Social Media Marketing: Create 10 FB Profiles

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Περιγραφή Εργασίας

I would like to have 10 FB profiles:

- With login details.

- With login + password of the email address that was used for creating the account.

- Every profile needs to be activated with a mobile tel. number.

- Every FB profile needs to have at least 100 friends. All of those friends need to live in the same city as where the girl is from.

The 10 profiles to create with the 10 names for the girls AND the cities where they live and were born:

Profile 01:

First name: Renée

Last name: Peeters

Lives in: Brussels

From: Brussels

Profile 02:

First name: Lore

Last name: Wouters

Lives in: Antwerp

From: Antwerp

Profile 03:

First name: Paulien

Last name: Maes

Lives in: Ghent

From: Ghent

Profile 04:

First name: Marthe

Last name: Desmet

Lives in: Bruges

From: Bruges

Profile 05:

First name: Manon

Last name: Declercq

Lives in: Ostend

From: Ostend

Profile 06:

First name: Lien

Last name: Vandevelde

Lives in: Leuven

From: Leuven

Profile 07:

First name: Clara

Last name: Devos

Lives in: Kortrijk

From: Kortrijk

Profile 08:

First name: Camille

Last name: Vandenberghe

Lives in: Sint-Niklaas

From: Sint-Niklaas

Profile 09:

First name: Axelle

Last name: Jacobs

Lives in: Aalst

From: Aalst

Profile 10:

First name: Janne

Last name: Michiels

Lives in: Dendermonde

From: Dendermonde

The pictures to use for the profiles I will supply after the project is accepted.

I will create the milestone payment AFTER you created at least 1 profile with 10 friends.

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