WHMCS Client Area VoIP VoiceMail Management Page via Provider APIs

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Περιγραφή Εργασίας

Create a WHMCS Client area custom page for our existing VoIP Panel Management. The page is for Voice Mail management and will have the following linked to API setVoicemail Parameters already available from Provider for edit or modification.

API --> Select Voicemail Box - Drop down attached to Client DID(s)

API --> Name (for own use) - Text Box

API --> Password - ****

API --> Skip Password Prompt - yes/no (dropdown)

API --> Email - text box with email address validation

API --> Attach message to email - yes/no (dropdown)

API --> Attachment Format - mp3/wav49/wav (dropdown)

API --> Delete Message After emailed - yes/no (dropdown)

API --> Voicemail Language - English/French/Spanish (dropdown)

API --> Say Time Envelope - yes/no (dropdown)

API --> Time Zone - (create/read from new table in WHMCS) (dropdown)

API --> Say Caller ID - Yes/No (dropdown)

API --> Play Instructions before beep - yes/no (dropdown)

Save button with wheel animation/finish then return to main VoIP Panel

Must have good WHMCS skills and experience with some VoIP understanding.

Prototype Already Developed.

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