3D Modelling is an integral part of various industries that involve visual representations, such as architecture, gaming, engineering, film, and many more. 3D modellers transform your ideas into detailed three-dimensional models using computer software. With 3D Modelling, clients can visualize their projects, products or concepts in a lifelike and immersive manner before investing time and resources into realizing them. Skilled 3D modellers can make your idea come to life, making it easier for you to make informed decisions about the direction of your project.

Here's some projects that our expert 3D Modellers made real:

  • Architectural renders for residential and commercial buildings
  • Product demonstrations and prototypes for startups
  • Creative visualizations for advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Animated characters and scenes for films, games, and interactive applications
  • CAD drawings for engineering projects or mechanical designs
  • Immersive environments and assets for virtual reality experiences

The power of collaboration on Freelancer.com brings together clients with a vision, and skilled freelance professionals who have the experience and knowledge to turn these visions into reality. Our platform is home to countless talented designers ready to apply their craft to your project. These professionals bring diverse perspectives, creative problem-solving skills, and technical mastery honed by years of experience.

If you have a concept or idea that you're eager to bring to life, look no further than Freelancer.com. Explore our worldwide community of skilled 3D modellers ready to elevate your project to new heights. Don't wait - post your own project now! Seize the opportunity to work with talented individuals who are eager to help you realize your goals by using their expertise in 3D Modelling. Experience unparalleled service on Freelancer.com as you bring your dreams closer to reality.

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    Detailed Product Mockup in Blender 6 μέρες left

    I need an expert in Blender to create a highly detailed product mockup. I will provide a detailed description of the product, but I need someone with the skills to bring it to life in a 3D model. Key Requirements: - Create a product mockup in Blender - Detailed textures, materials, and lighting - Use of a provided detailed product description Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Blender - Experienced in creating highly detailed product mockups - Ability to work from detailed descriptions - Strong portfolio demonstrating similar work

    €7 - €17
    €7 - €17
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    Full House Interior Design 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create an interior design for my home. The design must respect the existing structure of my house, which is shown in the attached images. The project requires: - Interior design for the entire home - Detailed layout plans - Recommendations for furniture, color schemes, and decorations Please provide examples of your previous work in similar projects and an estimate of the time and cost required to complete this project.

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    REVIT FAMILY CREATION 6 μέρες left


    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    Small Modern Outdoor Design with Lighting 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a talented freelancer to design the exterior of my home, including the yard and fence. The design should reflect the style and quality shown in the attached images. The project requires: - Exterior home design - Yard landscaping and layout - Fence design Please provide examples of your previous work in similar projects and a rough estimate of the time and cost needed to complete this project.

    €105 (Avg Bid)
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    3D Product Visualization in Blender 6 μέρες left

    I'm seeking a skilled 3D artist to help me with product visualization using Blender. The primary goal of this project is to create realistic 3D visuals of my product(s).

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    15 προσφορές

    I'm in need of a CAD designer with a strong proficiency in AutoCAD. The project will require architectural planning, thus it's essential that you're well-versed in this area. Key Requirements: - Proficient in using AutoCAD software - Skilled in architectural planning - Able to produce high-quality 2D CAD designs You will be provided with detailed specifications, measurements, and other necessary information for the project. Your primary task will involve translating these details into 2D CAD drawings. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in using AutoCAD for architectural design - Strong understanding of architectural planning principles - Previous portfolio demonstrating similar projects - Excellent attention to detail and accuracy Please note, there'...

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    I am looking for a highly experienced and proficient Blender expert for my personal project. The specifics of the task were not provided, so flexibility and a wide range of skills in all aspects of Blender like photo editing, video editing, and graphic design are required. The ideal candidate for this role should: - Be an expert in the use of Blender - Have extensive experience with photo and video editing, as well as graphic design - Be able to incorporate feedback and revisions efficiently - Have a keen eye for detail and aesthetics Your responsibility will consist of various tasks involving Blender, all tailored to suit my personal needs. Proven prior experience in similar roles will be heavily considered. Please include relevant Blender work samples in your bid.

