Machine learning project ( text mining)

Προϋπολογισμός $250 - $750 USD
Προσφορές 23
Μέση Προσφορά $509
Status Closed

details will be shared in the chat.

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Προσφορές σε αυτή την Εργασία

  • razvand70 Profile Picture


    Bucharest,  Romania


  • BetsiH Profile Picture



    I am a Bsc statistics degree holder and have 6 years work experience with data. Data analysis, manipulation and reporting is my strongest point. Modelling data using Machine learning techniques is my strongest point too.

  • BigdatAnalytix Profile Picture


    Burnaby,  Canada

    I have ~5 years of experience in IT industry working as DataScientist, bigdata developer, Data analytics and database administration and designed solutions architecture for bigdata based project. Adding to that, I have a Master's degree in Bigdata as well!

  • pgrillo10 Profile Picture


    Wayne,  United States

    Computer Science (BS), Finance (BS), and International Business (minor). Focus in deep learning, data modeling, and data mining.

  • VBribal Profile Picture


    bangalore,  India

    I have Master degree in Statistics . I have 4 years of experience working on data analysis. I have done a project using logistic regression. I have experience in Tableau. Familiarity in SAS and good experience in MS office

  • AlexArgus1 Profile Picture


    Бердск,  Russian Federation

    Spheres of interest: Machine learning, R language, C++, Scala, Python Time series analysis, High frequency trading Top-1000

  • silidragos Profile Picture


    Iasi,  Romania

    My most time went into working with Spring and other Java tehnologies on medium-to-large projects, enhanced by (mostly)Angular2 on front-end. I also have a fairly good understanding of Maven, npm, Grunt, Typescript, relational and no-relational databases. Beside website development, I am passionate about Machine Learning and Data Analytics. For this I had to learn Python to increase my speed and performance.

  • NarendraBabuU Profile Picture


    HYDERABAD,  India

    I'm a research scholar at Data Science and Analytics Center(DSAC) at IIITH. The following are the areas I work on: Text_Analysis - Clustering and Classification of text... like documents, tweets, reviews Data_Mining - Frequent item sets,Association Rules, Periodic frequent patterns. Machine_Learning - SVM, linear regression, logistic regression . Deep_Learning - Auto encoders, Convolutional neural networks. Information_Retrieval_and_Extraction - Web scraping and search engine optimization. Python-NLTK, spaCy, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Pybrain, Tensorflow..etc

  • rishikeshkushwa Profile Picture


    mumbai,  India

    working on coding and love to solve supply chain problems. I am aspiring data scientist and passionate about machine learning, advanced statistics and data visualisation. I love to work on complex data analysis problems, upcoming data mining algorithms and data mining products.

  • nickcdryan Profile Picture


    United States

    Data scientist with mathematics degree and experience in a range of data science tools. You can find and browse recent examples of work here: