The Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. It is a product that optimizes the storage and retrieval of data from other applications, and is widely used by companies of all sizes. 


We all know that companies require more data storage than ever, and platforms like Microsoft SQL Server help corporations, both big and small, to store this data at a reduced cost. In addition, it helps them secure the data, retrieve it, and the Microsoft SQL Server also has recently developed additional tools that utilize business intelligence, where the data is actually analyzed to increase productivity of the company as well.


Whether it’s a small single-machine application or an immense internet-facing application, the Microsoft SQL Server is one of the foremost platforms when it comes to data storage and retrieval in general, which is widely considered one of the most important aspects of business currently, and will be for decades to come.

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    ERP Development 2 6 μέρες left

    We would like to develop a ERP with sourcecode based on existing database on sql server. Skills: ASP | Database Programming | ERP | Software Architecture | SQL

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    Performance issues 6 μέρες left

    I have lakhs of records to bind a i need to execute a sql data to and bind data XML file and must retrieve data from XML file technologies are ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL

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    2 προσφορές

    Our company is Pacific Bedbank, an online aggregator of hotel rooms/availability in the South Pacific. A specific functionality we wish to improve is the upgrade of the bulk uploading of rooms feature. The current method of uploading room availability for periods of 3+ months is too cumbersome and lengthy and we wish to improve this functionality with a quicker and stable method of upload.

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    8 προσφορές
    CMS on react js and .net core 6 μέρες left

    We need to develop a CMS on react JS for a website to manage it. Database is on SQL Server. Need backend on .NET Core with front end react JS.

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    16 προσφορές
    Microsoft power app -- 4 6 μέρες left

    Hi , For an project, remote work, ms sql, Edit forms, delete, create, search filter, email, save date, xml file integration multiple tables. Each task need to perform remotely on my machine.

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    5 προσφορές
    I need SQL DEVLOPERS 6 μέρες left

    We are looking For SQL devlopers who can help for our legaltech Startup

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    13 προσφορές
    Changes in Yii2 project to work with SQL Server 6 μέρες left

    I have a project actually working with MySQL, I need to change it to SQL Sever database, but I have some issues in this process. The problem is with the schema name that SQL Server database work in tables, for example I have a “users” table in MySQL but in SQL the table is “”, is not problem for me to change it in the users model and works correct, but I can´t do it in the “authManager” process, I mean the access, roles, login processes, that use some tables like “x_auth_assignment” and others that don´t have a model to manage this, the I obtain result like “[ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'x_auth_assignment'” My requirement is if I can change them with minor changes What I alr...

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    Improving Select 2 jQuery drop-down 6 μέρες left

    I have a customised jQuery drop-down in c# web application and need to improvise its performance interested people text me

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    7 προσφορές
    Healthcare project 6 μέρες left

    API debugging,API code changes based on WCF service controller project. Post API commit and API Deployment based on Azure Devops,handing over API with condition based on code to React UI Email based on daily status is to work on remote (Any desk platform-mandatory.) C#,ASP.Net,,Web API,Rest API,SQL Server, JSON,jquery,Java script,html and react will be added value to project.

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 προσφορές

    We are looking for an android developer with 7+ years of experience in Android development, API's and SQL Server. We developed an APP and we are looking for a developer to run, maintain, upgrade and manage new features of the app. Experience in Android Studio, PHP back-end development, front-end development, SQL Server stored procedures and queries, hosting on GoDaddy. The incumbent must be available to answer calls from the operation teams and work closely with other developers working on the Content Management System and SQL server maintenance.

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    16 προσφορές
    E learning web 6 μέρες left entity framework C# Api Sql

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    21 προσφορές

    Looking for a developer who can work on This product development like Asset Monitoring and control system

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    13 προσφορές
    MSsql and .net website 6 μέρες left

    Hello, need to do some MS sql operations like deleting columns and adding new ones. I also have some problems with some functions on the website. Pleas contact me so we can discuss further

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    Database administration 6 μέρες left

    looking for people to work on two week ends (4 days) from our office in hyderabad. skill required: MS SQL server administration, PostgreSQL and MySQL administration. Experience: 8 yrs.

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    7 προσφορές
    Microsoft power bi reporting 6 μέρες left

    power bi reporting, sql server and sql scripting, azure analysis services

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    The requirements for the test project are: You need to create a basketball league management system. The database model should support storing information about the league, teams, player and their contracts and should provide reporting functionality. Each league can have multiple seasons. Each league contains N teams playing in it. Each team can have 15 players on the team. However, it is possible that a league can decide each season what is the maximum number of players. Each player can play on one or multiple positions: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and a center. Each player has a contract with a team for a specific season. It is possible to have a one-year contract or multi-year contract. Each team can spend a limited budget for his team. It means if a sal...

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    5 προσφορές

    Neceisto gestionar clientes, que puedan ser visualizados por cualquier persona, pero que el administrador pueda crear nuevos clientes, agregar descripcion, logo, y certificaciones pdf, para que se visualicen como un listado en la tarjeta del cliente, asi mismo al presionar la certificacion que se visualice en una nueva pagina.

