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Create Google friendly breadcrumb using Liquid tags - Create GOOGLE Merchant Center Feed Create Google Merchant Centre and Add all Products In My Site - create google play account create google play account - create google play account - Repost create google play account - Repost - Create Google Play Developer Account Create Google Play Developer Account - Create Google Play Developer Account - repost Create Google Play Developer Account - repost - Create Google PPC campaign from scratch (includes fixing existing data feed)/ Manage PPC campaign Create Google Product Feed for 6 European Regions - Create Google Sitemaps Create google sites - Create GPS Mapping Website Create GPS Reminder App for iPhone and Android - Create graphic bookcover Create Graphic Brand Manual / Corporate Identity - create graphic for wedding invite -- 2 Create graphic for wine label - Create Graphical Layout for White Paper Create Graphical Profile Pages on eCommerce Platform - create graphics for a powerpoint slide? Create graphics for a real estate mobile app - Create graphics from the provided picture create graphics in illustrator --- - Create Greasemonkey Script Create great content from catchy title. 2400 words - Create GruntJS plugin for Transifex API Create gsm / voip tool - Create GUI using an API. Javascript and HTML5 expert. NEEDED Create GUI using Python and SQLite3 - create hand made figurines Create hand-drawn illustration and 3D image for new duffle bag design - Create HDR picture from real life pictures Create HDRi enviorment for keyshot - Create header for wordpress site Create Header Graphic - Create Height Map for Hero Engine Create Heightmap Games - Create Hexo theme Create Hi Fidelity ioS App Mockup PSD Screens - Create HIGH Quality 3D Rendering exterior. Potential ongoing project. (10-20 a month) -- 2 Create high quality A5 printable PDF files (300 dpi min) files from A4 Word documents. - Create high quality PDFs using drafts and images supplied Create High Quality Photorealistic Architectural Interior Renderings - Create high res version of this thumbnail Create high res/vector version of logo from low res example. -- 2 - Create highcharts gauge chart with CSV data source Create higher quality version of existing logo - Create HMTL from Photoshop visual Create HMTL signature for email - create home page for website Create Home Page for WordPress from a PhotoShop File - Create homepage like Create homepage mockup - Create Hosted MySQL for Unicenta database Create hosting & email for domain on VPS for new website. - Create housing for raspberry + card reader + led screen Create Houzz Feed - Create htaccess file for permanent redirect Create htaccess file for website - Create HTML / CSS (from PSD) Create HTML / CSS Callout - Create HTML and CSS from PNG Create HTML and CSS from PNG Design - Create HTML Craigslist Ad Create HTML Craigslist Ad - #3 - Create HTML Email Designs Create HTML email footer for Outlook - Create HTML Email Template Create HTML Email Template - Create HTML for a dynamic page Create HTML for a navigation - create html form in wordpress - Repost create html form in wordpress - Repost - open to bidding - Create HTML from PDF Example Create HTML from PSD - Create HTML landing page w. flash slideshow Create HTML Landing Page with existing CSS and images - create html no css 2 Create HTML of this file for a few sites. - Create HTML Page that works like a winform Create HTML page to query MySQL database - Create HTML Pages of Three Websites Create HTML Pages out of Report - Create HTML squeezepage from my JPG file - Quick & Easy job Create html structure to display website packages for sale - Create HTML Template from CorelDraw Create HTML Template from CorelDraw II - Create html view from webpage url -- 2 create html web site (dm) - Create HTML/CSS (high quality) Create HTML/CSS and graphics from PSD file - Create HTML/CSS template from mockup Create HTML/CSS template from Photoshop Design - Create html5 / css3 pages from precise pdf brief Create html5 / css3 pages from precise pdf brief - repost - Create html5 files for a webforms application based on xaml-files of a wpf application create html5 from provided screens - Create HTML5 Template from Corel Draw Graphic Create HTML5 template from psds - Create HUGE keywords list Create Huge traffic on Adult site - Create HYIP Script CREATE HYIP SITE - Create icon Create icon - Create ICONs Create Icons - Create icons for travel activities Create icons for use in Powerpoint - Create IDX Real Estate search site and backend system Create IDX Search functionality for Real Estate Website - Create illustration for a video game I will create Create illustration for new book - Create illustrations for blog articles Create Illustrations for blogs and website - Create illustrator font file Create Illustrator Image - create image (vector) Create image - Sparklin - Create image for new website Create Image for Poster/Cover - Create Image Magick Script (or similar) Create image map - Create image to our review site portal. Create Image to print T-shirt - Create images and add to Joomla Site Create images and animations - Create Images for Insight of the Day Job 003 Create Images for Instagram Posts - Create images of phishing emails and accompanying images detailing why the emails are malicious. -- 2 CREATE IMAGES OF SIMPLE BUILDINGS STRUCTURES IN 3D - Create Import Templates for My eCommerce Website Create Import Tool for Wordpress - Create incoming RSS Page create independant homepage from html template - Create Indian food recipes as blog content Create Indian food recipes as blog content - Create info graphic: roadmap Create Info Graphics - Create infographic to display health issues associated with cell phone radiation Create infographic Video - Create Infrastrastructure Garphs - Web deployment Create Infusionsoft HTML Order Form With Upsell - Create inspirational articles for magazine - all copyrights must be provided to the project creator.
