Projects starting with characters

change ajax slider for joomla - Change amount of words on wordpress page Change an .ai letterhead file into a word document template - Change an existing photo gallery in a way that it can upload complete folders + build a form to order the photo Change an existing plugin created in jquery - not wordpress related! - change an interface to match my needs change an iPhone application - Change and customize template for web site change and customize wp template - Change and modify existing Website Template Change And Modify Joomla Api from Ijoomer App - change android application Change Android application - Change Api ijoomer component and android form Change api in iOS app - Change ARM M0 wire to another Arm M0 but Witreless Change around 40 images from RAW to JPEG - Change at main menu Change Atari ST program to Windows Program - Change AWS settings Change Baby Store Name - change background and font Change Background and make Jewellery images sharp & attractive - Change Background Color of an big Portrait from Black to White Change Background Color of an big Portrait from Black to White - Change background colour and text colour Change background colour of 2min video - Change background in a photo change background in animal rescue website in 3d cart - Change background of images Change Background of Jewelley (Silver metal) Images. - change background on my .net site to match my wordpress site change background on my site to match my wordpress site - Change backgrounds to transparent Change Backgrund for attached Picture - Change behavior of jQuery Mobile Listview Filter to filter a custom HTML attribute instead of text Change behaviour of header : Listify theme - Change Blog Post page width (Wordpress) Change Blog Settings on a Joomla 1.5 Site - Change branding in a website Change branding of an open source encryption software - Change Business Cards - project for Cre8tive change business cards details - Change C# software from smart device to desktop Change C+ +Class / DriectX Grabber - change cart php header / footer in whmcs to match existing template Change Cart66 plug-in into multi-currency - Change checkout form for prestashop page Change checkout from paypal to stripe - Change clothing Change clothing color - Change code in my app change code in php.ini in Joomla to enable ioncube and zend optimizer - change color and position menu and pictures fro template Change color and text into a banner - Change color in swg icons for app Change Color In Two Images - Change Color of Clothes in Pictures Change color of clothing on painted illustrations - change color of machine in photo Change color of my logo - Change color on a wordpress theme Change Color On a Wordpress Website - Change Color Scheme of website Change color scheme of website. - Change Colors and Text on Image and on HTML Image Change colors for car images in photographs - Change colors of Joomla Template Change Colors of Logo - Change Colors on Website Change colors on website to orange - Change colour of image Change colour of image - Change Colour Scheme Of My Blog Change colour scheme of psd file. - Change Colours on some icons and small pngs Change colow in three pictures - Change configure options for UCD-SNMP with RPM Change Confirm/Deny buttons to tick boxes - Perl - change content in ready temlates Change Content of a brochure in Photoshop - Change cost amount on these two flyers Change Counter - Change CSS - Style of popup article links Change CSS - Style of popup article links - repost - Change CSS for clear site Change CSS for color patterns in Wordpress Template - Change CSS template to GC hyip template Change CSS to a - Change current logo Change current meal ordering programs to Korean language - Change custom add-on to Formidable Forms from one to multiple uploads Change Custom Keyboard Language - Change Date time picker Translation Change date to age - Change Default Homepage and Search Change Default Homepage and Search - Change Description and Images Of 700 Products change description size and amount. also alert - Change design for dating site Change design for OScommerce - Change Design of an existing app Change design of an existing site (LAMP) - only HTML, images - no PHP - new designs will be delivered - Change design of open cart Change Design of Our Checkout Screen on Epos Software - Change design on already existing SharePoint Ecommerce Website Change Design on an ASP site - change detail in a existing program in haskell ~ very urgent change details - change display of data (php) Change display of dates from right to left - Change domain format & check if domain is registered Change domain from to .de - Change Domain Password for Win98 and WinXP change domain redirection for magento website configuration - change dropdown af produc tattributes admin to a text box Change dropdown cat/subcats display and create an excel like page for product management - Change dynamic output (web) Change dynamic page design and add php code to script. - Change Elastix GEO And Developing Some new reports Change Elegance Moodle Theme - Change EPP Code - open to bidding Change eps file to White - Change Existing Chat HTML Code( & Update New - Simple 2 Minutes Task - Urgent Change existing code in joomla module - change existing photos with photoshop - Repost Change existing prestashop theme OR create prestashop theme, Czech & English version - Change existing webpage Change existing webscrape script (PHP) to get extra data point - Change Exsisting Python/Javascript project change extension - Change Facebook name with more than 200 fans Change Facebook Page Name - Change faxed copy of a form to an editable pdf form - repost Change FB fan page name +200 like - Change few things on website Change Few Words in Graphic/Header Banner - Change file names Change file names of new files - Change Flash Change Flash - Change Flash Link Change Flash live video player and chat for HTML5 solution - Change floorplans - open to bidding Change Flyer - Change Font Colors on webpages and website testing Change font Colour of current logo - Change font on website
