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Configure and set-up Transposh Plugin in a Wordpress Website Site - Configure and Upload an app Configure and Upload Sample Data to Joomla com_adsmanager // b3nd3c1r - configure apache linux server configure Apache mod_flvx to work on my server - configure apache2 module / reduce DDoS attack on ubuntu server Configure Apache2 Server for mod_rewrite - Configure Asterisk and Panasonic KX-TGP500 Phone System Configure Asterisk and vTiger connector - configure Astriex VOIP PBX Configure Asure ID Enterprise 7 to a our SQL Dbase server - Configure Backup Web and E-mail Server Configure Bacula 7 Server + 3 Agents - Configure BSNL PRI on Asterisk Server - repost Configure BuddyBoss/LearnDash/BuddyPress/BadgeOS/myCRED - Configure CentOS Nginx PHP-FPM server to serve ActiveCollab and Drupal 7 sites Configure CentOS Nginx PHP-FPM server to serve ActiveCollab and Drupal 7 sites - ongoing work - Configure CISCO 1940 for AWS Virtual private cloud Configure Cisco 1941 (site-to-site VPN) - Configure Cisco AS5400 Configure Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall for DDoS Protection w/ASDM - Configure cisco wlc 2601 Configure Cisco WLC2504 With 2 SSID and Spe. VLAN´s / Net - Configure Cloudflare for cPanel account emails Configure Cloudflare for my website - Configure conversion tracking in Google Analytics for Magento (one-step-checkout) configure cookie time 1 day or more on function getRandomInt .js file - Configure CSS Lightbox Gallery Configure CSS Wordpress Sidebar Widget - Configure Database with server (repost) Configure Datafeeds on Joomla 2.5 Website & amend CSS to display them correctly - Configure Dell Powerconnect switches with M1000e and M3000i Configure Dell SonicWall Firewall to access new network and services on another network - Configure dns Configure DNS & Mail services on Win2003 Dedicated server - Configure domain controller / network Configure Domain Controller for LDAP - Configure drupal based sight. (repost) Configure drupal Block - Configure ejabberd OAuth Authentication configure elastix - Configure Email Server on Linux - repost Configure email system on linux - Configure Events Manager Pro Wordpress Plugin(repost) Configure Events Manager Pro Wordpress Plugin(repost)(repost) - Configure existing Joomla 3 website for Multilanguage support Configure existing OpenVPN server with IPv6 on Debian. - Configure ffmpeg with php on my server Configure FFMPEG/ LAME/ YouTube clone on dreamhost server - Configure Frappe ERPNext Application configure free PBX to skype in calls - Configure freeradius2 with mysql back-end for 802.11x Wifi Configure FreeSeat - Configure GCC built as a 68000 CPU32 cross compiler (M68k-elf) on a Windows PC Configure gcc development virtual machine - Configure Google Analytics for end-to-end visibility Configure google analytics for Marketers - configure gravity forms plugin and database data insert coding configure gravity forms plugin and database data insert coding -- 2 - Configure Hosting Setting For Existing Website Configure hotel software NOW - Configure IAX2 Trunk for 30 Concurrent calls - Asterisk PBX 1.8 Configure Icecast - Configure IIS, Install Sql Server, Restore DB, Restore Sites Configure IIS, Install Sql Server, Restore DB, Restore Sites -- 2 - configure invoice system and modify template in WHMCS5 - repost 2 Configure iOS & Android app of with my web app - Configure JavaScript code in a Joomla article head using the best extension solution configure jboss 7.2 as a multi domains server - Configure Joomla and Virtue-mart for Downloadable Products Configure Joomla calendar to read from MySQL database - configure jquery slider for html website - repost Configure jQuery Website Slider - Configure Kubelance script configure Kubelance script for job board - Configure Linux and Windows Servers configure linux application on new machine - configure login and search functions - dotproject Configure login page for mobile optimization. - Configure Magento for International Shipping Configure magento for rest api - Configure magento to use https Configure Magento to use REST API with Oauth - Configure mailchimp APIs in order to use our custom forms on our website. Configure Mailchimp automation with WooCommerce - Configure memberpress to support registration and access to fixed period digital courses Configure membership affilate site - Configure Mikrotik RB951-2n Configure Mikrotik router for multihome service - Configure