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RPG Character concept design

The project is to design concept sketches for four characters to be used in an upcoming Role Playing Board Game.


-Must have WESTERN or Anime training or stylings

-Must have photoshop as original .psd files will need to be provided

-Must provide examples of previous work

-A total of eight sketches minimum, will need to be created. One flavor sketch per character, and one multi angle pose for later handing off to 3D artists

-All work must be completed with a MINIMUM resolution of 6600x6600 pixels

-Multiple revisions will be required as we tweak and fine tune the final designs


The general style of the art is themed after an exaggerated, storybook look. Characters will need to be out of proportion, with large eyes and have a generally 'cute' vibe. A rustic, psuedo steampunk,fantasy look is envisioned. With large straps and buckles, oversized weapons and elabourate armours. The artist must keep in the back of their head that these will eventually be handed over to a 3D artist. But will also be used as display and interest pieces to garner interest for the project.

The four characters are as follows

CHARACTER 1: "Child Warrior/Knight/Soldier"

-The child warrior should be drawn taking inspiration from the provided sketch (as a pose example for the mood piece)

-The oversized armour is especially evident on the child warrior. His clothes should also be baggy underneath, with sleeves that are to long and almost cover his small hands

-The child should look absurdly young, ages 5-8, with large eyes and ruffled, messy hair sticking out from underneath his helmet

-His armour should bear the resemblance of a Knights plate armour

CHARACTER 2: "Moon Elf/Moon Touched"

-The moon elf should be based of the provided images. Her skin should be almost radiantly pale, with long white hair tied loosely at the top of her head in a single ponytail or bun

-Her eyes should also be large, and unique in the way that she has no pupils, but rather white, semi transparent irises, like two giant opals

-She is touched by the moon and should have an ethereal, magical feel about her. Contrasting and complimenting colours like black and silver would fit well. Take heavy inspiration from the provided pictures, though not an exact carbon copy

-She should be wearing heavy armour, or at the very least, solid looking armour, refer again to the attached images for examples. She should have a large bust/chest, but don't put her in a chainmail bikini

CHARACTER 3: "Sir Clockwork/Gentleman Automiton"

-The most steampunk of the characters, the attached examples have a magnificent style and express what we're looking for

-In contrast to the other characters, his eyes should not be that big. Possibly hidden behind goggles or glasses, partially obscured by the brim of his top hat

-The clockwork automition must be classy, with a tophat and a large, thick moustache. He must be drawn holding a large rifle

-Gears and cogs must be visible in some areas. His upper body and arms should be quite overly proportioned, with a tiny waist, long legs and cleanly pressed trousers

-A smoking pipe may suite as he may release steam if appropriate

-His body is his armour. We are undecided if we would like him fully, partially or half clothed. Though he does need some clothing on him, and it must be classy and victorian-esk

CHARACTER 4: "Plant Girl"

-As per the reference photos, this girl should have leaves/vines/plant material around her. She is not an elf, but exaggerated ears are a must

-It should be difficult to tell whether she is wearing clothes or not. Her leaves and vines should NOT be seen to 'attach' to her at any point, or sprouting directly from her. We need her leaves/vines to look like she may be able to take them off completely

-Her hair should be straight and very, very long, about waist length

-She should have the largest chest/bust of all the characters, and also the least clothed, most revealing outfit. Keep it clean, but have fun

Ικανότητες: Concept Art, Σχεδιασμός Ιδεών, Σχεδιασμός Γραφικών, Εικονογράφηση, Σχεδιασμός Photoshop

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