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this web page wrote in css3 and html 5 for base things like rounded corners. Simple static webpage with seo optimized code design. Website has multilanguage with redirect in server folder. i use php for dedect language of browser and select language. if user wants to see other language website has upper right corner language select flag icons

image of username tribesman Flag of Turkey kocaeli, Turkey

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Now i am working on native android and ios programming. Also i had certificates for Oracle Database management, IOS Development with Swift, Android Development with Java, Database Management in Sql variants, Layered architecture with C#. Before I had experience with Delphi (object pascal and c#), visual studio c# for windows programming, Php zend framework for website programming and i had sql variant (mysql, mssql, firebird etc...) database programming for both platforms.

$10 USD/ώρα

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