MS Exchange & Sharepoint Services Configure MS Exchange 2003 - Configure my Amazon server to support PHP Configure my Asterisk server - Configure My Joomla Search Configure My Joomla Search(repost) - Configure my shopify store Configure my site on locahost - Configure my windows 8 server for optimal network performance Configure My Windows Server 2008 Server For SMTP - Configure Name Servers and DNS for Cpanel and WHM configure named dhcpd apache dns serverice on freebsd - Configure new Domain with new Server DNS Configure new domain/web host to work - Configure Nginx for Drupal hosting Configure nginx for proxy caching for multiple backends - Configure o meu site Configure obGrabber Joomla extension for K2 articles on our site - configure opencart store Configure Opencart template and minor modifications - Configure OpenX Ad Server Configure OpenX ad server (free) to worki with OVA plugin - Configure OTRS installation for an IT support company - Ticket Management System configure our dedicated server for best website speed and optimization - Configure Payment Gateway Configure payment gateway api - Configure permalink plugin and fix few pages Configure permalink post structure in Wordpress, where post url starts from "-", "--" or "---" - Configure PHP site configure php site - Configure PHPmyAdmin for Authentication via Post or URL Configure PHPmyAdmin for Authentication via Post or URL - Configure POP 3 channel for Activexperts/Ozeki SMS server Configure POP/SMTP on a CentOS server - Configure Postfix to prevent backscatter Configure postfix to receive message - Configure Prestashop multistore - repost 2 Configure Prestashop Multistore Using Different Domains - configure Puppet Configure Puppet. - Configure RDP, VPN, set up Outlook for 2 users on Windows Server 2008 Configure RDS for Windows Server 2016 - Configure reverse DNS and PTR records on my WHM server Configure Reverse DNS and SPF on our exchange mail server - Configure RSS feed on Drupal installation Configure Ruby Emailer - Configure scratch project in java project Configure SCRIBE online (RS) with CRM 2013 Online - Configure sensors to check car over speed Configure sensors with microprocessor board like Raspberry pi - Configure server for optimal MAGENTO performances Configure Server for optimal performance Apache/Plesk/CentOs - Configure sh404Sef configure sh404sef and virtuemart - configure sick submitter profiles and form bot post Configure sidekiq with upstart and monit - Configure smartdd on my server Configure SmartDNS On Server Include Instruction - Configure SMTP-Proxy (for xuniltech only)
Configure SNI on our VPS - Configure Sonicwall DMZ for internal network Configure Spam Assassin training on per domain basis using email address - Configure Squid to use multiple ipv6 proxies! Configure Squid to use multiple ipv6 proxies! - Repost - Configure SSL/HTTPS on a Debian-Apache Server (for a WP site) configure SSL/TLS CDN for our linode servers - configure subdomain on ubuntu server with ispconfig Configure subdomain on VPS CentOS 6.5 - Configure tax rate and additional shipping Configure Tax Rule - Configure the server Configure the server - open to bidding - Configure tomcat on AWS Configure Tomcat to increase RAM memory utilization - Configure two templates for a Joomla and Wordpress website on Godday Cpanel Configure two wordpress Plugins - Configure User Privilege in LDAP Configure User Record ID "urid" column in Wordpress plugin called wpDatatables. - Configure Vici Dialer Configure Vicidial with Voice Recognition - Configure VLANs in Cisco WS-C3750X, certify network in Saudi Arabia configure vlans in openstack - Configure VPN between fortigate 60C & fortigate 60D configure vpn between mikrokit and strongswan - Configure VPS Configure VPS - Configure Vtiger To be used as a folowup system for a Commercial Cleaning Company configure vtiger with freePBX - configure web.config - redirect to subdomains Configure Web.config for SQL/Email - Configure website to Paypal API Configure website to Paypal API - Configure WHMCS in a website Configure WHMCS to work flawlessly with TCADMINv2 and build product library - Configure Windows Server IIS7.5 for ISAPI DLL -- 2 Configure Windows Server 2003 and Exchange - Configure wireless in backtrack running in oracleVM Configure Wireless on laptop - configure wordpress and configure the seo/contact Configure Wordpress Blog and Theme - Configure Wordpress Page to display posts as grid Configure Wordpress permalinks