A database could be anything from a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or the vast amount of information in a corporate network. To add, access, and process data stored in a computer database, you need a database management system such as a MySQL Server. MySQL is the world's most widely used Open Source database management system. It is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. Your business might be using MySQL databases, so you may need help from MySQL experts and administrators. Freelancer.com offers you a lot of professional and expert MySQL freelancers ready to help you having your jobs done.

Do you have the experience and the ability to do MySQL projects? Freelancer.com offers you a lot of MySQL projects with clients who want help with establishing a MySQL database or edit one that already exists, converting an Excel database to MySQL, and solving MySQL problems.

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    I have a lot of custom addons (and custom theme) that I don;t want to lose. I might also need customization on Advanced Product Import, after upgrade (on 4.7.4 it's a very simple beta with bad functionality). I went with a 250-750 budget, because I think I will need a new CS-cart upgrade license, since my site is almost 3 years old and I don't know if an upgrade to 4.12 is available for me. Customizations to be migrated include: -Automated Custom E-Mail Marketing -Custom order export list -Ability to see canceled orders of the specific buyer in an order. -Order status according to payment status correlation -Bought addons for V4.7.4

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    Χρειάζομαι ένα Συστήματα Διαχείρισης Πελατών, το οποίο θα αναπτυχθεί σε php oop με σύνδεση mysqli και θα περιλαμβάνει : 1) Αρχική σελίδα (σελίδα εισόδου) όπου θα παρέχει Α&...

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    MLM software platform 6 μέρες left

    Need a 6 to 9 level MLM membership platform to calculate profits and distribute the profit appropriately to the upline and downline. The MLM structure is unilevel and have no tree limits. Contact us if you are a developer in any MLM software company as we will probably hire you rather than work on a freelance basis. Profit sharing and remuneration scheme is attractive for the successful candidate.

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    Dolibarr a Medida 2 6 μέρες left

    programación de delibrarr a medida

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    ERP para Industria 6 μέρες left

    Sistema já em andamento, precisando finalizar alguns módulos como estoque, produção e uns detalhes de faturamento e em seguida integrar todos eles. Serviços serão passados por partes, passo a passo com pagamento dos honorários por hora. Havendo competência e disponibilidade, os serviços passados serão intensificados conforme disponibilidade e necessidade da empresa. O Programador deve ser "fullstack" com experiencia em PHP/MySQL/Laravel/css/html/javascript/angular js/webpack/grunt/gulp e de preferencia com experiencia passada no desenvolvimento de sistemas ERP nas áreas comercial/estoque/produção/fiscal/bancaria etc.

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    I need a fairly simple little job which is to code the add product function. Let me explain, the shop is a digital product autoshop (text format), the add products function is on the admin panel. So I put the text (the product) in a box I click on add, and the product info is added to the database. The product is in the following format: product_name|text1|text2|price. Html design is already ready,. I need this very quickly, and I know it only takes a very short time.

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    Add filter to expense module on Dolibarr 6 μέρες left

    Hi, need some help creating a filter to pull a specific field on dolibarr not included by default, need to pull the type of expense to be included on the list report.

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    Payout API Integration 6 μέρες left

    Developer have to add payout api in my website/app.

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    Python Dev 6 μέρες left

    We have a lot of small and medium size projects that we need a python dev for. Skills with python, AWS, GitHub actions, required. Front-end design would be helpful as well

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    Online Calendar 6 μέρες left

    An online-based calendar mobile application and website where anyone who creates a membership can become an Admin and User, and where Admins can manage users' calendars and schedules.