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    4 προσφορές

    I'm on a quest to build my own gasoline, mid-size car prioritizing comfort internally. I'm seeking experienced freelancers who can contribute to this ambitious project. Here's what I envision: * Design and Build: Mid-sized gasoline car - providing a blueprint will be your first order of business. If you've worked on car manufacturing projects before, that's a huge plus. * Interior Comfort: The car should embody comfort. Expertise in ergonomic design and vast knowledge of comfortable, high-quality materials are paramount. * Fuel System: Even though the car is gasoline powered, experience with fuel-efficient designs will be necessary to maximize its output. Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in AutoCAD or similar designing software. * Familiarity with gasol...

    €353 (Avg Bid)
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    30 προσφορές

    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to turn my 2D map into a 3D building design. The design will be used for architectural visualization, creating virtual tours, and planning construction. The ideal candidate for this project should: - Have experience in architectural design, especially modern style. - Be proficient in using 3D modeling software. - Have a good understanding of construction planning requirements. A floor plan of the building is available and will be provided. Your role will involve creating a modern, visually appealing 3D design that accurately represents the 2D map. Your work will play a key role in our planning and presentation processes. Your ingenuity and creativity in translating 2D to 3D will be highly valued.

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    Trippy Alien-Themed 3D Fourth of July Show 6 μέρες left

    I want to curate an unforgettable Fourth of July show that intersects the psychedelic with American history. The show should have an alien theme giving it a trippy feel. - The ultimate goal is to create an immersive experience for our audience through 3D projection mapping, synchronized music, and dazzling special effects. - We'll need high-quality architectural projection mapping for an engaging presentation. - A fine blend of both lighting effects and smoke or haze effects is required to enhance visual aesthetics and psychedelic feel. A freelancer with experience in 3D projection mapping and special effects execution would be the perfect fit for this project. Knowledge or interest in American history and a creative touch for blending themes in a visually pleasing way is highly ...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can provide me with innovative ideas on how to design cabinets for my kitchen sink wall. The challenge lies in the off-center window, which is not in line with the flat ceiling. The cabinets will be Shaker style and colored white or off-white. Ideal candidate should have: - Experience in designing kitchen cabinets - Proficiency in Shaker style - Ability to work around space constraints - Strong aesthetic sense to create a harmonious overall look Please take note that this project is not about physical construction, but about conceptual design. Your deliverables will be sketches or digital designs showing the placement, sizing and style of cabinets.

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    AI Scene Product Integration for Wall Art 6 μέρες left

    I'm seeking an interior design photoshopper to integrate our wall art products into various AI photo scenes. Key Requirements: - Adding Products: Your primary task will be to add our range of wall art products including surfboards and skate decks into different AI scenes. - Product Sizing: The surfboards and skate decks are medium-sized, falling in the 3-5 feet range. It's crucial that they are proportionally and realistically integrated into the scenes. Ideal Skillset: - Proficient in Adobe Photoshop: You must have a solid background in photo editing and manipulation, especially in Photoshop. - Interior Design Sensibilities: Given that we're working with different AI scenes, an understanding of interior design will definitely be an advantage. - Attention to Detail: The ...

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Playful 3D Animations for Landing Page and email Campaign 6 μέρες left

    I'm looking for a skilled animator who can create 4 playful 3D animated images for my landing page. I will be placing text on top of these so the colors should be dark. However I do like vibrant blues pinks and purples and greens as you will see in my samples. Key Requirements: - 3D Animation: The animations must be in 3D, bringing a playful and engaging feel to my landing page. - Convey Playfulness: It's crucial that the animations primarily convey a playful emotion, in line with the overall look and feel of the landing page. - Text Overlays: Each animation should incorporate a call to action. The text should be seamlessly integrated into the animation, enhancing its overall effectiveness. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in 3D Animation: Prior experience in creating 3D animations i...

    €392 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a talented artist to craft a realistic oil painting of my family. I desire a medium-sized canvas, from 16x20 to 24x36 inches, to suit the interior of my home. Here's what I expect: - Medium: I'm particularly interested in oil paints, as I love the depth and texture they can provide. - Style: Realism is my desired style. The painting should be as lifelike as possible, capturing the unique characteristics and expressions of each family member. Proficiency in realistic oil painting and experience with portraits is essential. A portfolio demonstrating previous artwork in this style will highly increase your chances. I look ahead to seeing your work and potentially working together.