Create Inspirational Images From Photos (Add text to images) - Create Instagram Pictures For Company Create Instagram Posts (Photoshop) - Create Install Package with InstallShield Create Install Procedure for Transcode on Debian - Create Installer in delphi Create installer InstallShield 12 - create instructional videos - medical course Create instructional videos on Pet care - Create integrated Softphone for vicidial Create integrated web forms/database/job production schedule - Create Interactive FaceBook Fan Page for eCommerce Site Create interactive Facebook game - Create INTERACTIVE MAP of FRANCE Create Interactive Map of Sweden with all counties and linked to search function. - Create Interactive SVG Map from existing Flash map Create Interactive Touch Screen Application/Software - Create interfaces to consult DB with cakePHP Create interior design for rooms using real photos. So this would entail having software that can remove say a piece of furniture and replace with a differnt piece. - Create internet shop as a game for learning flashcards create internet tv series intro and outro footage - Create Intro from existing flash Create intro graphics (illustrations) for rotating header - Create introductory revolutionary flash movie for a website repost Create introductory revolutionary flash movie for a website - - Create invoice pad press ready Create Invoice PDF with PHP - Create Ionic template Create ionic2 theme - Create iOS and Google Play app listing CREATE IOS APP - Create ios app similar to instagram Create iOS app that reads data from website, know php, modify existing app - Create iOS game similar to one in Android Create IOS Game with Buildbox - Create iOS/Android APP from Magento webshop. (responsive, bootstrap) Create iOS/Android app using C# and Xamarin MonoTouch and Mono for Android - Create iPAD Flash template - with swipe and interaction examples Create iPad Pool/Billiards Game - Create iPhone and Android APP Create iPhone and Android App - Create IPhone app Create Iphone App - Create iPhone app and site first, then cross platforms Create iPhone App Background - Create iPhone App that allows posting text and image updates via API Create iPhone app that displays real-time weather and winds - Create iPhone application with integrated Video Ads and In-App-Purchases Create iPhone Autosend System - Create iPhone Rosary App (Slick Interface) Create iPhone Screens from Rough App drawings - Create iphone/ipad app Create iphone/ipad application - Create IT Company web site Create IT Computer Maintenance Notifier - Create J2ME application of FireArms Create J2Store plugin for iPay88 Payment Gateway - create java code to transform ANTLR tree to XML Create java Compiler - Create java QCM of 50 questions Create Java RSA encryption class - create javascript API that will allow web users to query my database Create Javascript app to highlight regions on image and display photos. - Create javascript for my website Create javascript for phonegap app server code - Create Javascript That Converts Keywords Into Amazon Links Create Javascript to be used in PDF Documents - Create Job Board Page Create Job Board/Portal (Wordpress) - Create Joomla 1.5 Menu & Sub Menus for Existing Site Create Joomla 1.5 Template - Create joomla 3.0 template create joomla 3.3 template - Create Joomla component from PHP application Create Joomla Component to Integrate Big Blue Button - Create joomla marriage component Create Joomla menu's and filling - Create Joomla Portal with inscription on-line create joomla responsive template - Create Joomla Template Create Joomla Template - Create joomla template based off of website and then copy data into it. create joomla template based on .ai file - Create Joomla template from PSD template Create Joomla Template from TemplateMonster Template and Install Components - Create Joomla website from template Create Joomla Website Now - Create Jpg and Vector from PDF Create JPG Files from Excel Worksheets - Create jquery slider based on live example create jquery table mysql data, this is to replace the existing flash implementation - Create JVZOO landing page with content Create Jwplayer plugins - Create Keywords/Meta Tags for excellent rankings upon submitting to search engines. WARNING:This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE READING create kick starter video - Create KML files for areas in London Create KML/KMZ file from MapInfo/ESRI Shapefile format - Create Label for product Create Label for product with our logo (supplied) - Create Landing Page Create Landing Page - create landing page Create Landing Page for facebook ad - Create Landing Page for Google Adwords Campaing Create landing page for - Create Landing page using twitter bootstrap Create Landing page using twitter bootstrap (repost) - Create Landing pages for Trading Niche - Arabic Lang Create Landing Pages for Us! Affiliate Marketing Also Long term - Create Language tags in code (Search and replace) Create Language tags in code (Search and replace) 2 - Create Layer and create Arrow. Hide arrow as soon as Layer will become visible create layer in photoshop - Create layout for website Create layout for website - open to bidding - Create leaderboard for my game from third party services Create leaderboard in my app - Create Leaving Screen using JQuery(repost) Create Ledger of 50 Transactions (2 Accounts) - Create letterhead in Microsoft Word -- 2 Create Letterhead, Business Card and Postcard Leaflet - create light box or similar on site Create light HTML document from Word Docs - Create line drawing Create line drawing from a picture for a logo - Create link module for my site create link on FB - Create Linkedin Company pages for me -- 2 create linkedin connection - Create links to my website Create links to our online game site - Create list from web Create list from web - Create list of companies Create list of companies following our parameters - Create List of Negative Words and Phrases(repost) Create list of Pharmacy email addresses in Australia - Create listings Create Listings for Amazon / VA Role - Create live exchange on-line currency website Create live flash player with multi-audio switch - create loader, bypass securities for one program Create loan calculator for php website - Create location-based Android app from existing iPhone app Create location-based Android app from existing iPhone app - Create logger for Dart infrastructure