English academic required to create some quizzes -- 3

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Περιγραφή Εργασίας

Looking for a person or team who can help write English quizzes.

English Teaching experience is an advantage.

Quizzes are for Grade 5 to 8 kids, There are approximately 440 quizzes in total to be created based on Australian Curriculum, link to which will be provided for each grade. I will provide access to stock images if necessary so you don't have to create/design things yourself where applicable.

Please check attached quizzes for further discussion. Attached file, when extracted, will show 2 quizzes and each quiz have several questions, each question is in its own text file, required images are in "images" folder.

Quizzes will have several types of questions such as

1. Fill in the blanks

2. Multi-choice- single correct

3. Multichoice multi correct

4. Correct sequence

5. True false

Questions will be a mix of text plus images where required.

There are 2 things that must be promised.

1. Quality

- No grammatical errors and use of mix questions including questions where kids will see an image and answer a question

2. Accuracy and correctness

- Because my skills won't allow me to verify much data you provide, it is of utmost importance that you provide data with greater correctness.

Here are some key things I would like to point out

Questions Type is one of these


- simple true-false (No more than 3 true/false questions per Quiz)


- multi choice where only one option is correct


- multiple answers can be correct


: three dashes represents a blank ---


- here kids will put the answers in correct sequence. Maximum options here should not exceed 6


- same as a multi choice but options/answers here are images. No more than 4 options.


- same as the multi response but options/answers here are images. No more than 4 options/answers

I would also recommend creating a clear directory structure such as one shown below

Grade 5



|_Quiz 1


[url removed, login to view]

and so on.

Your bid must consider 440 quizzes overall as a minimum quantity to be delivered. Each grade will have individual milestones and will have 110 quizzes of 15 questions each, A milestone payment will be released on completion of every Grade.

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