    €814 (Avg Bid)
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    3D rendering 6 μέρες left

    I need help to go from 2D (AI) view to 3D (PDF). If you look at attached pieces, it should seams clever !

    €115 (Avg Bid)
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    Commercial Building Architectural Plans 6 μέρες left

    I'm in need an AUSTRALIAN licensed building designer or architect to complete architectural plans for a 3 story commercial building. Key Aspects: - The building will consist of 3 commercial floors and a single basement carpark. Existing concept plans need to be finalised for DA submission. - Skills/Experience Required: - Proven track record in commercial architectural design - Proficient in creating multi-story building plans. - Ability to balance aesthetics and functionality. Please share your experience and portfolio to be considered.

    €593 (Avg Bid)
    €593 Μέση Προσφορά
    54 προσφορές

    I'm in need of a skilled draftsperson with expertise in both SketchUp and CAD for Fritz Tiny Homes The main tasks you will assist with are: - Creating accurate 3D models in SketchUp - CAD drafting and design -Converting architectural visualization drawings to construction drawing and instruction sets. All designed outputs will be utilized for Production Team Drawings and Resources. More specifically, your designs will be critical in executing: - Efficient drawing layouts for production processes - Clear and concise assembly instructions Due to the nature of this project, experience in creating construction drawings and CAD is crucial. Understanding of production process layouts and assembly instructions will greatly enhance your effectiveness in this role. Proficiency in Sketc...

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €22 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    56 προσφορές
    Luxurious Home Renovation 3D Rendering 12 ώρες left

    I'm looking for a 3D artist with expertise in architectural rendering. The purpose of these renderings is to visualize design options for our pending house renovation. Proficiency in creating photorealistic 3D interior and exterior environments is crucial. Areas of the house involved in this project include: -Exterior views - Living Room - Kitchen - Master Bedroom - 2nd Bedroom - 3rd Bedroom - Basement - Bathroom - Walk-in Closet The design style should emphasize luxury. The ideal freelancer for this job would need to be experienced in architectural design, interior design, and computer graphics, with a good sense of spatial arrangement and decor aesthetics. A portfolio showcasing similar work would be appreciated. Use the renderings as a helpful tool in choosing materials, ...

    €250 - €750
    Επείγον Σφραγισμένο
    €250 - €750
    63 προσφορές
    3D House Extension & Loft Conversion for Website 6 μέρες left

    I need a skilled professional to create a 3D representation of house extension and loft conversion for my construction website's cost estimate page. The 3D images should be realistic in nature, not stylized or schematic, as I believe this approach will provide the best visualization for potential clients. Your main task will be to design a 3D house extension and loft conversion that can be seamlessly incorporated into the cost estimate page of my existing website. I am looking for additional features like clickable hotspots, before-and-after sliders or interactive customization options - also a solid 3D representation of these two aspects. Also, animated 3D will be ideally Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in 3D modelling and rendering - Previous experience with arc...

    €534 (Avg Bid)
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    20 προσφορές

    I'm in need of a skilled CAD professional to modify and scale two 3D files for larger scale 3D printing. The primary task is to scale the objects to be 4 times larger than their current size. The original model is in STL format but also available in obj and blend formats. The 3d files are of upper body sculptures. Specific tasks for this project include: - Modifying the 3D files to be 4 times larger while retaining their original design integrity. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proficiency in CAD software and experience in scaling and modifying 3D files. - Expertise in working with STL file format. - Attention to detail and the ability to follow specified dimensions accurately. - Good communication skills and the ability to discuss and implement potential design chang...

