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Create sound effects for 66 animals - Create Space Book Formatter Create Space Expert Needed - Create specialized PDF From Wordpress Classified Listing - WORDPRESS PROGRAMMING Create Specialty Food Infographic - Create Splash Pages in Ruby on Rails Create Splash Pages, HTML Emailers - Create Spot UV Mask for Business Card create spread sheet - Create spreadsheet from PDF Files -- 2 Create Spreadsheet from PDF Statements - Create Spree payment gateway for Create Spreedsheets / Scorecards from Raw data - Create SQL Dump from CSV Create SQL Express database with Front End - Create sql-table from hmlt-code create sqlite databases of space images - Create SSIS package Create SSIS package for importing CSV (SQL Server 2005) - Create standalone application Create standalone application -- 2 - Create static Facebook fan page using FBML Create Static Footer - create stationary Create Stationary Design - Create sticker design Create Sticker Designs for Printing - Create stockphoto marketplace from scratch - open to bidding Create stockphoto marketplace from scratch full responsive - Create Storyboard for 10 minute Web Series Episode Create storyboard for a video - Create Structure Chart from a DFD(repost) Create Structure Chart from DFD - Create Stylish 3D Text Animation Moving and Zooming create stylish header for document and smaller size footer for email. - Create subdomain automatically Create subdomain for each registered user with default pages - create subscribe form Create subscribe form where users can subscribe to certain categories - Create suggested match software for product datasets Create suggested match software for product datasets -- 2 - Create surrounding area / landscaping around a 3D rendered house Create Survey - create SVG from scanned images Create SVG Icons - Create Swing Tag and Neck Label Create Swings Control - Create T-Shirt Designs for Women Create t-shirt graphic using Illustrator - Create Table columns from CSV file Create Table Dynamic SQL - Create table within word dynamically with vba with data from xml file Create table within word dynamically with vba with data from xml file - repost - Create Tables, Parse Data, and Load into PostgreSQL DB Create Tablet-Based Catalog from InDesign - Create targeted traffic & sales for our chat room software create tarot website starting from a wordpress theme we buyed - Create TCP/IP sample app for Printing Create tea brand for mass market - create tekla model for estimating purposes Create Telemerketing List from Digital Coupon Magazine - Create Template Engine With Code Codeigniter With A Theme Folder Create Template Files for PHPMyDirectory latest REV - Create template for Liferay create template for me - open to bidding - Create template HTML Create template html - Create template/design for a Wordpress blog Create Templated PDF's from web database - Create Ten Variations on a Chat-Style Banner create tenancy template, invoice template, leaflet design all on ms word and illustrator - Create Test Prep Materials Create Test questions - Create text animation Create text animations on After Effects - Futuristic video - Create TextLogo Create texts for a catalogue. - Create The "Up In The Air Life" - 1 minute Trip Announcement Video Create the ''engine'' for a website that uses PHP/MySQL/Smarty - Create the Best Stand at the Show create the best website ever - Create the Design in a HTML/PHP Webpage. Create the design of a 5 screens APP. - Create the HTACCESS file of an existing Prestashop Create the HTML / Design around a auction format - Create the LP about marking game Create the main page of a website - Create the orgchart using my orgchart software to connect to the HR Oracle database Create the outgoing passenger card - Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 5 Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 6 - Create the UI front end for a live streaming app Create the ultimate Facebook (like) campaign image / cartoon - Create Theme Design for baby & kids from the style we have Create theme for a website - Create theme using HTML5 & css for my php script create theme w/ logo psd file for new website - Create this button as an Adobe Illustrator vector file Create this design exactly. - create this video in flash or HTML5 Create this website - Create three editable Photoshop templates based on pictures Create three email templates. - Create three small illustrations Create three small-scale drawings of hands - Create thumbnail images from .flv files Linux, Apache, PHP Create Thumbnail images with custom border in C# - Create Ticketing Website Like or Create tickets on Autotask - Create tiny native app (android + ios) Create TinyERP VMware / RedHat app - Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - repost - Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost - open to bidding Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost - open to bidding - Create Topology Map Create TopSite List Script For Apache - Create Tracking Cookie -- 2 Create Tracking System with SmartdbApps - create trailer for our kids videos (a long term) Create trailer for RTS browser game - Create Transcript from a YouTube video Create Transcript from Youtube video with screenshots. - Create transparent backgrounds on photos create transparent colored images - Create Travel Website design in PHP Create Travel Wishes and Goals on Google Map - Create True Type / Open Type Font from Illustrator File Create True Type Font - Create tutorial iPhone game Create tutorial on effect in Photoshop - Create Tweets for Twitter Create twelve princesses pictures - Create Twitter Background. Create Twitter background/profile template - Create Twitter, Facebook and Youtube BOTs Create twitter, facebook, pinterest, and googleplus accounts/pages - Create two animated characters Create Two Animated Sales Videos - Create two cardboard print ready pictures create two cartoon 2d people for the site and a ''coming soon'' page. - Create two Excel checklists based on PDFs quickly Create two Excel Forms - Create two graphics from pdf source file. One for website & one for email newsletter banner Create Two Graphics. (Map / Widget) - Create two legally binding contracts Create two links in the footer area that will connect with content in the admin panel - Create two new wordpress sites to replace current site