    €65 (Avg Bid)
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    11 προσφορές

    Web based Application based on ASP .NET Core (Migration from 2.1 to 3.1 ) with Autofac , Entityframework , SQL Server 2018 etc . Need some Threading experience . An exception was thrown while invoking the constructor 'Void .ctor(***., ,**.)' on type '***APIProvider'. ---> An item with the same key has already been added. Key: (See inner exception for details.) at `(TKey key, TValue value, InsertionBehavior behavior) at (HeaderDescriptor descriptor, String value) at ............... at .......... This issue occurs only in Production and once it occurs it starts erroring for all requests .

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    17 προσφορές

    I need a prototype for an Asp.Net WebForms Blog page creator and admin tool. It can/should use something like TinyMCE to create the pages, then should be able to store the markup and any images that might be used. Images can be stored in a SQL Server DB or in AWS S3. Stored markup should probably remain in a format where it can be loaded / updated in the tool. Really just two pages - the first can be so one can choose which page to pull up, and the second is to create or make changes. If your response doesn't say that you understand that the project is in Asp.Net WebForms against a SQL Server backend it will not be considered.

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    Microsoft power app -- 3 5 μέρες left

    Hi , For an project, remote work, ms sql, Edit forms, delete, create, search filter, email, save date, xml file integration multiple tables. Each task need to perform remotely on my machine.

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    ASP .Net Developer Needed for bugs 5 μέρες left

    Hi all I am looking for asp .net develper to fix some bugs in my existing software. experienced developers are invited.

    €138 (Avg Bid)
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    36 προσφορές

    Transport Runway Private Limited Company needs a good developer who works by becoming a owner and a shareholder Asp.Net [Removed by]

    €95 (Avg Bid)
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    5 προσφορές

    I have Plesk Windows Hosting Server. I want my use Crystal Report for my Reporting Purpose.

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    bonjour, je suis francophone avant tout et j utilise google traduction pour vous écrire. J'aimerais avoir une idée sur vos tarifs pour le travail suivant: - j'aimerais acheter cette base de donnée de codecanyon : - j'aimerais que vous me l installer afin qu elle soit opérationnelle pour moi , je vais vous fournir mon hebergement et nom de domaine, l acces à distance de mon pc...bref tout ce dont il sera necessaire pour que je puisse direcetement l utiliser comme sur la demo combien cela me coutera svp ci dessous le travail à faire: Installer l'application Créez une nouvelle base de données sur votre hébergement et exécutez le fichier serviceprovider.sql. Créez un utilisateur de base de donn...

    €118 (Avg Bid)
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    2 προσφορές

    se cuenta con una aplicacion desarrollada en visual foxpro y funcionando perfectamente. se requiere migrar esta aplicacion a .net con c# y sql server, con funcionamiento en red.

    €436 (Avg Bid)
    €436 Μέση Προσφορά
    32 προσφορές

    We need an online dating mobile application that contains live web chat, location share, and text chart. Extendable project. The mobile app should support both IOS and Android devices.

    €400 (Avg Bid)
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    14 προσφορές
    Trading Bot 4 μέρες left

    Custom trading bot with & sql

    €274 (Avg Bid)
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    7 προσφορές
    Need a DBA to design a POS database. 4 μέρες left

    Need a DBA who can design the database of a Point of sale application in MSSQL technology.

    €325 (Avg Bid)
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    13 προσφορές
    Need a SQL and a .net Developer. 4 μέρες left

    I have a project which needs a SQL and a .net developer.

    €90 (Avg Bid)
    €90 Μέση Προσφορά
    48 προσφορές

    I need an MSSQL expert who can write a query that will help me with the result.

    €15 (Avg Bid)
    €15 Μέση Προσφορά
    26 προσφορές
    .NET Mentor 4 μέρες left

    we are searching C#, MVC, core team lead and mentor to help us, setup junior developers team provide you CV also must commit around 1h Practical interview

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    9 προσφορές
    C# Selenium Webdriver To Auto Fill Form 4 μέρες left

    C# Selenium Webdriver To Auto Fill Form. Fill data from the MsSQL database. & update a number in the database after the form submit. & upload pdf to server data. Simple Flow: 1. Login 2. Select Form type & Fill From MsSQL database table. 3. Update a number in a database table 4. Upload PDF In Server Data

    €93 (Avg Bid)
    €93 Μέση Προσφορά
    8 προσφορές

    ASP NET MVC CORE 5 project User "AdminU" (member of Role "Admin") is logged. Controller has attribute [Authorize(Role="Admin")], but the result is "Access denied". More questions following, so I need an expert

    €36 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €36 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    21 προσφορές

    We are covering below modules in our ERP Software 1. Administration (Setup & Security) Multi User with multi level rights 2. Material Management (Inventory & Purchase) 3. Production Planning (Production against Sales Order) 4. Bill of Material (Product Costing) 5. Sales & Distribution (Customer Order Tracking) 6. Customer Relationship Management (Quotation Management & Daily Communication tracking) 7. Sub Contracting (Purchase/Production on Sub Contract Basis) 8. Finance (Supplier / Customer Payment tracking) 9. HR & Payroll.