    €123 (Avg Bid)
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    76 προσφορές
    Make a 3d design of my desired interior 6 μέρες left

    I ordered some stuff and i want to see how it will look approximately in my living room

    €35 (Avg Bid)
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    54 προσφορές

    Real Life Truck: 1. TATA 4925 BS6: 2. Ashok Leyland 4220 BS6: (but I need it in 4825 chassis of Ashok Leyland) Half Cowl Chassis: 1. Ashok Leyland 4825: 2. Ashok Leyland 4825: 3. Ashok Leyland 4825: 4. TATA 4925: 5. TATA 4925: 6. TATA 4925: 7. TATA & Ashok Leyland: I need the Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods of these 2 trucks. But first I need the half cowl chassis mods of both the trucks. And the mods should look like this in the game. Please watch these videos first and then we can discuss further. As you can see there're 2 sections i.e. real life truck & in game simulation. So, what I want to say is you need to make the mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 of the real life trucks. So, knowledge of ETS 2 modding & modelling is necessary. So, please watch the ...

    €340 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Garden Design with WPVC Seating 3 μέρες left

    I'm in need of a garden design expert who can create a modern and relaxing outdoor space for me. The main purpose of the garden is relaxation, so it should be designed with this in mind. Your skills should include a good understanding of outdoor design, and the ability to incorporate my ideas into a unified, attractive design. Key points to consider: - The seating area: I'm looking for comfortable furniture to be made from WPVC. Comfort should be a top priority here. - The barbecue area: I'd like a portable barbecue to be included in the design. It should be a part of the relaxation space, and should be designed in a way that complements the overall aesthetics. - The side wall: I'd like an interesting design made from wood. This should add an extra special touch to the...

    €51 (Avg Bid)
    14 συμμετοχές

    As I look to finalize my hexagon interlocking block system design, I need an expert CAD freelancer to modify an existing STL file for me. The modifications needed include: - Adjusting dimensions to better reflect manufacturing tolerances - Modifying the tongue and groove interlocking mechanism for improved performance - Improving overall manufacturability by optimizing the design for plastic profile extrusion The production die will likely be CNC machined, so any experience in this area will be beneficial. The ideal candidate for this job will have significant experience in CAD design and modification, specifically with STL files, and should be familiar with manufacturing design for CNC machine use. An understanding of plastic profile extrusion processes will also be a great advantage....

    €114 (Avg Bid)
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    High-Detailed 3D Printing of Various Objects 6 μέρες left

    As a device manufacturer, I am looking for a skilled professional with experience in 3D modeling and creation of STL files. - OBJECTS: The project involves creating 3D printable designs, mainly for the following sectors: medical devices, logo creation, aerospace, automotive, and prosthetic covers. - DETAIL LEVEL: The designs must be of high detail to distribute quality products in their respective industries. - MATERIAL PREFERENCE: The 3D printed objects will be made of plastic, one of the most versatile materials. Ideal candidates should possess profound 3D modeling experience in the mentioned sectors, proficiency in creating highly detailed STL files, and a solid understanding of the properties and capabilities of plastic as a material for 3D printing.

    €337 (Avg Bid)
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    Female Fashion Model for Photoshoot 6 μέρες left

    I need a mature adult female model for an upcoming photoshoot. Key Requirements: - Gender: Female - Age Range: Mature Adult Specifics: - The assignment is solely for a photoshoot, no runway work is involved. - Experience in the fashion industry is preferred, especially in photoshoots. - The ideal candidate should have a mature look and should be able to deliver a wide range of poses for the shoot. - The photoshoot will be focused on clothing items targeted towards a mature audience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience as a fashion model, particularly in photoshoots, is highly valued. - A mature look and the ability to pose gracefully and naturally are critical. - Ability to understand and embody the aesthetics of the brand and clothing line. - Good communication skills ar...

    €14 - €23 / hr
    €14 - €23 / hr
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    I'm in need of a professional experienced with Autodesk Vault for my project. The focus will be on setting up Autodesk Vault Basic on the right way. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Profound experience with Autodesk Vault

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Traditional Carnival 3D Marketing Design 6 μέρες left

    I'm looking for a skilled 3D designer to create a captivating and visually engaging 3D design of a traditional carnival for use as marketing material. The design should encompass carnival floats, costumed performers, decorations, and props. The final output should be versatile, allowing for easy integration across various platforms including but not limited to social media, email campaigns, and printed materials. Ideal candidate should possess: - Proficiency in 3D design software and tools - Experience in creating marketing materials - Creativity to bring a traditional carnival to life - Ability to produce versatile designs for multi-platform use Your task will be to deliver a 3D design that captures the spirit and essence of a traditional carnival, making it an eye-catching and mem...