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    PTP (pay to promote) implementation 6 μέρες left

    I HAVE A PAGE, AND THIS NEXT HAS TO WORK WITH THE USER'S REFERRAL LINK, and the user's views will be counted. 1. a user has 20500 views and they only registered with 21. Then divide 20500/21= 976.19 2. we will have a signup conversion table, which will be -> 1:1 - 1:999 = 0.40$ -> 1:1000 - 1:1999 =0.20$ -> 1:2000 - 1:4999 =0.10$ -> 1:5000 - 1:9999 =0.05$ ->1:10000+ = 0.01$ 3. Then as in the division it comes out = 976.19 belongs to the first. And all this that the user earns will be sent to his balance automatically after a week, the views and registration must be counted during the week. IF YOU UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO IT, we can start well. img is attached

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    Portalempleo 6 μέρες left

    Necesito el desarrollo de un portal de empleo. Como ejemplo: OCC, Bumeran, computrabajos. Por ahora no busco algo han desarrollado, pero si escalable. Es decir que cumpla con las funciones principales. Graphic Design, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Website Design

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    Hybrid App to work on IOS Android and Web 6 μέρες left

    Mobile App, Hybrid, to work on Apple, Android and Web Technologies Currently in use. Php, MySQL, JSON Need data to be displayed live from Database. Pages, Tournament List 1. Master List of Tournament Names 2. Subtext of Date String Filter By Year, International, Domestic Tournament Details Details for tournament that was clicked from Tournament List by TOURN_ID parameter. Schedule from tournament List by TOURN_ID parameter • Displays List of games TEAM_A vs TEAM_B • Subtext - Show date and Time if game not final, If Final display Score TEAM_A_SCORE – TEAM_B_SCORE • Filter By TEAM_A or TEAM_B Names, Gender, Game Final Game Details • From Schedule list by ID and TOURN_ID parameters Pool Standings • Displays Pool Standing for Men and Women for TOURN_ID ...

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    I am looking for a developer capable of finalizing the creation of an autoshop of digital products. Customers register and can then add money to their account via a balance system (recharging by bitcoin). The designs (html) of the pages are mostly finished, only the php code is missing to make them functional. I already have a good base of the site, the functional login and registration page, as well as the dashboard and all the other designs but without the codes for the various functionalities. It takes a panel member with the store and purchase history. An admin panel, with member management and inventory management. He only has the code to do knowing that the html designs are already ready.

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    Portalempleo -- 2 6 μέρες left

    Necesito el desarrollo de un portal de empleo. Como ejemplo: OCC, Bumeran, computrabajos. Por ahora no busco algo han desarrollado, pero si escalable. Es decir que cumpla con las funciones principales.

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    I am looking for a developer capable of finalizing the creation of an autoshop of digital products. Customers register and can then add money to their account via a balance system (recharging by bitcoin). The designs (html) of the pages are mostly finished, only the php code is missing to make them functional.

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    web scraping by key word 6 μέρες left

    I have a website with MySQL database behind it. I need a script either working from the webpage or a python script that I would run on my machine and search the key words, populate database and present on my web page. But I am open to suggestions, whatever works best. This is not a public search engine and would be used a few times a day.

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    data scrapping 6 μέρες left

    data scraping script needed to get mobile devices prices. We'll provide you list of URLs in a CSV file. For every entry in the file, your script will go and fetch the prices from there that have changed since the last fetch. The URL has 3 possible prices up there once the prices are fetched, your script will insert those in the local DB. for every price change recorded in local DB, there should be a flag, which will be set initially and will be cleared as an action has been taken on it. In a nutshell, we want to keep track of price changes and act accordingly. it is a very simple task for someone who knows how to do it. PHP Laravel should be used for the script.

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    Need to host a website 6 μέρες left

    I have the project file of two websites. Need to upload in Bluehost C panel and connect to the domain name in Godaddy. Both of them have databases. Max price will be 5000 INR

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    Build me a website using Python 6 μέρες left

    You need the knowledge of Machine Learning, and can make a website that has all the features of this website including all the pages.

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    - Admin must have the power to insert buttons offline in the client application via Admin Panel - This option must be registered by the administrator, who can create as many buttons as necessary for offline payment. Example: Visa Credit Card on Delivery Master Credit Card on Delivery Cash payment on delivery Note: For cash payment, you must allow the customer to inform the amount of change. Call in inbox to receive the code and send a quote.

