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First of all i apologize i needed to do this as a "project post", but there is no other chance as GAF didnt developed yet a blog/forum kind of site for buyer-vendor discussions.

This project is actually an Announcement to all advanced designers, newbies and veteran GAF service providers about a serious issue that today the freelance graphic/web designers are facing more and more, specialy on this platform...PLEASE READ WITH ATTENTION!


I am sure most of you guys are always asked (rater required) to provide a FREE mockup of a design to be considered for a project...well, and this become alsmost an NORM on GAF between all buyers.

First of all i would like to share some experiences...some buyers are really honest people but some as you can imagine taking a mockup concept (that we designers submit as "our own ideas") and taking it to someone else that placing low bids to be cloned...this way the buyer taking your idea and get great design at most low cost, all he need is someone who can photoshop. I know this sounds crazy but is true...thats why i suggest to not provide anymore free work on free mockups/comps/specs PLEASE! GAF being a Professional buyer-vendor Marketplace is not a "free ideas library" where scammers can steal or take your hours of work without to pay for it. You know by your self how long its taking to design a mockup...then remember that watermark a mockup means nothing when it comes to the IDEA DEVELOPMENT!!!

The buyer on GAF schould not be allowed from GAF administration to "require a free mockup" to be submitet in order to be considered to place a bid on project! Another as professional vendor on a "payed" marketplace do not provide a buyer with your ideas for free...basicly do not develop and submit mockups before you are selected as service provider and the money is deposited to your Escrow!...Thats why we designers have online portfolios that the buyer can look at and consider our bids based on our showcase at the portfolios...past designs at the portfolio are the mirror of the designer/company which shows the designer skills and other in this case a buyer can select a provider for their project based on the portfolios. I can recommend to all newbies to get their portfolios online and never do free work such as mockups as this is the major way buyer get things turned out almost for free and in most cases even free.

I would write more here but i know doing this i may violate GAF "terms of usage"... i am a provider on here since 2 years with about 200 happy customers list and have 100+ all 10/10 client feedbacks on completed projects and do not wish to lose this teaching you how to act as professional business people on freelancing marketplaces such as this platform...thats why PLEASE "wake up" finaly and start to act also as PRO net allowe GAF to become a place where people cheating eachother.

Finaly...i invite all service providers (graphics, illustration, web) to not support this "free mockuping" trend. Here is an URL where you can read something about how unlegal is require a free mockup:

[url removed, login to view]

(also dwnload the document at this site and use it for your customers who require mockups). Another great article is here...will teach you some things (i hope)

[url removed, login to view]

(please check it as its really imortant!).I hope all this will make some sense and will help us vendors here on GAF keep this marketplace "clean" and finaly some of you guys can finaly start to make money...just think of:

GAF as a store, and we the providers as product=service, its same thing as walk inside a supermarket... fill your shopping bag with products and walk away without to pay a cent, then if the "cashier" ask where are you going without to pay you cannot say "...oh, ill try the products at home, if i like ill come back and pay for it"...same hing is for the mockups. The issue is serious than this, as providing free mockup means provide your IDEA directly...then why you schould develop an idea and just give it away without to get payed for?

Thats why proving your skills to buyer is possible with providing them with your portfolio url instead with free mockup.

Another issue is i already have submited a few times a support tikets regarding this was the '$30-$100' option...lets get rid-off this as this also become a majority for buyers to post projects in this price range that normaly is much more value worth on the market. Ofcource there are some projects that are really "small tasks" and i feel GAF schould have an option for buyer such as "not sure" and remove the 30-100 option as today even a logo design cant be done within this budget. If you today go to Design Agency and say "i want a cool logo, 5 concepts to choose from and unlimited revisions" for this $100 budget they will even no listen to you. Another thing is...if you ask design agency for free mockup they will close the door to your face directly!

Well...thats all for now and i jope it was worth for to post this here! Please feel free to write your feelings and sugesstions directly in your "bid" panel (do not PM me as i may not reply!)...also make sure to do screenshots if you post something so you have records if GAF cancel your subscription or suspend your account.

Good Luck to all fellow providers.


This part is for GAF Administration only (in case they come across this post).
Dear GAF Administration,
I know this post may violate the terms of the site, but on your place i would first wait before delate this post and use this situation as opportunity to see what other GAF providers are thinking about the issue...this may give you some great ideas of how to implement and what can be done to keep GAF as professional freelancing buyer-vendor marketplace.