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    3D Jewelry Display with Three.js 6 μέρες left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to integrate 3D jewelry models into our website using the library. The main objective is to render our existing 3D models of rings, necklaces, and earrings on the site. We need the following: - Integration of existing 3D models: The successful freelancer should be able to work with the provided 3D jewelry models and integrate them seamlessly into our website. - Basic rotational interactivity: Our models should be able to rotate smoothly on the site as per users' interaction. The final implementation should resemble the rotation functionality of the WebGI SDK. - Compatibility with different devices and browsers: The end result needs to work smoothly across various devices and browsers to provide a consistent user experience. Ideal skills for ...

    €415 (Avg Bid)
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    80 προσφορές
    Realistic 3D Animation Clips task for Sonu 6 μέρες left

    I'm in urgent need of a skilled 3D animator with a strong portfolio in realistic animations. The clips I require are more than 30 seconds long each, and I'm looking for a top-notch professional who can deliver the quality I need within a very short time frame. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in developing realistic 3D animations - Ability to create engaging, captivating content over 30 seconds - Previous work samples that demonstrate your skills - Availability to work on the project immediately The ideal candidate would be someone who can not only meet but exceed my expectations in terms of both quality and speed. Please provide links to your portfolio or previous work in your application.

    €26 (Avg Bid)
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    17 προσφορές
    2D floor plan with Adobe Illustrator 6 μέρες left

    We need 3x floor plans exactly as in the example. You will receive the floor plan from us as a PDF file. Color Codes: Always alternate apartments #BDCE77 #6385B5 #64714A Hallway: #64714A Please take a look at this Loom video:

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €8 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    46 προσφορές

    I'm in search of a professional who can proficiently work with Solidworks or ansys to perform simulation Requirements include: - Proficiency in Solidworks - Experience in simulation in various challenging scenarios - Ability to effectively communicate potentially complex results in a more understandable manner

    €86 (Avg Bid)
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    44 προσφορές
    Hyper Realistic Metahuman Character creator needs 6 μέρες left

    Hi, I will provide images of person with message to ideal candidates. I will use it in Unreal Engine, I need half body only. Bottom side can be a default character. Please provide your previous works. Also solve this and write top of your proposal so i can understand you are not a bot. 4/2

    €139 (Avg Bid)
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    31 προσφορές

    I'm looking for professional 3D animators who specialize in creating visually appealing and realistic home furniture animations. Key Requirements: - Animation Style: Realistic - Furniture Types: Chairs, Tables, Sofas - Purpose: All furniture to be depicted for home use. The ideal animator for this project would have: - Proven experience in 3D animation, particularly in realistic style. - Expertise in creating detailed and visually stunning furniture animations. - A portfolio demonstrating similar projects in the past. - Excellent communication skills to understand and interpret my requirements effectively. Sample :

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Innovative 3D Web Design 6 μέρες left

    I'm seeking a professional with technical and creative prowess who can design a standout 3D website for showcasing my products and services. Core Functionalities required are: - E-commerce capabilities - Responsive design - Interactive features In terms of specific 3D elements, I would like to see: - 3D models - Interactive animations - Virtual reality integration The perfect candidate for this project would be someone who has a proven track record of creating 3D websites, ideally with capabilities for e-commerce, responsive design, and interactive features. Proficiency in incorporating 3D models, animations, and virtual reality is highly desirable. This project is not just about functionality, but enhancing user experience and interactivity – I am excited to see how your sk...

    €275 (Avg Bid)
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    25 προσφορές

    The project is to build 5 different cricket shot animations. Reference video will be provided from me. The level of animation required is at par with this Mixamo animation : The keyframes have to an imported as an FBX file with Rig data provided by me.

