Android Webview application with facebook login

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Hello Friends

i need an webview android application with facebook login. this application will be web game. i try to do android app for it. i planned it like this so i can control application over internet. everythings are clear. user will earn points and they will spend this point in site. program have 3 part.

facebook login

- user will login by facebook login. facebook login screen must be full screen. application will send to my server this data after login: phone unique id (because i need to know who uses application), does user use wifi or mobile connection, facebook login token (i must use this token on web), gcm notification server id to send notification. application will call url by get method to send data. i will provide link. and application will call this url in background consistently if application works on phone. application must not stop. it must work on background. because program will work on background and user will earn point in site.

url will be like this

[url removed, login to view][id]&isuserwifi=1&fbtoken=[facebook login token]&gcm=[google notification server id ]

this url will provide csv format data for application use it

1- login status

2-next interval for run again. i will provide this data continual. if i send 50 program will call this url after 50 second from this time.

3- redirect url

4- user agent. i wont accept request from another user agent. i use my own user agent to call url inside my server.

- facebook login must embed in application like native application. user will redirect which url i want

webview window

- application design will be like this. logo on top. webview area in the middle. facebook login button is under.

like this : [url removed, login to view]

program will call login url in myserver when it opened first time. if user logged program will continue to call consistently. if user not logged. program will show not logged page in webview. if user logged. program will redirect url to user area automatically. if user status changes program will redirect user automatically. i may ban user. if i ban user will be logout automatically. application must check user status inside application.

and there is one more part of this project if you can do it we can talk about for it on chat.

3 parts of coding are included my budgets.

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