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Create 2 Part Footprints for a PCB in KiCAD - Create 2 product collages Create 2 product images - Create 2 short animation videos Create 2 short guides - Create 2 simple modules for Joomla Create 2 simple new hooks to put on my functions.php - CREATE 2 STATIC HTML pages using IONIC FRAMEWORK Create 2 static pages for website - Create 2 Videos Create 2 videos (one with spoken audio) - Create 2 webpages optimized for smartphones Create 2 webpages to enter/change data in a mySQL database - Create 2 windows based applications - repost Create 2 Woocommerce Training Manuals for 2 Web sites - Create 2 x Basic PHP Web Services Create 2 X Compliment Slip Flyers - Create 2-3 html page templates Create 2-3 min Tutorial (how to) video - create 20 backgrounds for iphone/ipad game Create 20 badges for social website - Create 20 Flat Concepts Create 20 Flat Illustrations in Illustrator. - Create 20 mailchimp accounts using remote desktop Create 20 new Gmail accounts - Create 20 small animated gifs Create 20 Social Bookmark accounts for - Create 200 accounts with Create 200 ads for AirBnb - Create 200 mood boards using our images. Create 200 PHP test questions - Create 2000 hotmail addreses create 2000 inastagram accounts - Create 2300 words article $ 30 . Much more after that arti Create 239 simple images - create 25 png images like one attached Create 25 profiles + Content generation - Create 2500+ backlinks from the list I have create 25000 email fast. - Create 2D Animation Create 2D Animation - Create 2D City Artwork for Website Create 2D Design files from a Sketchup Design - Create 2D vector graphics Create 2D vector image animation video - Create 3 .NET functions for simple integration wrapper in .NET for odoo 9 -- 2 Create 3 .php form to 3 contact forms in Html - Create 3 Banners Create 3 banners - Create 3 compelling SEO-optimized pages Create 3 Content Pages - Create 3 explainer videos (4 minutes each) Create 3 explainer web videos - Create 3 graphics Create 3 graphics similar to Homepage - Create 3 Joomla Forms Create 3 Joomla sites and finish the other 5 sites - Create 3 minute animation video with voice over as scripted. Create 3 minute sales video - Create 3 one page sites Create 3 Online submittable forms - Create 3 posters (black white / simplistic) Create 3 Power Point Presentations - Create 3 separate illustratations Create 3 Separate OnlyWire Accounts - Create 3 SSI files from on-page top graphic, left nav & bottom copyright stuff Create 3 static banners and 3 custom blocks - Create 3 video game templates. Create 3 Videos about Fun Facts - Create 3 Websites using HTML examples included... Create 3 Websites, 5 Pages Each - Create 3-4 3d fantasy Landscapes, 4 dungeons, and 2 PVP areas - Mobile Game Create 3-4 animations within 24 hours - Create 30 composite images in Photoshop from single images Create 30 Crystal Reports - Create 30 Mailout Messages - Copywriters Required Create 30 morphing flash banners - Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - Create 300 email addresses - Repost - open to bidding Create 300 email addresses -- 2 - create 30000 links for me Create 300DPI images from JPGs - Create 32 static HTML pages from template Create 32-bit ISAPI DLL for Windows 2000 + IIS 5.0 platform - Create 37 simple 3D render of plastic/aluminium profiles using supplied AutoCAD files Create 370 Social Media Quote Images - Create 3D animation of HVAC components Create 3D animation of model deflating, from supplied Maya file. - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 7528 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 76147 - Create 3d background -- 2 Create 3D Backgrounds - Create 3D character in Game app Create 3d character model / creación de personaje en 3D -- 2 - Create 3D dxf of Shape Create 3D ebook and Hi-Resolution Physical Book Covers and Other Graphics - Create 3D Game Create 3d Game for Android - Create 3D images of product from images of prototype Create 3D images of simple steel brackets - Create 3D moddel of hedlamp Create 3D Model - Create 3D Model from AI or EPS file. Create 3D model from house floor plan - Create 3D model of buildings and export 