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In a woman’s mind, there is no such thing as too much jewelry. Every woman’s jewelry box has certain pieces that she only wears for certain occasions. There are a few pieces that she might wear on a daily basis. And there’s probably even a few pieces in her jewelry box that have never even been worn. No matter how much jewelry she has, however, the most important thing in a woman’s jewelry box are the pieces that she can wear no matter the occasion, like the Nepya Roll On Glass Beaded Bracelets. These gorgeous bracelets are wonderfully designed with a subtle flare of elegance that allows them to be worn with any outfit, whether its worn in the workroom or in the ballroom. No occasion is too formal for these splendid works of art. They even come in many different styles and colors, meaning you will always have the right one for every outfit. Handmade in Nepal with glass beads, the Nepya Roll on Glass Beaded Bracelets are durable enough to outlast any of your plastic or ceramic bracele

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