Write a short call script

Προϋπολογισμός $30 - $250 USD
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I need someone to write a short call script in whichever language asap please apply if you can start immediately

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The Coder was very proficient in all the fields what was asked for. He also documented all changes that where made by him, and completed install manual. Very fast turn around for completed work.
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ast3r1sk Profile Picture

Technical skills: - Experience in the installation, configuration and administration of operating systems Windows, Linux (Debian, Gentoo, CentOS). - Experience in maintaining local area network (about 100 PC), VoIP network (over 20 Asterisk servers, more than 100 geographically dispersed telephone adapters heavy loaded asterisk server - 1000 concurrent connections). - Set up Apache, PHP, MySQL, Asterisk, IPtables, nagios, zabbix, DHCP, TFTP, RAID, SoftRAID, FTP, RADIUS, RSA (LanBilling) - Skills shell (bash) programming. - Experience in developing and implementing solutions for the taxi service using AMI. - Experience in equipment setup: Linksys, Addpac, Adtran, Digium, Openvox, AllVoip, Cisco, Polycom, Drytek, Grandstream, Zyxel, Planet, Patton SmartNode, Nateks, KIRK (DECT), GOIP and others.

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  • sadaatahmad Profile Picture


    Lahore,  Pakistan

    As a Graphic Designer & Hardcore Developer I come in handy in vast range of tasks. My objective is to make a positive impact on clients. I enjoy working on projects that involve a mix of coding and graphic design, mobile app, web development, database management, programming and VoIP Development. Try me!

  • Alian123soleil Profile Picture


    Valergues,  France

    20 years of experience in OpenSource, from Linux to Perl, Apache, Hadoop, C++ Java High-Availability system

  • zkutch Profile Picture


    Tbilisi,  Georgia

    Mathematics, Programming, Mountaineering. More 30 years.

  • Asterisker Profile Picture


    Mytishchi,  Russian Federation

    Work with VoIP and PSTN, experience with the signaling protocols: SIP, SDP, RTP, IAX2, H323, SS7, TLS, SRTP. Interfaces DAHDI, AMI, AGI, PRI. Setting up and supporting Call centre, about 30 operators. Setting up VoIP using Asterisk, dialplan creating, developing Asterisk code, PHP, bash. Assisting developers with any service-related issues or feature requests. Jointly managing a network of 300 phones. Reporting based on CDR, CEL databases data. Configuring VoIP gateways Cisco, Addpac, Allvoip, Linksys, Snom, GrandStream, D-Link, softphone Zoiper Communicator. PSTN ATS Panasonic KX-TDA100 KX-TDA200. Auto-provisioning with xml files. Testing with sipp. Data quality for associated reporting systems. Configuring and monitoring VoIP equepment with Zabbix, Cacti, Monit, MRTG Extensive experience administering Linux servers. (Centos, Debian) . Services Apache DNS DHCP TFTP MySQL. Some experience with virtualization on VMware ESXi

  • kkkaaan Profile Picture


    Kemerovo,  Russian Federation

    I have experience of carrying out a full stroke of operations from a choice, installation, attending on the following systems: Telephony: - Digital exchanges of Panasonic - all ruler. - Speech Panasonic processors VOIP - a2billing - Asterisk - Panasonic - Microsoft Lync - Cisco - CRM IPTV - Middleware stalker - ffmpeg - nginx - wowza

  • osypets Profile Picture


    Pervomaisk,  Ukraine

    About me About 7 years I worked as system administrator at a company that provides SaaS-service from Microsoft and Linux/Windows VPS-service. Part of my job is related to the migration of customer services "in the cloud". I also have extensive experience in the installation and support VOIP-based systems (Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Freeswitch, etc). My knowledge and services Clouds - Amazon; - Microsoft Azure; - MediaTemple; - DNS-services; Security - VPN - LT2P, PPTP, Site-to-Site, SSL ; - Firewall - IPS/IDS; - User-based policies - AD/LDAP/RADIUS integration; - DoS/DDoS; - Application and access control; - Antivirus solutions; Networking - L2/L3 switching, VLANs, Access control, Link aggregation, high availability; - Routing - Load balancing; - Traffic shaping / QoS; VOIP - SIP/H323; - Truks - Routing; - Device provisioning; - IVRs - Call Center; Storage - SAN; - Backup solutions; - Data Recovery; Technologies - Virtualization; - High availability; - Cloud computing; - SaaS, IaaS, DaaS; - Remote apps; OS - Windows Sever (2003, 2008R2, 2012R2); - Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8); - Mac OS X; - Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS); Vendors - Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Lenovo, Fortinet, Alcatel, Avaya, Symantec, SonicWall, TrendMicro;

  • larymonata Profile Picture


    Perinthalmanna,  India

    Four years of experinece as Asterisk consultant and Linux Engineer

  • chenyb999 Profile Picture


    Fuzhou,  China

    familiar with linux ,python, zabbix,mysql ,php,nginx. 5 years experiance on server,knows deploy,maintain...

  • mwarrenschultz Profile Picture


    Vernon Hills,  United States

    M.S. of Computer Science. B.S. of Mathematics. Contributing member of the Python Software Foundation and member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Big Data Expert, experienced in Web Scraping, Web Crawling, and Data Mining. Accomplished Python, Perl, and C++ Programmer; Proficient with Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. Guaranteed exceptional results in many formats, with ongoing Support available. Possess the necessary skill set to bring a wide array of expertise to any project. A regularly contributing member of the Open Source Community.

  • trhoan00 Profile Picture


    Hà Nội,  Vietnam

    - Graduate from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) at June, 2011, major in computer science, telecommunication, IMS network - Demonstrating a good ability to manage projects from conception through to successful completion full of aspiration and self confidence - Senior Erlang, C, C++ and Perl developer - Expert in SS7 network, CAMEL, MAP, SIP