Develop an "Offer Wall" Feature

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Develop an Offer Wall Feature


To provide our publisher partners with the right tools to host our offer wall on their desktop website or mobile platforms. An Offer Wall can be integrated into your existing game or website, allowing you to generate more revenue from your existing user base. Your users can earn points, tokens, or credits on your service for completing any of our hundreds of offers.

Offer Wall User End Features - Customization Settings

Name - Name of Offer Wall

Allowed Categories - Select which categories are shown on the offer wall

Blocked Offers - Select which campaigns to hide/block from the offer wall

Points (plural) - Plural name of their specific currency (Ex: RewardDollars)

Point (singular) - Singular name of their points or currency (Ex: RewardDollar)

Abbreviation - Abbreviation of currency name (Ex: RD for RewardDollar)

URL of Offer Wall - URL of page the offer wall will be hosted on

Postback - Input a postback URL for server-to-server tracking

Select Points Rounding Option -

*Allow decimal points up to 2 places, e.g. [url removed, login to view] points will become 1.58.

*Always round points down, e.g. 1.6 points will become 1 point.

*Always round points up, e.g. 1.4 points will become 2 points.

*Normal rounding, e.g. 1.5 points and higher will round to 2.

Test Mode - Adds a test offer to the wall that automatically triggers an offer completion postback upon click.

Compatibility -

Web/Desktop - desktop layout

Mobile (Android/iOS) - mobile optimized layout



After our publisher partners enter their specific settings as shown above, they would be able to click on the “Create Offer Wall” button, which would provide them with the iframe code that can be used to load our offer wall to their page with the specific custom settings selected.

Monetization Features -

Prominent Area for Featured Offers:

Featured Offers would have a larger banner image and be displayed at the top of the offer wall.

Dropdown Option to Select Offers by:


- Point Value - Highest to Lowest & Lowest to Highest

- Recommended or Trending

- Cost to User - Free or Paid

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