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I saw you profile and It seems to be interesting. I have an idea which is on the pre realization stage. What is the topic?

At the first view there is no story. My parents both are over 70 and living 100km from me house. It’s life that probably with time it will become more difficult to take care about them. Because of it I decided to buy piece of land close to us and build not a very big house for them.

And here the story is starting. Of course the budget is limited. The issue is how to build and not to exceed the credit line. Additionally the climate zone is moderate ( in Poland it means up to -20 during winter ). It means that heating system is a topic especially if we add yearly cost of heating ( fuel ) it became a topic definitely.

What are ideas how to deal with a constrains:

- The solution seems to be an passive house, maybe you meet the topic. The ideal situation is to build using only the insulation as a construction materials.

- To limit the cost, we have to avoid all not really necessary elements like … roof, roof covering an gutters etc.

I hope it sounds crazy enough to be interesting but the solution is quite traditional. I thing about something like this [url removed, login to view]

The idea is, more or less, a half of sphere made of 30 cm of expanded polystyrene cowered with 3 cm of shotcrete both sides. Because the building will be in Poland the Project Manager and constructor have to be from Poland. It means the construction details isn’t a topic.

The topic for cooperation is to plan the general form of solid (without any construction details), a shape of spaces / zones in the house, division of them, the general view of the building, entrance, communication, windows.

Best regards


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