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C - C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED C # .NET PROJECT - C # Shopping Cart Program C # simple program - C ++ assignments C ++ Builder GUI Project - C ++ Programming Project C ++ Programming Project - 30 - C - Watermarking and Tampering Detection Assignment c -------------------------- - C \ C# \ C++ File Re-order \ Sorter c activex - C API to send windows message to C# delegate C App Translation to Delphi (with new API and progress callback implementation) - C ASSIGNMENT (ADDRESS BOOK) C assignment - Linked Lists - C bubble sort c buider - C code and C test bench of an existing matlab code for face detection - open to bidding C code built in linux environment - C code for web enabled alarm clock: PIC24, wifi module C code for ZL4PIC development kit - c code tree implementation.. c code tree implementation.. (repost) - C compiler written in .net for soft core C concepts and data type - C dkim milter for postfix C DLL - Visual Basic Callback Function - C F Portfolio Wordpress Conversion C File Manipulation Project. - C header Conversion to C# C header file Generator in C# or VB.Net Required - C interface with Visual Studio 2005(repost)(repost) C inventory program - C L poster wanted C L poster wanted experienced - C Language !! C language - internal application - network related - C language programmer C Language programming of Excel Spreadsheets for a Standalone Apllication - C library for NXP RTCC C Library Modification - c mon band C MPI + paralellel programming expert - C or C++ program c or C++ program - C plugin development C plus plus - C prog. homework HELP C Prog. Project - C program c program - C program -- 2 C program -- 3 - C Program Expert immediately C program file system homework - C program help c program help - C Program on UNIX c program on wheel of fortune due today - C Program Sudoku Game C program that can list directories. - C Program using Gimp function C program using libpcap to detect syn flood from a pcap file using chunk of data - c programer c programer - C programing project c programing1 - c programmer C Programmer - C programmer needed C programmer needed - C programmer with PIC microcontroller (8 & 16 bit), with experience of following embedded peripherals - GSM (GPRS), GPS (sirf binary), accelerometer and I2C C programmer with Talent Skills in Data Processing and Architecture - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - c programming . c programming . - C programming (string processing and pointers) C Programming (Zombie Infection Outbreak) - C Programming - open to bidding C programming - open to bidding - C Programming —Pipelining/Superscalar Architecture C programming _ Algorithm and data structure - C Programming Assignement #8 - repost C programming assignemnt - C Programming assignment : Digital signal processor audio filter C Programming Assignment for Engineers (2138-1) - C Programming Code Needed - ongoing work C programming code not working - C programming for closed project C programming for emedded systems to design a network - c programming help c programming help needed - C Programming Job - open to bidding C programming jobs - C programming number 8 C programming of embeded system - C Programming project C Programming project - C programming Project - Graph with packaging C programming project -1 - C Programming Project12 C programming Project13 - C programming question C programming question - open to bidding - c programming task C PROGRAMMING TASK ! - c programming tutor and a physics tutor - repost C programming tutor needed - C programming with CPLEX Callable Library C programming with linux - C PROGRAMMING,java programming C programming- - c programmmm C programmng - C Project (find bugs) c project (scheduling specific) - C Project Number 3 C project of Networking - c Queuing script with spawns C R A I G S L I S T accounts needed - C Sharp 'Hangman' game C Sharp (C#) assistance - Web based project - C Sharp Developer C sharp developer needed from Pakistan - C Sharp Programming help c sharp programming in unity s/w - C simple project C simple project need to be done quick - C source code conversion to Delphi (aes encryption / decryption). C source for a JPG viewer - c to c++ program conversion - ongoing work C to C++ Short Program - C With Unix experts. C with Wing - c# c# - c# development
