Full Stack Development is the practice of creating the front end and back end of websites and applications together. This type of code-based process creates websites that are not only efficient, but have rich visuals, interactive features, and specialized user experiences. The developers who specialize in this method are called Full Stack Developers, and they are the experts who create real-world solutions that clients need.

A Full Stack Developer is proficient in both the front-end and back-end of Application Development. They possess a diverse skill set that allows them to design websites and applications with minimal supervision or guidance from clients. These highly skilled individuals can create projects that are complex and specialized yet stay within a client’s budgetary requirements. From graphic design to developing robust databases, Full Stack Developers can handle any development project from start to finish.

Presenting solutions for today’s clients requires more than just an understanding of coding language. Full Stack Developers must be well versed in many languages, including HTML, JavaScript, Python and CSS. These languages allow for the creation of unique webpages, apps, and programs that can integrate into existing systems as well as stand alone as independent solutions.

Here's some projects that our expert Full Stack Developer made real:

  • Creating automated web scraping robots that can search the Internet for topics related to a client’s needs
  • Developing familiar interfaces between intuitive websites used daily
  • Creating engaging mobile applications capable of performing multiple functions seamlessly
  • Designing custom databases tailored to the needs of the client
  • Constructing simple yet sophisticated websites for business owners whose main focus is increasing customer engagement

As you can see, Freelancer.com allows clients to hire Full Stack Developers for a variety of development tasks with ease. The range and breadth of what these developers can do is quite impressive in its own right: from webscraping robots to website creation, they can make almost any project come alive with their code wizardry. So if you know have a project or product idea you think requires Full Stack Development skills – then post it today on Freelancer.com and hire one of our experts to bring it to life!

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive, AI-driven resume web application tailored to job seekers. This application should serve as a one-stop solution for individuals seeking to construct and refine their resumes. Key features include: - AI-Powered Tools: The application must have automated resume building and optimization suggestions, allowing users to generate a robust resume without the hassle, and further fine-tune it for enhanced professionality. - Varied Templates: To cater to a diverse user base, the application should provide a variety of resume templates. Specifically, I am looking for professional, creative, and functional templates that give users the flexibility and range they require. Ideal applicants for this project should have extensive experience in web application develop...

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    AI with Flutter & Django 6 μέρες left

    I'm looking for a skilled AI, Flutter, and Django, python, developer to work on a project with the following key aspects: - AI Integration: The primary focus will be on implementing machine learning technology in the application. You should have a solid understanding of AI principles and how they can be leveraged in a mobile application, in this case using Flutter. - Cross Platform Development: The Flutter application will be targeted for both Android and iOS platforms. You should have experience in developing cross-platform applications and understand the nuances of each platform. - Django for CMS: The Django framework will be used to create a robust Content Management System (CMS) for the project. You should be proficient in Django and have experience in developing complex ...

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    Create a Store / Radio Station Locations Page on my web site 5 μέρες left

    I am in need of an interactive affiliates page for my website that showcases sister radio stations globally. This page should have a map with icon markers pinpointing station locations, a search feature to find stations by name or zip code, and a list of station names accompanied by location information. Map should allow zoom and going to country specific. So users can see entire map of their country with locations. Ideally we want world map to show first. I want tabs where users can switch between USA or world map. This page will go onto and can be with html 5 and css and js. Key Features: - Display of Sister Radio Stations: - An interactive map should be the centerpiece of the affiliates page, showing all sister radio station locations globally. - A static map design with click...

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    We are on the lookout for an exceptional Senior Golang & Blockchain Developer to join our innovative team. The ideal candidate will have a robust background in software development with more than 7 years of experience, a strong command over various programming languages, and excellent communication skills. Responsibilities: Develop, test, and deploy smart contracts and blockchain-based applications. Design and implement scalable and maintainable microservices architecture. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions. Optimize backend processes using Golang for enhanced system performance. Ensure the integration of frontend and backend systems for seamless user experiences. Containerize and orchestrate microservices using Docker and Kubernetes. Sk...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Solana Blockchain Developer to assist me with developing a dApp and smart contract. The project involves creating an NFT marketplace and integrating DeFi protocols. The scope of the project also includes integrating the Fork pump.fun. Your key deliverables will be: - Developing smart contracts for the NFT marketplace and DeFi protocols. - Creating the dApp, including UI/UX design and programming. - Integrating Fork as part of the Solana network. You will need to have a solid understanding of Rust and JavaScript/TypeScript, as well as experience in Solana network integration and dApp development. Previous work with NFT marketplaces and DeFi protocols is highly desirable. Please include examples of similar projects you've worked on in the past in your...

