Social Networking Database Driven Website

A social networking type site with a members area, database driven? using? windows IIS? server platform. billing gateway and systems to be included. the site needs to be self contained allowing new people to sign up, create profiles upload pictures ( which need to be approved before going live ) and allowing updating of? profiles? , a monthly? recurring? billing system needs to be? implemented? as well as a? management? console to allow for easy updates and reporting.

## Deliverables

further project details:

Playmate Express


Website Outline



-? ? ? ? ? ? Aninternet based social networking site that is ultimately self sustaining, autoupdating and easy to navigate for owners and clients. The site will servemales, females and the TS community connecting them with individuals interestedin the services they offer.?



-? ? ? ? ? ? Clients

o? ? ? ? ? Advertisersthat are third party/private contractors of the male, female and transgenderedpersuasion.

o? ? ? ? ? Individualsseeking the services our advertisers provide.

-? ? ? ? ? ? Webmaster/designer

o? ? ? ? ? Tobe determined.



-? ? ? ? ? ? Asocial networking site that allows a third party to advertise their services ona simple, easy to navigate platform.




-? ? ? ? ? ? Thesite will be based in Orlando, Fl however the servers will be based outside ofthe US.

-? ? ? ? ? ? The site will cover all of North America includingCanada, USVI, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

-? ? ? ? ? ? Areas covered at this time include 44 cities: Arizona,Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Hawaii,Houston, Kansas, Las Vegas, LA, Miami, Michigan, Minessota, NJ, New Orleans,NY, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Orlando, Philadelphia, Portland,Reno, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida,Tampa, Washington DC, Wisconsin. Canada includes, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal,Ontario. Puerto Rico includes San Juan. Bahamas includes Freeport and [login to view URL] includes St. Thomas.



-? ? ? ? ? ? Wewould like to launch the site as soon as possible. A new years 2009 launchwould be ideal.



-? ? ? ? ? ? Utilizea web designer as well as web master to design and maintain the site. When thesite is finished our goal is to have it be virtually self-sustaining with onlytweaks and minor changes to be done by a designer.?

-? ? ? ? ? ? Advertisethrough other sites of complimenting services such as adult toys, web camsites, review sites and the like and google adwords. We will also advertise incomplimenting publications in major cities to publicize the site more.

-? ? ? ? ? ? Wewill do mass contact of anyone in the business through all the major sites todirect them to us. Perhaps have the designer create software in which anaccount is ready to be set up for that person before they even know about us.



Design Points


Playmate Express


What we want it to be orhave.


-? ? ? ? ? ? ? A social networkingsite, free to surfers, clinets will pay to display their photos and ads

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? Build in payment systemvia visa, mastercard, online check with tracking and reccuring billing options,run from an encrypted database

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? A site that is as selfsustaining as possible and easy to navigate for owners and clients.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? High Placement in searchengines or as close to top as possible through html tagging in website code.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? We would like the sitecolors to incorporate a dark red or burgundy background with the font colorcomplimenting but contrasting the background color. We would also like toinclude silver/grey highlights and lowlights.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? The site will cater tomales, females and the transgendered community. These clients will beconsidered private contractors and will be liable for their own actions as thesite is only a platform for individual contractors to advertise their [login to view URL] site will adhere to any and all federal and state laws pertaining to 18 USC2257.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? We will cover the entirecontinent of North America as well as Hawaii, USVI, Bahamas and Puerto [login to view URL] map will be a three dimensional gridded globe with the areas we arecovering as solid figures on the map. The client will be able to click on anarea and it will zoom in closer allowing to choose a city. This will be flashbaised.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? There will also be afull listing of cities in small links at the bottom of the main page and also aquick find guide on all non client pages.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? Clients Advertising willhave the full ability to manually control their own ads 24/7 once they areinitially approved and all formal paperwork, payment information andidentification is confirmed.

o? ? ? ? ? Breakdown

§? ? ? ? ? ? Clients advertising willhave the ability to create their own ad from start to finish without anyassistance from a live person. This means all text, uploading of pictures,removal of ad, payment options, text, visiting ad options will be on thismanual uploader.

§? ? ? ? ? ? Pictures can be uploadedanytime but must be approved prior to going live. ALL UPDATES, PICTURES AND ADSWILL BE APPROVED WITHIN 24 HOURS FROM TIME OF UPLOAD. Automatic emailconfirmations will be sent when the ads are live. The webmasters will recivetimly alerts notifying them of ads to be reviewed and approved via e-mail?

§? ? ? ? ? ? Formal paperwork will besent or faxed to clients and will include…. This paperwork must be sent backand approved before ad is live.

§? ? ? ? ? ? Identification isimperative on all clients. A picture of the client with a hand held dated signis required for all ads due to the new federal laws.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? There will be a centralphone number and email listed to contact the operator of the site that isplaced where anyone can find it, a contact us section perhaps in the [login to view URL] will be from 8am-9pm Eastern time Monday through Friday. 11am-5pm ESTSaturday.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? The owners will have tohave a main console in which than can control any and all ads and manageaccount information.

o? ? ? ? ? This console will allowus to completely control the goings on of the site and each advertiser andclient. We will have the ability to manage individual accounts as well as startthem for those who choose to call in. We also want the ability to monitor theaction of the site, meaning we want to know who is visiting, from where andwhen.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? Prices will bereasonable and competitive with other sites of this type. We will offerpackages starting at $75 for female/TS clients and $45 for males. Theadministrator consol will allow for easy updating of this These packages willinclude 3 pictures in the listing as well as a thumbnail picture. There will bea $10 fee for each additional picture past the first 3 that are provided in thepackage.? Clients also have theability to be in the top 5 advertisers in each city for an additional fee yetto be determined.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? There will be a monthlyvote for the top advertiser in each category (M,F, TS) in each state. This willbe done by the visiting guests to the site. There will be a “vote for me?? iconon every ad and the site will tabulate the results on the 28th ofevery month. The results will be posted on the contest page. To ensure fairvoting this contest will need the ability to filter out ip addresses that havealready voted. Winner will receive a free month of advertising.

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? Logo design

-? ? ? ? ? ? ? Main page needs to beeasy to navigate and easy on the eyes as does the entire site.

o? ? ? ? ? Site needs to be run on a windows server platformusing flash, asp or aspx.

Ικανότητες: ASP, PHP

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