API on an IIS localhost server! This is for an ongoing long term project.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store.

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    I am looking for expert of home linux Server + opening ports in router's firewall + security to investigating the closed ports like 80, 22 to be able to for https server and ssh server, in case ports are closed by ISP Work will be done via Andesk per hour

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    Trophy icon Graphic for Facebook Cover and Website Έχει λήξει left

    Smithsmate is a SaaS for small manufacturers. We started development in 2013 as a side project after talking to many manufacturers regarding their problems with tracking orders and inventory. This lead to the platform being created by working with Gunsmiths to develop a simplified solution that allows them to run their operations more effectively. We are looking to create images that can be use...

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    I need help to install Web panel (open source) installaion in Ubuntu Server. Like CWP7, direcadmin, webmin etc Help req via anydesk. pay by hour work

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    Implement the solution for the following synchronization problems: No-starve readers-writers solution (5 readers, 5 writers) Writer-priority readers-writers solution (5 readers, 5 writers) Dining philosophers solution #1 Dining philosopher’s solution #2 This is essentially a direct implementation of the solutions from Downey's book. Download the starter code that solves ...

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    Solve the russian dolls problem in java listed in the following link [κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL]

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    AWS Lambda function Έχει λήξει left

    Write an AWS Lambda that connects to Postgresql/RDS and executes a SQL script on a periodic basis using Python. Required services, Cloudwatch Logs, Cloudwatch Events, SNS, RDS, Lambda, Postgresql, Python

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    The Theme I am using Javo Directory V4 has select display for the listing page I need a second select display on a if scenario if listing in (x) categories - select categories then display listing on this selected template this template will have the bookng form and have other stuff removed which does not apply to the bookable listings there is a way to select a different template on edit l...

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    Attività di sviluppo e gestione della propria APP e della propria piattaforma web. Le competenze tecniche richieste, oggetto di aggiornamento continuo per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi, si possono riassumere in: • esperienza in: analisi, progettazione, ottimizzazione, sviluppo e manutenzione di applicazioni web e mobile; • ottima conoscenza di Html, Css, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5...

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    Project for Gehad A. Έχει λήξει left

    Hello, my name is David, I am actually student of Electronic Engineering, and I have to do an aeropendum proyecto based in Raspberri Py and Python, but I have problems about programming in Python, I need help with that one, could you help? I need to simulate the aeropendulum in Python

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    Spring Cache POC. Έχει λήξει left

    Hi, It is simple if you have worked on Spring Cache. However I am open to someone who is learning but can commit to deliver the project fast. Please read the problem below : Currently I have a Map<Integer, List<String>> . The code runs like once a day. I want to use Java Spring Cache instead of this map. If the data is not found in cache, it should compare with the database. The LRU d...

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    Small SQL Project Έχει λήξει left

    Goal of project: The goal of this project is to create a PostgreSQL data schema with 6 tables. Need PostgreSQL knowledge Refer to screenshots for specifics

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    database project Έχει λήξει left

    Project Description In this project, we will apply the tools we have learned in PL/SQL, such as Sequence, Cursor, Loops, Branching, to perform a database normalization exercise. Your team's task is to: 1. The source data set can be downloaded from the Goverment of Canada's Open Data Website at the following URL: [κάνε είσοδο γ&i...

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    e-commerce Website build -- 2 Έχει λήξει left

    Looking to get a web site built very similar to this [κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL] It will have everything this site does but be built on a database format. Will need a admin to edit all of the inventory on a daily basis so needs to be simple but works. Need to have a check out c...

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    Server optimize check fix Έχει λήξει left

    It be a Small Project. - The DNS,DHCP,AD,GPO, & Co, musst move to a new Server. - The Old Server be in the Future only a FIle Server. - allwasy comes the Bitcoin Trojaner to the Servers (2 Physicial Server and 4 HyperV Machine) it musst be check the Security, and musst bring Security in the Futures, no Virus, no Trojaner, no Spy. - The Exchange musst check up to SPAM and great Spam Filter...

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    Project description: This project was developed in QT (C ++) and aims to create an agent / service running on a workstation that verifies the existence of files in directories and sends the file to the file server or receives file from the file server through the web. For each transfer a token is generated and an https connection is opened. The workstation files that are transferred to the file...

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    Need expert in database and C++ Έχει λήξει left

    Using bash and C++, postgres, sql for database build. Need expert level knowledge about database and plan and query and structure. Need clean and organized structures. Must know c++ well to do it with c++

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    looking for django developer who can deliver on time and make api for website to fetch and inser data in my sql database

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    Product Data Research Compilation Έχει λήξει left

    1. I will send you a link of a product being sold in an online retail store 2. You will compile multiple information outlined below about the product from existing online sites that you will search. 2.a. Brief company/brand history (if available) 2.b Product Background 2.c What problems does the product solve 2.d Product Features 2.e Technical specifications of the product 2.f Look for product rev...

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