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    Hola, soy José Manuel, CEO de una sociedad dueña de una tienda online Se trata de una tienda multicategoría online que vende casi un millón de referencias. Vendemos nuestra marca como Fabricante que somos, vendemos también como Distribuidores Exclusivos para el sur de Europa de varias Marcas internacionales y finalmente vendemos mediante “dropshipping”. Estamos integrados en varios “marketplaces” pero con pocas referencias. Nuestro crecimiento es inmenso pero nuestras oportunidades lo son mucho más. Usamos Prestashop. Buscamos a una persona o equipo que se dedique fundamentalmente a: • Integración de Proveedores Nuevos • Integración de todo nuestro Catálogo en los distintos “marketplaces&...

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    Web Assembly Prototype from Delphi 4 μέρες left

    I'm looking for a skilled professional to create a Web Assembly prototype, , using a small Delphi application that primarily showcases an interactive user interface. The aim is to target the prototype for web browsers. Key Requirements: - Creation of a Web Assembly prototype utilizing a Delphi application. - Focus on showcasing a simple interactive user interface The Prototype: - The user interface for the prototype is envisioned to be simple, consisting of basic elements. - The primary focus should be on the seamless integration of the Delphi application's functionality into a web browser environment.

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    Wordpress Elementor bug 4 μέρες left

    It is possible to copy content from another site with Elementor using a simple copy and paste. I currently get an error when performing this copy and paste operation. I need to solve this problem with Elementor and paste external content correctly. This is the video of the error:

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    LegalSearch 4 μέρες left

    LegalSearch aims to be an artificial intelligence-based application that enables effective search and analysis of legal decisions. This application aims to provide users with fast and accurate access to information in legal documents by using OpenAI's GPT integrated search engine. LegalSearch aims to be a valuable resource for legal professionals, students, and general users. Objectives and Benefits: Save time and effort with effective search of legal decisions and documents. Accelerate legal research processes and support decision-making. Facilitate users' access to accurate and up-to-date information in the legal field. Assist legal professionals in their analytical work to form stronger legal arguments. Application Features: Text-based Search: Enables users to perform text-...

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    Laravel to React Migration for Enhanced UX 4 μέρες left

    Current project is built on Laravel for both front and backend. Need to build React frontend to replace Laravel frontend side. All the pages inside current pages should be moved to React with new template UI and all same functionalities. Main Laravel frontend back end Login this saas/superadmin version (include All modules) USE THIS Admin TEMPLATE FOR Frontend Current system making this stacks - Laravel, MySQL, VueJS, JQuery & Bootstrap, DOCUMENTATION API DOC

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    Directory Listing Website 4 μέρες left

    Project Description: I am seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a directory listing website, similar in design and functionality to the following template: The design will be provided by me. Requirements: 1. Technical Specifications: - Framework/Technology: Please suggest suitable technologies. - Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, or another relational database. - Responsiveness: The design must be fully responsive and work flawlessly on all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone). - SEO: It must be possible to optimize each individual listing for SEO, as well as the overall website. - Security: Implementation of security measures to protect user data. - Performance: The website must load quickly and be highly performant. - Import Functionality: Ability to import an...

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    B2B Digital Gift Card Platform Development 3 μέρες left

    I am in need of a skilled developer to create a B2B digital gift card platform. The platform will have a variety of features including user registration and login, gift card selection and customization, and payment integration. Additional Features: - Gift card balance tracking: This is a crucial aspect of the project. Users should be able to easily track their gift card balances. - More: I'm also interested in potentially integrating more features as the project progresses. API Integration: - Gift card vendor APIs: It will be essential to integrate various gift card vendor APIs to ensure a wide range of choices are available. - Payment gateway APIs: Payment integration is a core feature. The platform should be able to accept various forms of payment securely. - Customer relationsh...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can build a backend for customer service/reservations. The system will primarily utilize WhatsApp API, Dialogflow, and Firebase to automate bookings for clinics. No third-party/open-source libraries or frameworks should be used. Key Features/Funtionalities: - Booking automation: This includes integration with a calendar for appointment scheduling, and functionality for automated reminders and booking confirmations. - Integration with WhatsApp API: The system should primarily function by receiving messages and responding to them. - Integration with Dialogflow and Firebase: for accurate conversation management and data storage. - Real-time data updates: Any changes to the database or responses on Dialogflow should reflect immediately. - User authentication...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer Introduction This document outlines the requirements for a supply chain software application designed to optimize inventory management, automate distribution to branches, and classify products based on demand. 2. Business Needs Reduce inventory carrying costs: By optimizing stock levels based on demand and product value (Pareto analysis), the software will minimize unnecessary inventory holding. Improve stock availability: Ensure branches have sufficient stock to meet customer demand, reducing stockouts and lost sales. Increase efficiency in distribution: Automate order generation and shipment processes to branches based on real-time demand data. Enhance data-driven decision making: Provide insights into product classifications (A, B, C) an...