Change font on website (shopify) - Change fonts Change Fonts - Change footer/header in OpenCart Change fopen to cURL - Change format of a Food Menu in a Word Document Change Format of a gif banner from 250 x 250 to 600 x 50 - Change free link submission site to paid submission site Change from .COM to .CA need help changing files Bluehost to Godaddy - Change from tables to divs Change from Virtuemart to Magento, Build a Magento site. - Change function to new script Change functionality - Change Google Adsense advertisement placement location Change google adsense code on 2 websites - Change graphic design and implement it into Buddypress. Change graphic design and make banners - Change graphics of existing web page, redesign tab bars Change graphics on a template - ADULT - Change head on a body - photoshop Change head on a body - photoshop -- 2 - Change header graphics to make easy changes. Change Header Image - Change header, navigation and footer on ONE page template Change header, wordpress - Change Homepage Appearance Change Homepage design - Change hover effect Change hover effect on Team Leader Pro to match portfolio items - Change HTML Encoding Change html file - change html website to php or something else more friendly change html website to phpp - change icon size Change Icon Sizes - Change image aspect ratio of ~245 images to 1:1 by adding whitespace left and right CHANGE IMAGE BACKGROUND - Change image in static page header when change content the jquery page change image in the banner - Change Image size with some elements position. Change image size... - Change Images Change images - Change images in slide show Change images into Silhouettes - Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 - Repost - open to bidding Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 e1550 - change in ecommerce site Change in existing app and add new feature - change in my existing wp site change in my header slider - Change in the HESK - helpdesk Change in the layout of a php site script - Change info in Business Cards Change info posted to wall when facebook "like" clicked - Change Intonation of 5000 files Change inventory to work in FIFO in PHP Order Manager - Change IP-Address Change iPad Home Button behavior in kiosk app - Change javascript from YUI to Jquery Change javascript from YUI to Jquery -- 2 - Change Joomla Module Background Color Change Joomla script component - Change JPG file to Word file change jpg images into psd format by editing the images into two layers. - Change Landing Page in Wordpress after filling form - ongoing work Change landing page: from popup to php page - Change Layout - Skin/Theme Change layout - videos, menu, forum... - Change layout of a catalogue in pdf for digital print change layout of a page - Change layout of website Change layout of website - Change layout/template Change Layout/Template in Wordpress Site - change link in tags on blog Wordpress Change link in WooCommerce - change links/center logo Change linux app "Iblock" so it can run from write-protected USB flash drive - Change login / register style in a woocommerce website (See attachment) change login avatar in my Rails app for non Facebook users and install friendly_id gem - change logo change logo - Change logo and txt in intro Change Logo and upload IOS and Android Apps to Stores for us! - change logo font change logo fonts to match website theme Mar 06 2013 15:07:00 - Change Logo on a PDF file (700 pages) Change logo on banners. Very simple project - Change Logo to suit company name Change Logo to suit company name - repost - change logos and some txt on my 1 page brochure - i have all the logos Change logos and text on advertising - Change look of magento site Change look of Menu - CSS - Wordpress - Change Magento Admin Url Change Magento Custom Options Percentage Calculation - Change Magento store theme Change Magento Store URL - change mailserver IP on CentOS5 / Parallels Plesk Dedicated Server Change main domain - Change management blogs Change management book - change map (AI file) into 3D-looking map and add icons Change map colour - Change menu and footer prestashop Change menu and product navigation for better shopify user experience - change menu on my magento website Change Menu on template. - Change Mgmt Change Microsoft developer account in my Windows 8 - change moneybookers to hipay change moneybookers to hipaywallet - Change multiple product names Change Multiview to AJAX TabContainer - Change my blogs theme Change My Blogspot Blog (HTML/Admin) - Change My EA Change my Ebay listings from paid postage to free postage - Change my free link submission site to paid submission Change my free link submission site to paid submission site - Change my information on web site. change my ip adress - Change my logo into a vector file URGENT! Change my logo into more dark atmosphere - Change my PayPal integration to PayFast Change my paypal payments from one-time to recurring - change my search bar style Change my search results - CHANGE MY STICKER DESIGN FOR CUSTOMERS Change My Store Layout (WordPress Expert ) - Change my website and copmile a report. -- 2 Change my website and redesign it - change my website template Change my website template & so i can sell my ebook from it - Change my wordpress template very proffesionally Change my Wordpress theme - Change Name and Compile Symbian Project change name and images of android and ios app - Change Name on Graphics change name on logo - Change Nearly Complete Flash Intro - All Source Files are Included Change need on an existing wordpress based website - Change NT Logon Information from VBScript Change NTSC video to PAL - CHANGE NUMBER OF ROWS AT WP GRID SYSTEM AND PICTURE DIMENSIONS TO VERTICAL