360 content Create 3D Model of Cylinder-shaped Helmet - Create 3D Model of Room - Repost - open to bidding Create 3d model of simple interior architecture out of DWG plan - Create 3D models and textures for a video game Create 3D models and textures for a video game - Create 3D models, with layers, of furniture, to be created from existing 2d models. Create 3D module in Xamarin - Create 3D render (maybe animation and virtual tour) from hand-drawn sketch of a house Create 3D render 1 row light - Create 3D sketches of our products Create 3D SketchUp Make File from technical drawing - Create 3D video Create 3D Video - SBS - Create 3mm bleed and crop lines on artwork for printing Create 3rd column in Joomla Template - Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM - Create 4 Featured Images for 4 Blog articles create 4 fig images, - Create 4 images for the home age... Create 4 images to a fullwith slider - Create 4 New Nodes in Drupal Website Create 4 New Textures for models - Create 4 Python regexes for the following text string Create 4 quality Lenses about top ten tablets,cellphones , tvs, cameras - Create 4 sweatshirts for related Tennis Teams based on logos Create 4 to 6 frames: A very simple running character - Create 4 Wordpress Pages -3 Create 4 WordPress pages using Visual Composer from Adobe Illustrator file - Create 40 birthday greeting card messages Create 40 Blogs for us - Create 40 sympathy cards greeting card messages for LOSS OF CAT Create 40 sympathy cards greeting card messages for LOSS OF DOG - Create 400-500 word SEO pages. has to be sports related create 4000 email accounts with unique IP addresses - Create 49 Wordpress Blog Pages Based on Data + Template Create 4x Adsense websites for $150 - Create 5 banners create 5 banners - Create 5 different designs and SEO
Create 5 different flare / sparkle types - Create 5 hosted exchange email addresses in China create 5 html bootstrap pages - Create 5 jQuery mobile Pages: SIMPLE Create 5 jQuery mobile Pages: SIMPLE - repost - Create 5 Page Personal Website (Responsive, HTML only) Create 5 page preview report on battery reconditioning - create 5 product ads and 5 customize pages Create 5 professional Indesign templates - Create 5 simple icons (in different sizes and colors) Create 5 Simple Images - Create 5 tutorials in german Create 5 unique affiliate accounts - Create 5 Wet Paint pages a week, 1 day using our content(repost) create 5 whiteboard videos - Create 5-page modern design for new anime website. Create 5-page PhoneGap app - create 50 dofollow inbound link related with the industry of cnc hobby -- 2 Create 50 Email + Facebook ID's - Create 50 Heywire Numbers Create 50 High PR relevant links to my website for 30 days - Create 50 posts with links to popular forums. Related to music. Create 50 practice exam questions for SEC+ certification - Create 50 Videos with 3-4 mins/video Create 50 Wap Portals/month - Create 500 Basic 2D Vectorworks objects from our DWG files. Create 500 Basic Revit Detail Items families from our DWG files. - Create 500 new facebook accounts create 500 new un used emails - Create 5000 Gmail addresses Create 5000 Gmail addresses -- 2 - Create 6 Banners for Website Slider Create 6 Banners for Website Slider - Create 6 icons representing levels of difficulty Create 6 images - Create 6 sets of emails Create 6 sets of Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers (each cover in 2 versions needed) - Create 6-8 Page Website Create 6-page Z-fold leaflet - Create 60 storey Hexagrid office building in sketchup Create 60 SVG images from jpeg to display in app - Create 7 Banners for Site Homepage Create 7 banners for website - Create 7 x 10 minute promo videos create 7 x 3.333 image for store front sign - Create 8 flash banners for Google adwords display network Create 8 flash banners for Google adwords display network - repost - Create 8 unique SSH tutorials for my SSH Tutorial site! Create 8 videos - British/American/Canadian/Australian natives only - Create 86 banner ads. All the same dimensions. Create 86 Profiles For Online Dating Site - Create 9 Windows TrueType Fonts create 9 x 700 - 800 original articles - create \"add user\" function Create \'Exit Full-Screen\' function for jPlayer video on mobile devices - Create a Custom Wordpress Plugin Create a Custom Wordpress Theme - Create a iOS app with real db connection based on our detailled requirements and exisiting graphical design Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI and calculates earnings and tutoring time. - Create a PPC Campaign with ongoing management Create a Prezi - Create a Video Create a Video and image - Create a "Click Menu" on the mobile view of a wordpress Theme Create a "Closing calculator" I can implement on my website. READ BRIEF - Create a "Next" Button which Connects to the "Page Break" Button in Wordpress Create a "one pager" and also a longer informational / document on my company - Create a "Top 10 Coundtown Animations" for youtube top 10 videos transitions -- 2 Create a "Top Ten Lists" website for wordpress - Create a 'fan page' for me in Facebook (for business) Create a 'freemium' iPhone app for royalty share - Create a .CAD and .PDF for my dress sock prototyp Create a .cgi File which runs html code - Create a .Net Web Application for a Case Management System CREATE A .NET WEBSITE - Create a 1 Beautiful and Attractive Landing Page - repost Create a 1 click export to MS Access from MYOB Accountsright plus - Create a 1 minute info animation create a 1 minute informative animation - Create a 1 page professional CV template. Create a 1 page simple website from a screenshot - Create a 1-minute animation Create a 1-minute product introductory video - Create a 10 Sec Background Video for Website Create a 10 sec Tv commercial - Create a 10s Animation exactly like my sample Create a 110 items Aptitude Test - Create a 15 sec TVC Create a 15 sec Video - Create a 16-bit Sound Processor Using Java Create a 160 character SMS message that converts - Create a 2 min Motion Graphic explainer for Mobile App. Create a 2 min video - Product Awareness - Create A 2 Page Drupal 8 Template - Repost Create A 2 Page Drupal 8 Template - Repost - open to bidding - Create a 2-D Animation (ANIME STYLE) -- 2 Create a 2-D Physical Model of a Jumping Human Using Python - Create a 25 page color catalog Create a 25 second video with Logo's changing - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation - Create a 2D animation Video Create a 2d animation Video - Create a 2D Flat Animation -- 2 Create a 2D Floorplan, and a rendered Elevation View - Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) - ongoing work - Create a 3 minute cartoon Create a 3 Minute Cartoon (Animating + Character Design) - Create a 3-4 page Microsite Create a 3-5 min Cinematic Video From GoPro 4k Footage - Create a 30 second animated trailer Create a 30 second animated trailer with narration - Create a 30 seconds Animation video Create a 30 seconds Audio and Video Testimonials - create a 360 degree video player Create a 360 degree Virtual Tour - create a 3D animated video - open to bidding Create a 3D animated video for a startup production firm - Create a 3d animation of around 5 minutes (person(s) explaining how to fill out some form) Create a 3D animation of logo - Create A 3D Character Animation of 10-12 seconds Create a 3D character animation using MAYA - Create a 3D environment to simulate a robot agent - repost Create a 3d example of proposed video wall - Create a 3D Intro 7-10 Second for a Night Life Company (Greek Parties) Create a 3D Intro count down for may brand - Create a 3d model Create a 3D Model (Sketchup) of my kitchen - Create a 3D model of a 2 part iPhone 6 case Create a 3D model of a 2-story house and guest house - Create a 3d model of the attached drinks display with branding Create a 3d model of the drinks display with can, bottle and ice (see attached) - Create a 3D preview on the fancey product designer Create a 3D Print model. - Create a 3d rotating box Create a 3d rotating mouthguard - Create a 3d Video Create a 3d Video (syncnologies) - Create a 3D-Modell of a plastic optical element to be printed with a 3D-printer Create a 3d/maya children's book - Create a 40 sc video Create a 40 seconds event promotional video from a template - Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template - Create a 5-7 mins Video