on IIS using ISAPI filter - Configure Wordpress Template Configure Wordpress Template - Configure wordpress theme on a website Configure WordPress Theme Pages & Navigation to Specifcation - Configure worldpay on magento 2 Configure wowonder apps - Configure wp-client plugin Configure wp-robot 3 plugin for wordpress - Configure xampp to work (apache stopped working) and connect to wordpress database which is not installed locally Configure XAMPP's Mercury Mail - Configure ZeOSS Virtual Machine Configure Zimbra 8.5.1 mail server - Configure/fix Namazu installation(repost) Configure/Fix Wordpress Template - Configured Woocommerce FEDex Shipping plugin Configured Woocommerce FEDex Shipping plugin - Configuring (or fixing) Ip rotation function in Exim to send bulk mails via phplist Configuring (UK) PayPal Pro Plugin to CREloaded shop - Configuring a WHM&CPANEL server Configuring a Wordpress Theme - Configuring Asterisk PBX Configuring Asterisk server & GSM gateway - configuring customer pole display - open to bidding Configuring Data Feed for Amazon Seller - Configuring FreePBX configuring freepbx - Configuring Kendo UI Bar Chart JS Per Mockup & JSON Configuring KVM SolusVM VPS Node - Configuring Network - repost 2 Configuring Newfies Dialer - Configuring PHP CodeIgniter site configuring php files on IIS to run our 5 Magento sites. Currently have php errors - Configuring SMTP Configuring SNMP in Kaseya - Configuring VPS Configuring VPS server for our company - Confihure PHP, Appache, Mysql Varnish on cpanel CONFINED DATA PROJECT (free typing ) - Confirm Prices Confirm that all the information in the access report is correct and (Show Me) - Confirmation of sending poll confirmation page - confirmr,cns Confirure shopping cart build with PrestaShop - Conflict research Conflict Resolution - Confluence custom code - 3 Confluence Custom code -- 2 - Confrence program Confrim project. Need a illustrators to draw 3 drawing of Winnie the Pooh Bear -- 2 - congestion control in usrp and gnuradio congestion control in usrp and gnuradio - open to bidding - Congratulations service (video-messages from around the world) - $6 each task - - -- 3 Congratulations service (video-messages from around the world) - $6 each task - - -- 4 - Congressional complaints filed with both the Senate and House of Representatives. Congressional District Flash Map with Joomla Integration - Conjunto residencial conjure eligibilty - Connect & Import mySQL DB to AWS RDS - open to bidding Connect & Negotiate with Distributors/Manufacturers & Prepare various Selling Price Tiers Accordingly - Connect 2 Windows 2003 servers - IIS and SQL server Connect 2-3 forms and process data to be sent to mail and database - Connect 4 simple pages in MVC Razor Connect 4 website pages to payment processor and aweber - Connect a domain with WIX website Connect a domainname from godaddy with Strato Vserver - Connect a SharePoint 2013 Foundation Form to a SharePoint custom list Connect a Simple Website Template to my GoDaddy Account - Connect admin panel with my themeforest theme Connect ADS database into SQL Business contact manager - Connect an existing trade bot to new exchanges / currencies.. connect an existing wireframe - Connect API - open to bidding Connect api -- 2 - Connect Application with oracle DB Connect appointments+ (wordpress plugin) to google calendar - Connect Blog to website Connect Blog to Website's Homepage - Connect Commerce Interface to Shipstation API Connect Commerce Interface to Shipstation API -- 2 - Connect dashboard template to mysql Connect dashboard template to mysql - Connect demo download form with PhpList Connect deployed Laravel project in Godady VPS server to domain - connect e1 quintum CONNECT EBAY / ECOMMERCE - Connect excel to exe with user interface Connect Excel to Interactive Brokers using ZeroMQ - Connect FAX to OCR module Connect file - connect form with mysql-database connect form with mysql-database -- 2 - Connect frontend to backend API connect frontend with backend using vue.js framework - Connect GPS Device to My Website Connect Grails Application to a legacy database (Postgres). - Connect IMEI OBD vehicle tracking to our website Connect in Auto Email Responders to Existing Website PHP - connect joomla mail to office 365 connect joomla site (ICM) - connect magento multiple adress shipping with payment gateway wit total order amount connect magento or opencart to autocount - Connect MATLAB to MySQL - Step by Step Instuctions and code