    €1425 (Avg Bid)
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    Windev Application Reverse Engineering Developer Needed 2 μέρες left

    I'm in need of a Windev developer who specializes in reverse engineering of Windev applications. The tasks primarily include software development, and troubleshooting and debugging of the application. Key Requirements: - Specialization in reverse engineering of Windev applications - Proficiency in software development and able to troubleshoot and debug when necessary This project is ideal for a Windev developer with a keen eye for detail and extensive experience in reverse engineering. The ability to quickly adapt to the existing application's code structure is a must. I have a ready-made windows application, I want to make some changes, but we no longer have source files. I need someone to reverse-engineer this desktop application and add some quick features.

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    Javascript Developer 1 μέρα left

    We have a JavaScript-based web application that provides assistance with content creation tasks using AI. We are looking for a full-stack developer to extend its functionality. Our tech stack is: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, , and Handlebars. You should have experience in integrating open-source libraries and building user interfaces, etc. Please elaborate on your skill set and relevant experience in your application.

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €5 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    30 προσφορές

    We are looking to hire a Botpress expert for a few days of work. You will help us create a couple bots as well as connect our WhatsApp API. I am on Tokyo time and am posting this at 10:00pm now. Tomorrow at 7:00am, I will hire for this job, and you must help us connect the WhatsApp API in a meeting at 9:00am. You will only be paid the time you are in meetings my team and I. This job is $15 per hour and you will be joining us for 4 hours while we connect WhatsApp API, test some integrations, and work on the first chatbot together. You must be available to be awarded this project tomorrow at 7:00am-9:00am Tokyo time. You must be very familiar with Botpress. I will also hire you to automate our payments via Gravity Forms & Brevo. I do not answer AI responses, so please make your respo...

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Fullstack developer... 1 μέρα left

    I need the Fullstack developer for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

    €6 - €61
    €6 - €61
    24 προσφορές
    Customizable Invoice Creation and Management 14 ώρες left

    We are seeking a talented full stack developer to lead the development of a custom invoice generating application. The application will serve as a comprehensive solution for capturing weight inputs from a digital weighing scale and integrating them with manually entered product prices to generate invoices efficiently. As a full stack developer, you will be responsible for both the front-end and back-end development, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Responsibilities: Designing and developing an intuitive user interface for the invoice generating application. Implementing functionality to capture weight inputs from a digital weighing scale. Developing logic to calculate invoice totals based on weight inputs and prices. Integrating with accounting software for seamless...

    €309 (Avg Bid)
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    29 προσφορές
    Long-term Laravel Web Developer (Remote) for Startup 10 ώρες left

    About Us ------------------------------------------------------ Our startup has ambitious goals to change the way business software is used globally. To achieve our vision, we are looking for a full-time PHP Web Developer. Part-time arrangements can be made for the right candidates at hourly rates. Software Engineer, Web Platforms ------------------------------------------------------ We are ideally looking to hire the candidate on a full-time basis depending on the candidate’s availability. The primary focus will be for the individual to implement & manage mobile responsive web applications that impact our customers’ businesses and lives. The role will be entirely remote, giving you the flexibility of working from home. Candidate’s Experience ----------...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    93 προσφορές

    Multilingual Freelancer App Already built ready to buy with customisation - Customization: the project will involve comprehensive User Interface (UI) alterations to better fit my specific requirements. - OS Compatibility: The app should be compatible with both iOS and Android devices to reach a wider audience. - Multilingual Support: The application should support multiple languages, ensuring usability across different non-English speaking territories. Ideal candidate for this project will own this code or share me an open-source code that he/she is ready to modify and customise as per my design and expectation.

    €729 (Avg Bid)
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    Project customization and installation 5 μέρες left

    I need to change the design of the source codes below. Include designs below App Control Panel Customize API and include ; payment methods prize draw api, panic button, publish, server, apple store, google play

    €919 - €1838
    €919 - €1838
    103 προσφορές

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