C# graphical layout (webbrowser) - C# & C++ Dlls skills. C# & Directshow application - C# (Xamarin.forms) project for ios/Android/OS X/Windows to handle UI/authentication functions c# + Ajax Customized Shopping Cart - c# , erp application in arabic language with source code C# ,SQL Server - C# - ClickOnce, Parsing, Clean Code - repost C# - Client-Server Prototype application - C# - If app not installed, redirect to web page. - 22/09/2016 12:18 EDT C# - Implement ClientSyncProvider class for Sync Framework for SQL Express - C# - SL\WPF Status Bar similar to Office 2010 C# - Sql query using mdb - C# -- XAML for iPhone to Desktop project C# --> Windows Folder, Find..Replace Function - C# .NET 3.5 Web Paging ListBox C# .net and SQL programming - C# .NET Data Modeling Application for Proof Of Concept c# .net design scaling solution - Revised - C# .Net Exercise Suite for Javascript Quiz Templating - 4 fixes C# .NET expert - C# .NET MVC 4 Entity Expert C# .NET MVC 4 implement Facebook permissions with Javascript SDK - C# .NET Socket Programmer C# .net software developer - C# .net windows app using MS SQL and .net 2008 C# .net windows app using MS SQL and .net 2008 2 - C# / .NET Developer Wanted C# / .Net Developers for Event Management Platform - c# / HTML5 web developer needed - repost C# / Java Chat Server Emulation - C# 1 hour project C# 100% CPU - 700/800 players onlines - FIX Please - C# 2.0 Slider Bar Control C# 2.0 Web Service sample code - C# : Check if a domain user is a member of group direct or indirect (nested groups) C# : Check if a domain user is a member of group direct or indirect (nested groups)(repost) - C# Accounting Software Source Code C# Accounting Software Source Code - C# algorithm coder needed. C# Algorithm for combining a collection of Tasks - C# and ASP.NET Small / Quick Code Snippet - #1 C# and aspx issue needs fixing - C# and Java Programmers for Automated Tool Development -- 3 C# and Java Programmers for Automated Tool Development -- 4 - c# and VS 2015 MVC developer C# and Wordpress fixes - C# API to process XML Files C# API to Wordpress Custom post - C# app need REST info logging function C# app need REST info logging function -- 2 - C# Application C# Application - C# Application As Per Discussed #4 C# Application assist require - c# application modification C# Application Modifications - c# Application to extract excerpts from data sets in mysql c# Application to extract excerpts from data sets in mysql - open to bidding - C# applications C# applicaton connected to a ms sql server - C# ASP.Net 2.0 Web Application C# ASP.NET 3.0 Developer needed for ongoing project maintenance - C# html C# input mask - C# ASP.NET MVC developer (fulltime) #2 C# ASP.NET MVC developer (fulltime) #2 - C# ASP.NET Senior Freelancer C# ASP.NET Senior Freelancer - C# sql server developer - ongoing work C# ASP.net2+ Website - C# assignment C# Assignment (1952, 1953) - c# attribute/class for property refactoring C# audio reverb wrapper for c++ - C# based screen scrape function C# based website performance improvement - C# BitTorrent Client C# BitTorrent Client(repost) - c# c++ Reverse engineering von .dll datein C# C++ Server Software Development - C# Charting Software Bug Fix C# chat application - C# Class Library for Eccentricity calculation C# class library for excel application to communicate with a database - C# Class to Generate Random Strings from RegEx C# Class to get stats from Facebook - C# Classes get set C# Cleaning method/program for Outlook and Thunderbird - C# code error debugging -- 2 C# Code Example Project of two forms and a richtextbox - Need to be done fast! - C# Code Optimization C# code optimization for dataset analysis - C# Code to format numbers and dates from excel C# code to generate Excel spreadsheet and chart - C# code Tradestations or / and MultiCharts C# code translation from German to English. - C# codes poly C# Coding - C# com port application C# COM port data exchange - C# compress and decompress data Expert! C# compress and decompress data Expert! - repost - C# console application to read SQL trace file C# Console Application to sort CSV file by two fields. - C# conversion to Mac C# conversion/port of WinMOO engine - C# CryptoStream / DESCryptoServiceProvider tdes C# Crystal Feature Ad - C# Daily Image Toy C# Data Access Code - C# database connection C# Database Development - c# Demo database project - Product and subparts C# Dependency Walker - C# Desktop Developer (senior) to join our team C# Desktop Form Designing Only - C# Developer C# Developer - c# developer for app C# Developer for compiling and testing - C# developer needed for short term project C# developer needed for short term project -- 2 - C# Developer required - immediate start C# Developer Required - Only Freelancers - C# Developers - Zona Retiro / CABA / URGENTE - 119333 C# developers needed for simple projects - C# Development - Restaurant Management C# development 2 websites and 1 WPF application - C# DirectShow capture image C# DirectShow capture image - Repost - C# Dot Matrix Printing C# Dot Net Architect - C# Ebay API integration c# ebay login - C# Encryption Utility C# Encryption Utility(repost) - C# Expert Coder Wanted c# expert dataset question - C# Expert needed!! C# expert programmer needed - C# face recognition C# Face Sheet - C# File Processing C# file sharing program - C# FIX program C# FIX program(repost) - c# for algo program for ninjatrader and multicharts strategy