    €61 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Industrial Building Design & Planning 29 μέρες left

    I'm in need of an experienced architect who could create a detailed architectural layout plan for a small industrial building. Please see the attached file for plot dimensions . Following features are to be provided compulsorily with best space utilisation 1. Industrial shed of atleast 7200 sq feet or more. 2. Separate administrative office of size 2700 sq feet atleast of G+2 floors . a. Administrative building should have reception, waiting lounge ,exhibition hall, pantry ,office area, lift , 2 toilet areas separate for male and female on ground floor . b. 2 offices for managing directors , halls for administative staff pantry , 2 toilets separate for male and female and 1 separate toilet for managing directors on 1st floor. c. office staff hall, toilets , meditation room ,...

    €55 (Avg Bid)
    Minimalistic 3D Interior Design for Clinic 6 μέρες left

    I'm in need of a proficient 3D designer who can create high-quality 3D interior views for my clinic. The design should follow a minimalistic approach and be based on neutral tones. Key Requirements: - The visualisation should cover the reception, typing counter, and the office spaces. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in 3D interior design software - Adept at creating minimalistic design - Skilled in using neutral color schemes - Experience in clinic or office interior design would be a plus.

    €91 (Avg Bid)
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    30 προσφορές

    We require a proficient draftsman and renderer experienced in detailed masterplan layouts, primarily for marketing purposes and secondly for real estate development. This project will cover a large area and will encompass a variety of features. We will provide: - plan of the area, in *dwg format, with the partially drawn roads, with some land already divided into final plots. - in the same file we will have the locations for the already built units, and under construction units. - images of the built units, under construction units, and their layouts/blueprints. - short brief with details of the project. - online pictures to show you how we want the final product to look alike We need: - proposal for setting up the plots on the rest of the land, in order to have a coherent masterplan. -...

    €362 (Avg Bid)
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    I am professional who is well-versed with MS Projects, AutoCAD, Revit & Excel. Tasks for MS Projects include: - Creating project plans - Scheduling project activities - Resource allocation - Budgeting - Tracing Project - Procurement For AutoCAD & Revit: - Creating 2D drawings - Creating 3D models For Excel: - Creating databases - Data analysis - Formulas and functions The ideal candidate should have: - Profound knowledge and experience in utilizing MS Projects for comprehensive project planning and management. - A strong background in AutoCAD and Revit with demonstrable experience in creating both 2D drawings and 3D models. - A high level of proficiency in Excel, particularly in creating databases, data analysis, and implementing formulas and functions. - Excellent communicati...

    €260 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a professional who can create realistic 3D animations and integrate them seamlessly into live footage. The project requires a blend of VFX and animation skills alongside video editing expertise. Ideal Skills: - 3D Animation: Proven experience in producing realistic 3D animations is a must. - VFX: Ability to integrate effects convincingly in live footage. - Video Editing: Proficiency in editing to ensure the final product is polished. Key Requirements: - Creation of Realistic 3D Models: I'm looking for high-quality, realistic 3D models. The freelancer should be able to create these models from scratch. - Integration: The animations should be seamlessly integrated with live footage, creating a cohesive visual experience. - Attention to Detail: Precision and metic...

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a proficient digital artist to create a human mascot for my company. The mascot should embody a friendly and approachable persona and stand as a symbol for our brand. After the design process, I would like to bring the mascot to life with 3D animations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Character design - Human illustration - 3D animation and modeling Duties and Responsibilities: - Design an approachable, human mascot for my company - Generate a 3D animation of the mascot Set yourself apart if: - You have a portfolio that includes human mascots and 3D animation - Your work demonstrates design flexibility and uniqueness. Let's bring our mascot to life!

    €255 (Avg Bid)
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    Unique Sword Design using Rhino 3D 6 μέρες left

    I have a specific design in mind for a sword that I'd like to have created. This project is focused on designing the sword for display or exhibition purposes. I will provide the pictures and layout to guide the design process. Key Requirements: - The ideal candidate needs to be a skilled jewellery designer with experience in designing unique items. - Proficiency in Rhino 3D is essential as this is the software that will be used for the design. - Prior experience with metalwork is preferred as the sword is intended to be crafted from metal. The project primarily involves: - Translating the provided pictures and layout into a detailed, 3D model of the sword. - Ensuring that the design is suitable for display or exhibition purposes, considering aesthetic appeal and practicality. ...

