Using the MACS Linux facility edit the supplied Java3D program

Using the MACS Linux facility in Room EM2.50, edit the supplied Java3D program to control the

TCP of the robot as detailed below

Step 1: Make sure you have registered for use of the MACS computing facilities using a

form obtainable from EM 1.33. Read the Conditions of Use on the back of the form –

your signature on the front confirms that you undertake to abide by these conditions.

Fill in every box on the front of the form – most of it has been pre-completed for you


Step 2: Make sure you know how to edit, compile and run the Java3D program supplied.

Also make sure you know how to extract code segments from the program and print

them off. Contact me if you have any problems.

Step 3: Develop an algorithm to determine the necessary joint angles to achieve the TCP

position and orientation entered by the user. Code up your algorithm in Java and

insert it into the Java3D program supplied.

Step 4: This manipulator contains degeneracies. Develop a scheme for handling degenerate

points so that only one joint angle solution exists for any TCP position and

orientation (E.g. keeping the shoulder tilted up at all times). Code up your scheme in

Java and insert it into the Java3D program supplied.

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