Create a logo and an image for our website

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We are searching for someone to create both a company logo and one image for the home page of our website. In attachment you can find two screenshots of our website (standard wordpress theme page): screenshot 1 (logo white + image) and screenshot 2 (logo black).

For the logo:

- Logo of a rocket. The tip of the rocket pointing to the upper right side. (see attachments "rocketblackwhite"and "rocketcolour" for inspiration)

- 2 versions of the logo: a logo for the white background and a logo for the orange background (see attachments "screenshot 1" and "screenshot2" (both unedited + version with an explanation)

- The colour of the logo's has to match the colour scheme of the website

For the image:

We want an image of a cameraman flying on the back of a rocket. Rocket should point towards the upper left side.

Further requirements:

- the style of the image in line with the example included (see attachment "Example man on rocket")

- colour of the image has to match the colour scheme of the website

- size of the image: approximately the same size as the current image (see attachment Hand original style)

The creation of the logo should not pose to much problems, this should be an easy job. For the image we have higher expectations. The image has to match with the style and colours of our website and has to be of the greatest quality!

We believe this project to take around one hour for an experienced designer with the right skills. In the coming months we might have a few other jobs that need to be done, it would be great if we can find a freelancer that can take care of these future assignments as well.

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