Kind Regards.

...well, i even cant belive it that this happens. There are some good proves here on this "project" as some "providers" still "place real bid" on this projetc and starting they message with:

"please check my portfolio at..."

or better one is this here:

"Hello, We have gone through your requirement..."

Now if GAF administration just can see this and just think of what is going this community to become if their major service provider brands leave them (talking about the "top200" service providers list and other advanced providers). If a provider place bid on project without even to read what this post is about, how then the buyer can pick a right service provider (sometimes i doubt when i see this kind of funny maybe the buyer RIGHT asking for mockup if he noticed that half of GAF providers are idiots?)?
(...i needed to post this as its just sooooo funny LOL!!!)

Some of you guys suggested a certification...i totaly agree after seeing such bids on my post that and icon of "certified vendor" is a must next to the username of a provider (ofcource only if a provider qualify for). There must some certification system setup from GAF Management that providers can apply for and if they qualify GAF can credit this provider with this certification which basicly may ensure the buyer that their project post will be writen from some providers before they place bid on LOL.

B/w...thanks to all you guys joining this post and share your feelings about my post.

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You are very true. But there are loads of cheap providers here who are ready to spoil the habits of buyers! Everyone here needs to unite to stop this nuisance. Is GAF listening??

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Hey man, it's freemarket. I have very good logo portfolio but don't do logo anymore because making it for 100 is not best way to spent time. All i do now is project that are worth to do. I just ignore all this 100USD “ Περισσότερα

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Hi, I totally agree with you, as GAF has to come up with something which can solve this problem, even the designing value has gone down a lot as buyers want to have a work for quite less quote and there are many interm Περισσότερα

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i agree with you .. but how can we conclude this?

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Hi, I want to suggest my benefits for you. Please, check my feedbacks and my portfolio at [login to view URL] I will be glad to help you. Thanx!

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I absolutly agree!!! But in such a situation all the providers have to change their habits of bidding too low or sending mock ups. Couse always you may find one that doesn't understand the rules and what then? ;-P

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yup, totally agree... cant try each burger at micky-d's before you buy one either...

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I support this. Thanks a lot for my core of heart for posting such a project. I appreciate you.

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Hi Delight, thanks for the invite. I totally agree with you. I just hope and wish all this effort by you and all other providers is noticed and some changes will be brought into action.

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Hi Friends I understand the situation, but think that this problem is not only in GAF, is in the hole design market, everywhere in the world, designers coming out of universities that have their first Macs, want to wor Περισσότερα

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Delight, firstly thank you for being so bold to post this. We completely agree with you on all points. On many occasions we've left messages in the project clarification boards telling providers the budgets are way to Περισσότερα

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Hello, We have gone through your requirement . We are very much interested to do the job. One of our main development strength is our flash and design team. They are incompatible b'coz of there innovative ideas. In eac Περισσότερα

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i am agree with you. i always asked for payment before providing any mockup or sample to buyer.

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GAF admin ppl are not good. I made a very impt suggestion about their rating system - which met a Nelson's eye. The current rating shows only the number of projects and stars earned. Thus, somebody doing ten $30 projec Περισσότερα

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I'm agree with you 100%. In 99% when buyer want mockup in the background we have pure steeling of design idea. If buyer don't like our designer's portfolio (on GAF or our site) he should find help on other place.

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To GAF: A forum is needed on your site. A place for fellow designers to speak and share ideas as well as get our rants out in the open. My experience has shown that a place like this will not only keep your " bread a Περισσότερα

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I'm glad, someone did pick this up! Designing has become a joke on this site, specially Logo Designing, where the provider is forced to place a mock up, insisted by the Buyer..and at a incredibly low bid with unlimited Περισσότερα

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hi delight , im totaly agree with u , u r 100%right my friend, tnhx for open such a great topic. Now we see wht GAF had do with tht type of buyers. i face same problem with my some previous bid. i want all provider pls Περισσότερα

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I agree with you, but the new providers without rating who need some start are surely going to continue giving free work for earning a [login to view URL] yesterday i had an experience where a buyer wanted to get edited 30 ima Περισσότερα

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