Make Raspberry Pi 3 and noir camera stream h264-encoded video at configurable bitrate over UDP

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I need someone to setup a RPi3 and noir camera to stream h264 encoded video over UDP. There must be one h264 frame per UDP datagram. I would like to test your work by receiving the VLC.

The stream needs to run at a configurable bitrate. In other words, we need to be able to choose fps and resolution we can fit within a specified bitrate. The exact bitrate is TBD but must be between 2-4 Mbps.

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This Guy seems professional, I gave the project which was done half by someone else. Due to some technical problem it was not completed but I will hire him again for my upcoming projects. Best of Luck!
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I have 3 years of experience in Embedded System Development and 2 years of experience in Android app development. Also designed and worked on various real time projects.

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    I have 3 years of experience in Embedded System Development and 2 years of experience in Android app development. Also designed and worked on various real time projects.

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    Android Linux Media, a Group of Open Source Developers, with Rich level of experience and expertise in the open source domains like, 1. Linux 2. Android 3. Multimedia We provides end-to-end embedded software solution and services since 2008 for various key industry like, 1. Multimedia Broadcasting 2. Consumer Electronics 3. Defense 4. Automation 5. Semiconductor 6. Machine Vision 7. Image Processing and 8. Security Surveillance etc. Our clients achieve their business objectives with low cost compared to branded MNCs with shorter time-to-market.