Create two new wordpress sites to replace current site - repost - Create Two Physics Simulation Create two product descriptions (total length 360 words) - Create two signatures for emails usable in Gmail and iphone / ipads Create Two Similar Membership Sites - Create two special compounds for exterior coating systems create two spreadsheet based on canceled members - Create two videos (short and long one) Create two videos for our website - Create two Word forms with excel spreadsheets for data merge Create two Wordpress menus - Main menu and top menu - Create Typography Videos for our Google Ads Create TYS System from scratch - Create UI for iOS and Android App for football news, statistics, videos app ( Long term Relation With Winner) Create UI for menu in html, CSS and Javescript - Create UML diagram and write a code Create UML diagram for my website project - Create Unique and engaging website content Create unique articels - Create Unique MySpace page Create UNIQUE online store - Create unique wallpaper style print 3D desirable- ongoing work Create unique webscript - Create Unity3D Inventory System for my Survival FPS Create Unity3D native plug-in from Android speech recognition libraries - Create Updated Product Packaging Labels from old Graphics Create updated version of translation services company website - Create URL restrictions + Admin panel Create URL Shortener - Create USB bootable Linux for Web Kiosk Application -- 2 Create USB driver for PIC micro controller - Create user during mobile payment in Classipress Create user fill in forms for my webpages - create user management system in CI Create User Management Tool PHP/MySQL - Create user story for a health application feature Create user system - Create Users Manual for Modified osCommerce Site Create users on my clubs webpage using Excel - Create valentine header and logo design for megamindworks Create Valentine's Day Display Ad - Create various 1 minute tutorial videos for a knowledgebase Create Various Accounts For us - Create VB.NET 1.1 Web service that can be accessed from remote domain via JS and return JSON Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - create VB6 Frame OCX Create VB6 Function to Read .NET service XML results to ADO Recordset - Create vCard Website Template create vcc - Create vector based Animation video Create Vector Butterfly graphic with transparent background - Create Vector File used for foil printing Create Vector files - Create Vector from PSD. Deliver .AI and .SVG. Create Vector from Raster Logo - Create vector illustration of image provided Create vector illustration of xenon lamp wiring diagrams - Create vector image of a bird Create vector image of a lizard from photograph - Create Vector Logo Create Vector Logo - Create vector of my logo Create Vector of our existing Logo - Create vector-based t-shirt designs create vectorbased replica of existing logo - Create Verified Ad sense Account Create verified BET365 + NETELLER (SKRILL) acccounts - Create very basic website (Computer repair business) Create very easy autohotkey scripts - Create very simple HTML5 mobile app (for iOS and Android) Create very SIMPLE images within an hour!! - Create VI Package (Letterhead - PPT Template - Pull Up Banner) - CREATE VI PANEL in LabView - Create video Create video - Create Video & Voice Over Create Video & Voice Over - Create video and/or picture meme for realtors Create Video animation - Create video clips of demo.posnailstore's all features (Visit at Create Video Commercial - Create video files from audio and image files Create Video for 1 hour long DJ mixes - Create Video for online education portal create video for online flash games - Create Video Game Application for Website Create Video Game like Super Mario Bros gaming online games - Create Video Library Cells Create Video lightbox for S3bubble iframe - wordpress site - create video portfolio with wordpress Create Video PowerPoint - create video streaming create video submission software integrated into a website - Create video tutorial Create Video Tutorial ( How to Use different wordpress theme featuers? ) - Create video Tutorials using videoscribe create video tuturial - Create Videos Create videos - Create videos for online course Create videos for our business, and market them - Create Videos with 3D Models 3D MAX Create videos with Adobe After effects templates - Create viral group building website Create viral interest and intrigue - Create Virtual Hardware Create Virtual host with Password - Create Virtuemart CSV Improved Options Import File for 644 Items Create Virtuemart payment module for - Create Vista Power User Create Vista Style Glass Icon For Website - Create Visual Studio 2010 Express project for building windows binaries for asdcplib Create Visual Studio 2012 Project EXE - Create VLAN on Vmware EXSI via vsphere client Create VLC Addon - Create Voices for Game Create voip app that makes free local calls - Create VPN between PfSense 2.3 release and Cisco Create VPN client graphical software, based on OpenVPN, with extra functions. - Create VW Home Page Using Template Create VW Wordpress Theme, Mobile Site & Database - Create water trail effect Create water trail effect - repost - Create web 2.0 design for Proxy Web Sites xhtml / css (repost) Create Web 2.0 drag and Drop site - Create Web App for Track balance Create web app inc. U.I. with visual database from supplied XLS document - Create Web Application to call a phone using VOIP (1814363) Create web application to manage Shadow Protect backups and virtual boot machines - Create web based graphs dashboard Create Web Based Hangman Application - Create Web Content for a new website Create web copy - Create Web Directory like PizzaDotde Create web ecommerce and mobile app for company - Create web graphic - merging two screen captures Create web graphics application similar to Face in Hole, but simpler! - Create web methods for PHP/Mysql database Create web online roleplaying game from scratch - Create Web Page from PSD file create web page from PSD file - Create Web Pages In CMS Create Web pages in CMS - Create Web Scraping Tool Create web scraping tool for one website - Create Web Scrappers