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    GIS construction map -- 2 6 μέρες left

    Web app that has an interactive construction site map for scheduling activities

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    GIS construction map 6 μέρες left

    Web app that has an interactive construction site map for scheduling activities

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    New e-commerce Website development -- 2 6 μέρες left

    Full from scratch new e-commerce website development spanning across functions like login/registration, product carting, payment and forum. Effective Front end and back end operation handling

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    Codeigniter developer needed 6 μέρες left

    I need PHP codeigniter developer for integrating payment system API. Small one day job. Experienced one needed.

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    Development of files 6 μέρες left

    Add an extension to files. So on third party websites they cannot be right click saved.

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    Add-On.NinjaTrader8 6 μέρες left

    Se trata de un Add-On para NinjaTrader8,que su función es limitar perdidas. Necesita pequeñas correcciones sobre la parte funcional.

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    Can't find admin url 6 μέρες left

    I need you to find the admin panel and login. I installed a script to my server and I cant seem to find it.

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    We are looking for an experienced blockchain developer who has worked on many NFT projects before which have all launched successfully we also need the person to design the website as per our wishes with integration to the Ethereum blockchain

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    Looking for Flutter developer -- 2 6 μέρες left

    If you are an experienced flutter developer, please don't hesitate to apply. I will provide design. If you have experience of Laravel, it is better.

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    Data Scraping / Insertion 6 μέρες left

    I need someone that who can write a code where I can see other server details / files and use them using python or C# whatever is preffered. Details will be shared via inbox

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    Build me a simple Android app 6 μέρες left

    I need a simple Android app with easy intuitive UI for private "electronic database" of notes, history of treatment and gallery. Details: App will be used in my beauty salon for adding new clients, searching for existing clients and treatments and adding photos of every treatment. - It needs to operate in such way: Home page with search bar (for all clients. Searching by Name, City and telephone number should be possible.) - On homepage can be button like "+" or "Add new client" - When I open one client I need following: Name Last Name, Date of birth, address and tel. no. - history of all treatments ever done to this client listed and that can be clicked on every treatment, opened and viewed... - button "Add treatment". When I click on t...

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    Build Website 6 μέρες left

    This project is to build a website for a system for purchasing, warehousing and shipping services under the name of () like competitors (ShipzBox.com- - ) the file attachment message included the flowing website () Document 1- Project requirements and system standards 2- user interface prototype 3- Explain the features and functions of the system in the user and admin interface * Documents required from you * - Detailed price offer according to the attached table -duration project implementation

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    I need SQL DEVLOPERS 6 μέρες left

    We are looking For SQL devlopers who can help for our legaltech Startup

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    Find the plugin! 6 μέρες left

    I used to have a plugin that let pages display on a timer. I have 6 pages for leaderboards. I want the pages to change every 10 seconds or at a time I set. There is a plugin that does this and I used to have it and have lost it. If you can find this plugin I will pay $5 to the first person that finds it.

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    We need a website development expert to carry out the tasks in the attachment, you will be working on a section of a website while other developers work on other sections. Your scope of work is attached and that is what you should do. Knowledge of Laravel is required. Note: If you are not okay with our budget of $500 please do not apply.

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    Deal Tracking Script 6 μέρες left

    I need a simple deal Tracking Script fo my agents 1. Ability to manage Users add/remove/edit 2. User 1 should be able to submit deals and see his respective deals. 3 Admin should be able to see all deals. 4. Every deal should have a unique number identifier. 5. Ability to manage Data in a CRUD interface. I basically have multiple agents. I need to be ale to track their deals and performance. But they should be only able to see their own deals.