    €80 (Avg Bid)
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    39 προσφορές

    I'm looking for a professional who can help me design and produce customized shoes. Key Requirements: - Assistance in creating a unique, stylish and functional design - Expertise in sourcing high-quality, durable materials - Experience in crafting comfortable and well-fitting shoe designs This project requires an individual with a keen eye for design, solid knowledge of shoe manufacturing, and the ability to bring a concept to life. Please share your relevant experience in the field, and any previous work that may be relevant.

    €345 (Avg Bid)
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    34 προσφορές
    3D Building Architecture Design 6 μέρες left

    I am in need of an experienced architect to create a 3D design for a residential project. Key Requirements: - The project involves creating a traditional style building. Your experience in this particular architectural style is critical. - I would like the design to include landscaping elements. This would involve incorporating green spaces, gardens, and possibly outdoor living areas. Your Skills: - Proficiency with 3D design software is a must. - A background in creating traditional architectural designs. - Experience in landscaping design would be highly beneficial. Please include examples of your previous work when applying.

    €1 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €1 / hr Μέση Προσφορά
    24 προσφορές

    I am looking for a talented 3D designer with experience in creating cartoon style characters to craft a friendly and inviting character for my project. The design requires: - Expertise in cartoon style rendering with moderate detail - Ability to interpret and incorporate provided references into design - Creativity in making the character attractive and fun - Understanding of character expressions, specifically those that are friendly and inviting Note that the model won't need to have any interaction, a static model will do. If you have a knack for bringing static characters to life with dynamic design, this job is perfect for you. Please attach any relevant portfolio pieces or sample work with your bid.

    €154 (Avg Bid)
    €154 Μέση Προσφορά
    43 προσφορές
    Basic STL 3D Modeling for Printing 6 μέρες left

    I need a proficient 3D modeler to create STL files for 3D printing. The model should be simplified, focusing on basic shapes and forms. Ive done a very rough drawing of what i want. The final goal is to have a model that looks like stadium lighting grids. Fastest person to make the file gets the project.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    €18 Μέση Προσφορά
    54 προσφορές
    Water Dream 6 μέρες left

    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced 3D designer to create a detailed and accurate 3D model of our innovative flotation device, the Water Dream. This device is designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation for users while floating in the water, pool or sea. Device Description: Name: Water Dream Type: Water flotation device Material: Lightweight, flexible tube similar to a Pool Noodle, made from polyethylene foam Design: The tube goes under the neck to provide support, following a U shape. It continues over the shoulders in front of the deltoid and goes under the armpits and behind the back down to the sacrum fastened with Velcro at the back. The device must have reflective strips for visibility and an emergency for safety. Add two accessories at the height of the head:...

    €55 (Avg Bid)
    €55 Μέση Προσφορά
    23 προσφορές
    Trophy icon 3D Gold Logo Design for Large Prints 1 μέρα left

    I need a talented designer to create a 3D gold version of my 3 existing logo. This version will be focused on a shiny metallic look. The primary use of this will be for print materials, particularly large formats like posters. Key Requirements: - Transform an existing logo into a 3D gold version - Emphasize a shiny, metallic finish for a professional look - Ensure the design is suitable for large format printing, such as posters - PNG version with transparent background/ - JPEG Ideal Skills: - Strong graphic design abilities, particularly in 3D logo creation - Experience with creating metallic effects in design - Understanding of print requirements for large format designs

    €21 (Avg Bid)
    145 συμμετοχές
    JCD to STL for Jewelry Design 5 μέρες left

    I have a Jewel Cad Dream file that needs to be converted to .STL format. The design is moderately detailed with some intricate parts. Post-conversion, adjustments in dimensions will be required. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Jewel Cad Dream software - Extensive experience with .STL file conversion - Understanding of jewelry design intricacies - Capability to adjust dimensions post conversion. Please reach out if you have the necessary expertise.

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    €23 Μέση Προσφορά
    23 προσφορές

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