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Create a 90s video explainer Create a : GoAnimate video Create a :30s animated video (primarily text) but some images too (very sleek and impressive text animation) Create a <select> drop down list - extremely easy Create a “BPM Check” section Create a “Safe” cPanel public demo account with WHMCS Create a \"massage company\" logo Create a \"people cartoon\" design (caricature) create a \"share\" link in phpfox create a \"share\" link in phpfox - repost Create a \"still image\" product video (YouTube style) Create a \"Wifi Teather\" Called (Super-Wifi) Create a \'proof of delivery\' doc from an invoice on Sage One Create a \'proof of delivery\' doc from an invoice on Sage One -- 2 Create a \\\"How to\\\" Video for Bluetooth products create a \\\\\\\"Rated People\\\\\\\" type website Create a `solar Products Website
Create a a basic n iPhone Utility Create a a book cover. Urgent. Create a a design like the attached. I have attached all required files. Create a a field on website to apply coupon code Create a A Forms Generator Create a a Jquery login box and Jquery tabbed form Create a a muzic album cover picture following my instructions Create a a new photo and video gallery pages to a WordPress website CREATE A A PERSONAL OVERLAY APP FOR FACEBOOK (Like #PrayforParis flag, or LTGB Pride) Create a a Product Video Create a a quick banner create a a script to extract data from other site. Create a a short marketing video for my Instagram Create a a small custom nested Visual Composer element Create a A3 Map and provide file create a a3 poster