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    Integrar Moodle con con la herramienta de sala de videoconferencia de Microsoft TEAMS para que pueda ser gestionada, por Moodle y cuente con respaldo de información dentro de la plataforma LMS. Disponible como recurso en LMS Agendar las reuniones desde el curso donde se habilita el recurso y que los usuarios inscritos puedan acceder a la sala virtual Almacenar las grabaciones para que puedan ser vistas post ejecución (que pueda ser habilitado y deshabilitado)

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    PowerBI Developer 6 μέρες left

    Looking to hire a Power BI developer for ongoing projects. This will pull data from our Bullhorn ATS and Quickbooks to build a data warehouse. Then use Power BI to build out reports for our departments to display on screens throughout our office.

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    Building of Online and offline Accounting and POS Application. 50% of the job is completed in PHP

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    desarrollador odoo 6 μέρες left

    Necesitamos a alguien para terminar de configurar un servidor odoo, que tenemos en un servidor VPS, actualmente tiene varios plugin instalados pero no termina de funcionar ok, y tambien necesitamos asesoramiento para crear varios almacenes con sus respectivos accesos, para diferentes clientes, y que cada cliente pueda solo ver su inventario.

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    I want to build an online form, mostly with checkboxes. Based on what is checked, a list of items are generated. The items are stored in a mysql database. Also stored in the database is the items association with the check marked boxes. Based on what is checked on the form, I would like the form to first check the database, see what items correspond to what is checked on the form, and display the results. There may also be duplicate results based on what is checked -- i want that filtered out so the item is displayed only once, if this makes sense.

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    Hello Everyone this is nitesh Moriya and i want to Build a news website for personal news protal. But my portal must have same properties like blow website Website Link :- my Budget is around 35000 to 70000

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    Build me a WebApp 6 μέρες left

    Now we are using MS Access target solution is a Website Application. The New Web App replaces the MS Access App and the Legacy Web Site. The basic functionality we want in the new web app exists for the most part in the MS Access app.

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    For those familiar with the PHP Runner Shopping Cart Template, I need to modify the shopping cart template to act like a signup for events, where I will have both participants and show organizers signing into the system, where organizers will have the ability to "create items" aka "events" and set the different levels offered, and various pricing, as well as have an area where they can enter their banking information, which is masked, and only I can see as the "super admin" for lack of a better term. Also, need to allow then to upload and require different options/fields for participants signing up. Also need to add custom fields to participants profile, where they can upload documents and add different items like horse names, etc. which they then can select f...

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    Create Reservation Web App and Admin Panel 6 μέρες left

    We are looking for a programmer to create a new full-featured reservation and mapping software set for company use. You will do the following: 1) Create a front-end interface that will show the map of the location for the customer based off of a name or random key they are provided (i.e. http://websitename/loc/Es7udh). This interface will ask the user to select the dates they wish to view, and create a map based on the mapping software we will provide. Users will select a spot for their reservation. They’ll then be redirected to the payment portal provided by the site administrator. Upon completion of payment they’ll be redirected back to our site for completion of reservation. User and facility admin will then be sent an email detailing the reservation, payment info, and a...

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    Wir arbeiten zurzeit mit unserer Agentur an der Unternehmenswebsite für eine Lebensmitteldistribution. Gemeinsam mit unseren Mitarbeitern haben wir die statischen Seiten der Website umgesetzt bzw. arbeiten wir zurzeit noch an der Umsetzung. Abgesehen von den statischen Seiten, benötigt unser Kunde ein Portal, in der sich Interessenten registrieren können um Großhandelspreise und Spezifikationen von verschiedenen Produkten einsehen zu können. Wichtig bei der Umsetzung ist es, dass der Kunde die eingehenden Registrierungen überprüfen und erst im Anschluss eine Freigabe erteilen kann. Wir haben uns vorgestellt, dass Portal über WordPress umzusetzen. Über die Umsetzungsmethoden können wir allerdings sprechen und sind relativ offen für Vor...

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    I need a web scraper/crawler for our product review website. 1. Should be able to scrape thirdparty website for product detials like - price, course name, features and etc. 2. Should be able to integrate with API interface as per availability 3. Should provide stuctured data in required format. 4. Should host the scraping on standalone server.

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    Κορυφαία MySQL Άρθρα Κοινότητας