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Create a Java Program create a java program create a java program create a java program Create a Java Program -- 2 Create a java program class named Package with data fields for weight in ounces, shipping method, and shipping cost. Create a java program from uml diagram and documentation Create a JAVA program that interact with MySQL to do some simple operations against a database Create a Java Program that runs Token Ring Algorithm in Wireless networks. The program must have a two variations one in which it runs only on MH(Mobile Hosts) and Other one in which it runs both on MSS (Base station/ Mobile support station) and MH Create a Java Restful Client create a java script popup Create a Java Script to Change HTTP Referer Url. Create a Java Server and API to conjugate verbs Create a Java simulator Create a java simulator from scratch for distributed algorithms Create A Java Software to extract data Create A Java String Hash function
Create a Java Swing sample app. (Easy) Create a Java system for generating Maths Questions and Solutions Create a Java Utility class based on Android Manifest.permission Webpage Create a java web application that users can request budgets for projects Create A Java Web-Based Stock Charting Application Create a java Webpage on mobile with google maps integeration Create a Java-script for determining which antivirus is installed in a system. Create a JAVA2EE simple software Create a javacript currency conversion + calculator Create a JavaFX Application for recording video with audio Create a javascipt streaming audio player Create a javascipt streaming audio player(repost) Create a Javascript Create a Javascript (click keys TAB, TAB and ENTER on load) Create a JavaScript - one that YOU want to make! create a javascript alyias to the querystring paramenter q= Create a JavaScript API on to of existing REST API