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Create CHM & PDF file - Create Chrome Extension that adds buttons third-party webpages Create chrome extension that auto fetch coupons on aliexpress - Create Cisco VPN Server on GNS3 Emulator program Create Citations from sources - create classified website from scratch Create classifieds ad - Create clean vector copies of bitmap logos Create clean website with price compare as main function - Create Client Checklist in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL Create Client Database - Create Clone of Microsoft Point of Sale in MS Access Create clone of OCX dll in c++ - Create cloud code and objective c code for a downloading project Create cloud formation file for a custom multisite wordpress cluster - Create CMS HTML Fluid Template Create CMS in order to update our website - Create Code Examples using Templates in Django Create code for "ajaxy" text links - Create Code to existing banner for affiliate program Create code to extract text and symbols from picture - Create Collage of Pictures in Adobe Photoshop Create Collages from our Website Photos - Create Colour Chart - ongoing work Create Colour Chart - ongoing work -- 2 - Create comments section of mobile app Create commercial proposal with animation characters and infographics - Create company font Create Company Formats Using MS EXCEL & VBA - Create company logo Create company logo - create company name Create Company name & logo, business card, letterhead, brochure template - Create Company profile in ppt or pdf Create Company Profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest - Create comparative analysis report on specific types of iOS apps Create Comparators for MeraWaala.Com - Create complete set up of You tube create complete SQL/queries from oscommerces db - Create Comprehensive Collection of Drawings of Proofreader's Marks CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - Create concpet monster Create Concrete5 site from PSD - create connector to extract google search statistics to grafana Create Consecutive Up days/ Down days formula in Excel - Create Contact Form - ongoing work Create Contact Form / Ongoing Maintenance - Create Contact List from 850 Websites Create contact list from Websites - create content create content - Create content for Computer Repair Blog create content for ecommerce silver jewellery website - Create Content Locker Create content locker for Image content - PHP - Create contents list from PDF of magazines Create Contents page for completed recipe ebooks - Create Cookies From URL Parameters create cookies so user comes back to my site - Create copy of website using provided Wordpress Divi Theme. CREATE COPY OF WORDPRESS THEME - Create corporate identity Create Corporate Identity Designs - Create Correct And Working SPF Records From Two Domains Create Cosmetics - Create Course Content - Modification like how I request Create course content for a digital marketing course - create cover pic using more than one pic Create Cover/header photo and flyer - Create crawler to download everything from site... Create Crawlere - Create crisp print poster Create CRM & Front End Website - Create Cross Functional Diagrams in Visio Create Cross Graphic - Create CryptoCurrency Create cryptocurrency - Create CSS and layout for content pages Create css and template for Wordpress - Create CSS from design Create CSS from design - Create CSS style sheet create css styled responsive controls/templates for my angular 2 website - Create CSS/HTML for Easy Store Creator store Create CSS/HTML for form (Adult XXX) - Create CSV file from Facebook contacts to import into email client Create CSV file from plain text list of sites; some research for URLs required - create csv of twitter followers Create CSV of Twitter followers AND scan for bots - Create custom 404 error page Create custom 404 page - Create custom backend function on an existing software Create custom background images (150 images) - Create Custom Checkout Page Create custom checkout page for PayDolllar - Create custom custom back end lead management on WordPress Create Custom Dashboard Using WooCommerce REST API - Create custom emoji Create custom endpoints for Wordpress API PLugin v2.0 - Create Custom Flash Photo Gallery Create custom flash player for webpage - Create Custom Gateway (Payoneer Credit Card plugin) for my wordpress woocommerce based website Create Custom Gateway - open to bidding - Create custom icon of a car Create custom icon package using RRSSB or Sharrre - create custom invoice Create custom invoice theme for Kashflow - Create custom loading for a mobile application Create Custom Local Storage Favourite using PHP - Create custom menu in Actionscript / Flash Create Custom MFC software. - Create Custom One Page Website Create custom online form with custom admin panel and CSV Export - Create Custom PHP App using Twilio API Create custom PHP column/news module for existing website - Create Custom Post Type and Meta Boxes to Display in frontend Create custom post type category and detail page - Create custom report - open to bidding Create Custom Report for Fedena 2.3. Open Source - Create custom search bar Create Custom Search Engine - Create custom skins for website that is being relaunched in Dot Net Nuke Create Custom Slider - Wordpress Plugin - Create Custom Taxonomy for Portfolio Create custom templates for the WHMCS ( system. - Create custom Videos for us Create CUSTOM VISUAL COMPOSER EXTENSION on Bridge (WordPress) Theme - Create custom Windows 8 Pro image files - WMI / WIM Create Custom Wodpress Widget - Create Custom Wordpress Plugin Create Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create custom Wordpress theme Create custom wordpress theme - Create Custome Bread Crumbs for Wp Page Create Custome Image - Create customised mobile app for andriod & apple Create customised online Ecommerce Store using WordPress - Create Customized Perl and Associated CPAN Modules SPEC Files (RPM Building) Create Customized Permission Request Letter - Create cutom .flv for looping video create cutom shopify site - Create Daily SMS Application Create Daily Task module - Create Data Base of Property Owners Create data Base of tradesmen and send email offer - Create Data Feeds - Admin (PHP) Create Data Feeds - Admin (PHP)!! - Create Data sheet search Create Data sheet search - Create Database
