Java application to count points of a table game

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Περιγραφή Εργασίας

This application will be used to track the points of a table game.

The attached jpg is showing a map of the world divided into territories. Each territory is worth a number of points defined under the territory name. E.g Alaska is worth 3 points, while Alberta 4 and Cina 7. Each game has 4 players identified by a different colour: yellow, red, green and blue. When a player conquers a territory, he gains a number of points.

The application should have 5 counters: a counter for each player storing the sum of the points of all territories conquered, plus a counter for the point of the unassigned territories. The total values of each counter should be displayed in the lower part of the screen, below Oceano Indiano.

Opening the application all territories should be marked as unassigned and as consequence all players' counters should be set to 0, while the unassigned territory counter should be the sum of the points of all territories. The logo on the top right part of the screen should be used as reset button, so when clicked, all territories should be marked as unassigned.

Initially each territory is unassigned. The user will have to select one of the tank in the bottom of the screen to choose a colour (e.g. yellow). Then he will click the territories belonging to the yellow tank (e.g. Alaska, Alberta, Ontario). After clicking each territory, an additional yellow tank will be placed on each territory to mark them as conquered by the yellow tank, and the yellow counter will be increased by 13 (Alaska 3 + Alberta 4 + Ontario 6).

Then the user would select a different tank colour (e.g. red) and the click the territories belonging to the red tank. After clicking each territory, a red tank will be placed on each territory to mark them as conquered by the red tank, and the red counter will be increased accordingly. If the user clicks on a territory already assigned to another tank (e.g. Alberta 4), the yellow counter will have to be decreased by 4 and the tank on the Alberta territory should become red.

The same logic can be applied for different tank colour including green and blue and it should be possible to continue changing the territory assignments until the users closes the application.

The result should be a Java application executable on Mac and Windows. The source code should be provided together with the executable app. The graphics should be exactly displayed in the application like it is in the images provided.

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