    €1558 (Avg Bid)
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    13 προσφορές
    Dot Net Professionals Required 4 μέρες left

    We are looking for a .NET developer who has excellent knowledge on C#, ASP.NET MVC, .Net Core, LINQ using Visual Studio Extensive database experience, preferably with MS SQL Server, including database design, stored procedures, query optimization etc. Preferable looking for someone with 8+ years of experience and excellent English communication skill. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH TAKING INTERVIEWS AS THIS REQUIRES EXTENSIVE TECHINICAL KNOWLEDGE. You will be working as a technical expertise for our company's consulting business.

    €517 (Avg Bid)
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    25 προσφορές
    Python project in healthcare 3 μέρες left

    Hi I need Devloper to work with Django and Databases (MSS SQL , Oracle Database). Build API for Front end Django security Login page Keyklock Please make sure you have experience we will test you. Best regards.

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €7 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    19 προσφορές
    C# .Net core developer for long term project 3 μέρες left

    Required Skills .net core MVC azure rest api HTML5/bootstrap sql

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €8 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    37 προσφορές
    Infor SCE (WMS) Developer 3 μέρες left

    - The job requires a good knowledge of Infor WMS (SCE) solution. - Develops complex software functionality that meets customer needs and design specifications, on time and without software problems. - Minimum of two years relevant experience in software solutions and life cycle, within the supply chain industry. - Minimum of two years of Programming experience with Power Builder, Java, C++, .Net and SQL (Oracle or SQL Server) in a UNIX or Windows environment. - Excellent problem-solving skills, particularly with regard to anticipating and solving problems, issues, or concerns before they occur or become critical.

    €28 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    4 προσφορές
    build MVC App 3 μέρες left

    build A system and admin panel for a Movie review website and user interaction comment and login register

    €467 (Avg Bid)
    €467 Μέση Προσφορά
    41 προσφορές

    How can I see or reset the postgresql password? trust -I've tried

    €43798 (Avg Bid)
    €43798 Μέση Προσφορά
    4 προσφορές

    1- ASP.NET API works on local with postman but when on live this is return 403 error 2- ssl certificate setup please do that two tasks with connect my pc on teamviewer

    €34 (Avg Bid)
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    8 προσφορές

    .Net C#, SQL Application, Jquery, etc Skip Logic and Validation for Data types integer decimal range text select_one [options] select_multiple [options] geopoint geotrace geoshape date time dateTime image audio video file barcode calculate acknowledge signature

    €32 (Avg Bid)
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    9 προσφορές

    We are a training company and want to give our clients an impression about what we are doing in our trainings and what kind of information we provide. We want to show example lessons on YouTube and are looking for admins/trainers who can create these examples: - Veeam - Microsoft Windows Server 2019/2022, Azure, MS SQL Server - BigData - Veritas Software - McAfee and Trend Micro Trainings should be done in English or German language and should have subtitles in German and English. You can find our websites here:

    €15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €15 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    4 προσφορές

    1- ASP.NET API works on local with postman but when on live this is return 403 error 2- ssl certificate setup please do that two tasks with connect my pc on teamviewer

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    5 προσφορές

    Gridview Navigation in like MS excel sheet using arrow keys

    €14 (Avg Bid)
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    Camera Management 3 μέρες left

    I have a project about camera management (CCTV) with functions such as: initialization, view, recording and camera control (PTZ)... The project needs to be developed on the ASP MVC Razor platform. The database is SQL Server.

    €499 (Avg Bid)
    €499 Μέση Προσφορά
    18 προσφορές

    Have an Access Application (Access 2013) to be upgraded Access 2021. New front end and a more user friendly application.

    €419 (Avg Bid)
    €419 Μέση Προσφορά
    16 προσφορές

    This small web application will display the details of the customer inquiry, lead, deals done, review module, customer enquiry chat , payment details display, edit profile etc. Similar structure for customers the deals they have done or are about to do/shortlist, review panel, etc. HTML and css structure can be copied from existing application. DB will be provided. This module has to be developed in limited budget. Require a Full stack developer who can create this perfect responsive application using Asp.Net MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS within the stipulated time

    €448 (Avg Bid)
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    5 προσφορές
    .NET Developer 2 μέρες left

    We have an existing .NET based project, we are looking for someone who can analyze the code and run the project ASAP

    €785 (Avg Bid)
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    36 προσφορές
    Laravel Project CleanuP 2 μέρες left

    I have a Laravel project, which is a data dashboard for a very specific database application. It has a custom built class that builds very specific data queries for a visitor management system. The project is about 70% complete, and needs some overhaul. - Needs to implement authentication using an api from a locally hosted application. - Needs some additions to the user interface, including some report filtering, and user specific css customization, and front page customization by user. - Needs to be cleaned up. Remove unused files from template pack that was used. - Needs some documentationto be created.

    €219 - €657
    Σφραγισμένο ΣΜΓ
    €219 - €657
    47 προσφορές

    Κορυφαία Microsoft SQL Server Άρθρα Κοινότητας