Create database - create database and report with actions Create database and research project - research - Create Database for iOS application Create Database for my mobile app (iOS/Android) - Create database of 2,116 companies' email addresses Create database of 3 fields in CSV or MySQL format - Create database of key websites & contact info for 3 GCC countires Create Database of Law Firms for Marketing - CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE - Create Datadase using Java Create Datadase with Java - Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder - Create DB Tables & Import data program Create db to manage and report 'sponsored links' (similar to google's advertising links at top of search results) Not a search project, just a simple DB. - Create Delivery / Stock view in OS Commerce shop Create Delivery App for Local Market - Create Demo from Full Version Create demo IDEAS iPhone app - Create Description, Instruction and Thumbnail of Games Create Description/Instruction of 28 Flash Games - Create Design around a Mock Up Create Design background prestashop - Create design for mailers Create design for mobile app - Create Design Logo create design make a website including logo and company id both for online and ofline use alot of input from you needed - Create designs for a gift card Create designs for a product that will be printed - CREATE DESKTOP APPLICATION USING WEBSITE API Create desktop jave app to load custom list of files to a USB drive - Create detailed SRS for Mobile App development (iOS and Android – Tablet & Smartphone) Create Detailed test plan for a Product - create diagnose for cause of the php xml parsing latency. Create Diagnostic Survey tools and their dashboards - Create different banners Create Different Color Schemes For SharpTurn Logo - Create Digital Cover Art For An Amazon Online Book Create digital design from photo - Create digital version of 7 different paper forms with MySQL storage create digital version of a document base on an old version - Create Directory Website in Codeigniter with full backend control Create directory website listings - create div on a website Create DIV tags for a web and mobile site banner - Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost)(repost)(repost) Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) - Create document for my business "Invoice, Quote, Proposal, Contract" color in my business Create Document from PDF Copy With Enhance Feature - Create Dog Illustrations Create Dog Illustrations - Create Door Opening animation create doorway pages - create download web site create download web site (repost) - create drawing of ant for animation Create drawing web app - Create drink label Design and logo Create Drip Email Campaign - create dropdown menu system with filtered search Create dropdowns on existing website - repost - Create Drupal module / Signup Form using Chargify API Create drupal module for color search for images and other updates to site - Create Drupal theme (HTML is already built) Create Drupal Theme / Template from PSD - create dummy list of products for website create dummy system - Create DVD cover and DVD label design create DVD cover for my adult movie - Create dynamic circle of images for iPhone from XML feed Create dynamic content in a mobile web app using jquery - Create dynamic interactive pages Create dynamic interactive pages, color changing simulator - Create Dynamic Power Point Presentation Using VB Script/ASP Create Dynamic Printed Documents - Create Dynamic UI for Liferay Portal Create Dynamic UI for Liferay Portal - repost - Create e book by manually typing Create e book by manually typing -- 2 - Create E-Commerce Create e-commerce - Create e-Learning course using Articulate Storyline Create e-Learning Course using Storyline - Create E-Sport website Create EA - Create Easy Arena Simulation Create Easy Arena Simulation - Repost - Create EasySocial App Create Ebay +Amazon +Wallmart Rest Services +Gui Fix - create ebay listing templates in excel create ebay listing templates with graphic design - CREATE EBAY STORE Create Ebay Store - create ebay template create ebay template -- 2 - Create ebook cover create ebook cover - Create EBook Image Create Ebook landing page - Create ecommerce database w/search function Create eCommerce e-mail PSD and HTML - Create Ecommerce website Create Ecommerce website - Create Ecover for my website -- 2 Create Ecovers - Create editable online tables Create editable page for registered users. - Create Editable PDFs for my business Create Editable PDFs for my business - Create Educational Game(s) For Driver Education Website Create Educational Games For Driver Education Website - Create eight graphic screens as described Create either a Slider Revolution or Layer Slider slide or similar to give desired effect - Create electronic format of existing logo create electronic forms - Create Email Accounts Create Email Accounts - Create email attachment for a asp form(repost) Create Email Authentication Link for php template email - Create Email from PDF in Hotfolder Create email from yahoo, gmail, hotmail and outlook - Create Email List of High School/College Professors in the United States Create Email List of Naturopathic Doctors and Herbalists and Send Emails - create email parser for aweber from infusionsoft Create email processing application - create email template Create email template + update of the delivery status (tracking) - create email, database and form for profile update Create Email-Friendly GIFs - Create Emoji Application -- 2 Create Emoji Artwork - Create Endpoints for Rest API create energy audit co. logo - Create English Subtitles for a 5 minutes 40 seconds Youtube video in Spanish create english subtitles for a french video of 20 min max - Create EPS and High Resolution JPEG Create EPS file - CREATE ERP and CMS Create ERP System - Create ETSY listings from excel spreadsheet Create Euro categories - Create Events and Sell Tickets Create events and sell tickets plugin - Create example wordpress sites Create Examples of Google BigQuery API on PHP - create excel account sheet