Academic Writing Report Using Critical Analysis

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Hi, I need someone to be able to write me an academic report using critical analysis in third person. Ideally someone with a great academic writing style, and an undergraduate degree.

The report will be focusing on a specific contemporary issue, which will be fully detailed in the document report brief sheet. You need to read thoroughly through each of the documents provided starting with the word document "Report brief sheet", then the power point "Briefing sheet extra". Follow the instruction in both the briefing sheets to get a clear understanding of what I am asking you to do. I have also provided a report that I had created which was of good standard. However, if you read the feedback in this document "Report One" you can use it to help yourself see where I had made mistakes, which will come in handy in order to complete this report and it will allow you to stay clear of these errors.

I need it done by at least Thursday 5th January 2017 around 11 pm (UK)

This isn't a hard report, which I would have done but I have been having problems at home. Again just read the report briefing sheets and my first report to get an understanding of the task. I have detailed a lot in the briefing sheet to make life easier for you, so you don't have to constantly ask for help.

Thank You.

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