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Create Biz Card IMages - Create Blockchain or Alt/Multi for Crypto Currency Startup Create blockchain wallet an add 15 usd ( bitcoin) - Create Blog Earning $10 to $20 USD per day with Google Adsense Create Blog Earning $15 to $20 USD per day with Google Adsense - Create Blog Posts (Adult) Create Blog Posts - open to bidding - Create BLOG with *back-dated* posts create blog with google adsense - Create Blogs for seostep Create Blogs on - Create book cover Create book cover - Create Booking Plugin wiht send some info in website with txt file Create booking system - Create Bootstrap 3.x Theme -- 2 Create bootstrap admin - Create bot for dragon nest Create bot for Facebook Messenger that helps user order pizza - Create box Create Box Art ! - Create brand guidelines Create Brand Guidelines Document From Existing Colours & Logo Treatments - Create Branding Create branding - Create Brochure Create Brochure - Create Brochure using Indesign CS3 or CS4 from Web Page example. Create brochure WE project 2016 - Create Buddypress Custom Plugin, Install other buddy-press plugins and complete the site Create Buddypress custom profile tab - Create bulk import coding for Google Adwords Editor Create bulk insert/update APIs - Create Business Card Create business Card - create business cards Create business cards - For Kevig to bid on only - Create Business Guide in php code Create Business Instagram account that can attract followers. - Create Business Plan for Flash Sales Website Create business plan for kinderdarden - Create button code for Zoho CRM Create Button Connect and Popup - Create Buying Experience Create buyitsellit store - Create C# instant messaging lib Create C# interface for native C++/C to be used by Unity3D - Create c++ forum website Create C++ function for showing images - Create Cad drawings and 3D renderings of Mother-in-laws Quarters Create CAD drawings for a simple house - Create calculated columns using dax in power bi Create calculation app - Create caller code for Aqua-Resizer (thumbnail resizer) on Wordpress Create calligraphy Prints - create captcha server for me Create CAPTCHA Software - Create Card System Create carddav and caldav function for vtiger - Create Cartoon Caricature from Image Create Cartoon Caricature from Image - Create Cartoon Race Car Drawing From Picture Create cartoon style clothing items (examples provided) - Create Casting Cards in Keynote Create CastIron Video Tutorials for 10 Salesforce integration scenarios; Phase-2 for Informatica Salesforce integration - Create Catchy Trendy Category Names for YouTube Videos Create catchy website name with logo and tagline. - create category pages on opencart site Create Category Pictures - create cell phone encryption app Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone - Create Character for Game based on reference pictures Create character for logo - Create chart for showing pricehistory(repost) Create Chart from Data - create chat client program create chat client program - ongoing work - Create checkout website, design provided -- 2 create checkout with amazon payment option - Create Children educational Stop Motion - 3D Animation Create Children's book character Animation - Create Chrome Extension create Chrome extension - open to bidding - Create CID Caller ID code for images to email Create Cinderella style illustrations - a few frames of animals - Create class to connect provider - Web Services Create Classe PHP Zip/UnZip and Send by FTP - create clean PDF for a Fax Promo - create 2 pdfs with simple text Create clean professional logo - create clicker heroes kind of game create clickworker macro auto hotkey to help maximize productivity - Create clipping path for images and remove background Create Clipping Paths For 200 Product images - Create Closing Video Sequence with Logo In Maya create clothes and animations on marvelous designer 5 - create CMS and embed front-end Create CMS Backend for Computer Company - Create CMUSphinx training script -- 2 create CNC file to cut spur gears using laser CNC - Create code samples from a sample database for Oracle DB 12c(PLSQL) and SQL Server(SQL) Create code snippet in VB.Net 2008 to calculate variables for a power curve trendline/regression curve.. - Create coffee machine images Create Coffee Mug Image - Create Color Variations of Tote Bag CREATE COLORED 3D STORE - Create Coming Soon Page (1 page only, splash) Create coming soon page from instructions. (NEED QUICKLY BUILT) - Create Company Brochure Create company brochure from template - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create Company Logo. Create Company Logos - Create company profile for ICT company - open to bidding Create Company Profile for Me - Create company wikipedia page Create Company Wordpress Websites - Create Complete Kiosk / ATM Software Solution Create complete mTurk soft/bot - Create componente and module Create composite image - Create Concrete5 Theme from HTML Template Create Concrete5.7 post type block - Create Consecutive Up days/ Down days formula in Excel Create Console App to test two libraries, then do UI in WPF - C#/WPF .Net - Create Contact Form - ongoing work Create Contact Form / Ongoing Maintenance - Create Contact List from 850 Websites Create contact list from Websites - create content create content - Create content for Computer Repair Blog create content for ecommerce silver jewellery website - Create Content locker using a API Create content managed jewellery site - Create Context Sensitive, easy to use form Create Continuous Integration solution using Jenkins and Drupal - Create cool infographics Create cool original website template 'shell' - Create copywrite that converts.... create cordova - ionic plugin for ios - create corporate logo Create corporate marketing brochures, graphics, pictures, text for IT company. - Create count down timmer for penny auction site Create Countdown and progress bar on a coming soon website - Create courseware for TESDA Create Courseware in Flash.. Similar to Edutainment. - Create cPanel Plugin create cpanel user, install php script - Create CreateSpace eBook Cover from Existing Image - ongoing work
Create Creative & Fun Company Profile in PDF - create cron Backup files to skip Directory Create cron for image import - Create Crosstab Recordset from Normal Recordset create crosswords for wiki using provided software - Create CS:GO Case Design Create CS:GO case For Rio Summer Olympics (Valve Source 3D Models) - Create CSS files (all for same site to give it different looks) Create CSS for 5 popup widgets - Create CSS page layout Create CSS PDF template to convert XML files to PDF. - Create CSS to convert a website in responsive -- 2 Create CSS to hide/show scroll bars in pink DIV if necessary - create csv data file witch lists the cities of the world Create CSV data table from multiple Excel spreadsheets - Create CSV files from a database populated from API call data create csv files from website/pdf/txt - create currency virtual reality Economy create currency virtual reality use of xoops - Create custom Android ROM for samsung duos s7566 Create custom android ROM for tablet (complete with installer) - Create Custom Browser Extention Create Custom Calculator On Wordpress - Create custom contact form for Wordpress Create Custom Contact Form for Wordpress site - Create Custom E-Commerce Website Create Custom e-mail Management - Create custom feilds for WordPress theme -- 2 Create custom field - Create custom API Create Custom FTP Multisite CMS on Code Igniter - Create Custom HTML Order Form Create Custom HTML Output From RSS Feed - Create custom input template for Mantis bug tracker (PHP) Create Custom Insert - Create Custom Layouts and CSS for PHPRunner by Xlinesoft Create Custom Lead Management System- URGENT - Create Custom Mailit for James Email Server Create Custom Mailit for James Email Server(repost) - Create custom myCred hook Create Custom Mycred Hooks and configure S2Member in Wordpress - Create custom PCB design that is more mass manufacture create custom pdf forms - Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Today. Create custom pop up for wordpress site - Create custom quote form Create Custom Quote Form For Word Press Website - Create Custom Safe Work Method Statements Create custom sales emails/invoices for company with branding and configure email automation. - create custom site in Prestashop Create custom carton box simple model - Create custom T-Shirt size Create Custom Tab on Facebook - Create Custom Variable for Create Custom VB Images/Header/Icons,etc. - Create custom WHMCS ( Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform) payment gateway module Create Custom WHMCS Addons - Create Custom Wordpress Mobile Theme Create Custom WordPress Page Using Advanced Custom Fields Data - Create Custom Wordpress Theme Create custom WordPress theme - Create custom Zoo Element Create custom Zoo Element - repost - Create Customised Header for WordPress Blog Create customised menu in wordpress - Create customized order management for restaurant Create customized parsing routines for gathering information - CREATE CUTOMER SIGN UP FORM AND DATA BASE FOR IPAD IOS FOR THE BENTO PLATFORM Create Cutomized Invoice Template in QuickBooks Online - Create daily updated Feed Display of \"Opportunities\" from Selected NAICS classification codes. Create DailyMotion Video Accounts and Upload 300 Videos Manually [ EXPERIENCED UPLOADERS ONLY PLEASE] - Create Data Center Operations Guide Create Data Connector to Salesforce Databases - Create data file of product specifications/images B Create Data for an Infographic - Create data warehouse for storing real estate data. Create data-entry type app - create database ( desktop or web based ) Create database (MYSQL) for Web - create database and simplify / streamline /automate data collection and input to database(repost) create database and simplify / streamline /automate data collection and input to database(repost)(repost) - Create database from Excel Workbooks Create database from existing excel files/ write software - Create database of Australian Real Estate Agent Contacts Create database of Australian Real Estate Agent Contacts - Create Database of Spanish Hotels with pools Create Database of supermarts worldwide - create database web portal(repost) create database website - Create Datafeeds for Cold Fusion Based Custom Ecommerce Create Datamax Printer Label - Create daughter card PCB Create daughter card PCB - Create deals on Groupon and other websites Create Deals Page in Cashback Website - Create Deluge Add-on Create Deluge Addon - create demo.php page Create Demos & Images for popular software projects - Create design + PHP website/management panel Create design - for Mborad - Create design for app / Crear diseño para aplicacion Create Design for box packaging - Create Design for Website - Use Photoshop Create Design for Website -Photoshop - Create design. CREATE DESIGN/EXTENSION FOR MAGENTO ECOMMERCE WEBSITE - Create Desktop App for Windos OS Create desktop application from existing php script - Create Detailed QuickBooks integration specification Create detailed requirements specification for Mobile App development (iOS and Android – Tablet & Smartphone) - Create DHCP server with configuration storage in LDAP Create DHTML menu using Yahoo! UI Library - Create dieline for a box Create Diet Evoca Cola 330ml Can Design - create digital cookbook ebook create digital copy of company logo from business card - Create digital stationery from existing sample create Digital story - Create Directory Website Create Directory Website - Create div in div using AJAX/Javascript and PHP with MySQL Create Div Layout for Joomla ARTICLE for webmaster122 - Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation) Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost) - Create Document ecommerce site with esignature option Create document for my business "Invoice, Quote, Proposal, Contract" color in my business - Create Dog Illustrations Create Dog Illustrations - Create DOOH Media Kit, rate card and other marketing materials Create Door Opening animation - create download manager with simple browser create download web site - Create drawing in Acad Create drawing in one line, illustration in style sci fi - Create drilling rig presentation. Create drink label Design and logo - Create dropdowns on existing website - repost Create Droplet / Transfer from old Server to Digitalocean / / / DigitalOcean Expert - Create Drupal Module for Map Create Drupal modules for grabbing content from another server - Create Drupal Theme Based on Existing Think-Tank Website Create Drupal theme from existing site - create dump .sql file from .frm and .ibd wordpress files in folder create dump .sql file from .frm and .ibd zip file - create DVD cover for my adult movie Create DVD Covers - Ongoing Work - Create Dyeline for packaging