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A PHP file that will call an excel file from a Database - a php module for wordpress neeeded to upload mucsic and video files A Php mySql and bootstrap related work - A PHP programmer for Wordpress/Woocommerce a PHP programmer is needed - A PHP script for race results, stats, and other A php script for site scraping - A PHP script to scrape streaming data from a website A php script to sell trade forex like - A PHP Version Game (Nouhgt & Crosses) A php web developer - A PHP-CSS-MYSQL Application Integrated with Joomla A php-mysql expert to find a sql injection script (placing phising sites) - A physical 3d model mold A Physical B&W picture (35mm) converted to a quality JPG or equivelent - a picture a picture added to a flyer - A picture Made for my website. ( banner) a picture module / component in the backend - a picture of me with 50 to 70 LBS less A picture of multiple sports athletes - A picture to cartoony drawing - Repost A picture to cartoony drawing - Repost - open to bidding - A piece of text in Japanese for proofreading: A casual game for Android A Piece of VBS Code Needed - For iMacros Scripting - repost - a pitch editing A Pitch presentation - A place where i can get my shirts and sweatsuits designed with their logos on them and made - repost 2 A place where people can exchange stuff with each other - a plastic piece for an underwater camera case a Plat drafted by Cad technician - a platform similar to Twago or Freelancer a platform that can link service provider and people in need of the service together - A player system built A Players needed! Make a difference in people's lives. Build backend of web application prototype using php - A plugin for a game. A plugin for Atlassian JIRA - A plugin that creates Auto posts for uploaded media (pictures), A Plugin to Copy Outlook Emails to SharePoint Online Library - A poem writer A Poet - A Poker Site offering free gifts A Poker Software - A pong game + quiz A POOL OF FRESH WRITERS/COPYWRITERS/SCRIPTWRITERS/GRAPHIC DESIGNERS IN ENGLISH OR HINDI OR BOTH - A porject for lashkakIrakli124--TOTAL PAY-$3.2( 6 short articles) A porject for princess laureto - A portal website that sells the company's own products but others can sell their products on this site as well(repost) A portal with ACK to linked resources (files, folders) - A portrait - repost 2 a portrait painting of a wedding picture - A post card advertising a huge inventory liquidation (clearance sale) a post card for a mailer - A poster a poster about jesus - A poster for my website a poster for research project presentation - A power point presentation comparing two company reverse logistic solution A power point presentation done with infographics - A Powerpoint expert to work with on an ongoing basis. a powerpoint of Condoms - A Powerpoint presentation at least 9 slides on Supplychain and Logistics topic A powerpoint presentation designer - A powershell + GUI - open to bidding A ppd script - A PRACTICAL STRATEGY OF RESOLVING CONFLICT FOR EQUIPPING CHURCH LEADERS A PRACTICAL STRATEGY OF RESOLVING CONFLICT FOR EQUIPPING CHURCH LEADERS - A premature baby photo photoshopped A premium automated classified in - A presentation for my company A presentation for my company - A press realese for a new product being sold on Amazon A press Release - A prestashop module A prestashop module - A prezi presentation for Costing Methodology for Electric Distribution System Planning [attachment] A prezi presentation made for a Trump project - A print ad for a logistics company a print add, full page - A private App Store built using phonegap. A private financial company's website in jsp/servlet - A private project A private project - A Private Project for Link2gether A private project for LucidThoughts - a private project for VileGnosis A private Project for writer1234 - a pro functional 5 page - web PORTAL site coded in Drupal 7 A pro js developer for a big project. - a problem to be solved regarding i2c with raspberry pi 2 A problem with my site Slide Show Pro+PHP - A producer to make my music a hit A Product Announcement - A product designer A product Designer and Prototype Maker - a product template A product that allows precision marking of points - A professional acro dancer thats a girl in toronto -- 2 A professional acro dancer thats a girl in toronto, ontario -- 3 - A professional Contain Writer ( Oil and Gas Service Provider) A professional content writer required for writing contents for my website - a professional ESL teacher to analyse grammar mistakes-long-term job -- 2 A professional eSports logo . - A professional Journolist from a land where bomb blasts are routine A professional jQuery coder to re-build a simple function - A professional logo for my company III - repost A Professional logo for my company IV - a professional newsletter A professional page layout person - a professional propsal/bid writer A professional research writer - A professional translation from English to Polish A Professional Video Presentation - a professional website and hosting A professional website design - A Professional Wordpress site. A Professional Wordpress site. - repost - a Professor needed to guide me through my research A Professor's Website - A Proficient Writer is Needed A profile - A program A program - a program for an online browser game a program for clash of clans - A program in matlab (GUI) A program in matlab (GUI) - open to bidding - A program that archives a file you select and sends it to an ip address - repost A program that automatically add-to-cart Nike products - A program that can reset/remove the windows 8 or 10 password for a computer with no recovery disk -- 2 A Program that Check Email And Copy Certain Part of Email Based On The Email Title - A Program that Installs a selected list of programs from file (auto-completes Installation for you) A program that keeps track of websites and gives updates when new material arrives - A program that will construct a residual MEWMA control chart using SVR A program that will convert integers to words - a program that will test the teperature equalities under set conditions A program that will use Raspberry pi3 to drive a laser. - A program to convert WMF / EMF to SW A program to convert WMF / EMF to SWF - a program to get results count for a query with web search api a program to illustrate the client- server communication - A program to play the game Gobble - open to bidding A program to plot serial data and print a report - A Program to Verify Domains on a Windows Nameserver Weekly A program to view files with highlighted text - A program/software - repost A program/software - repost 2 - A programmer
A programmer - A programmer experienced in Random Number Generating (RNG) software specifically linked to those used on online casinos. A programmer experienced in Random Number Generating (RNG) software specifically linked to those used on online casinos. - A programmer that can rival Mark Zuckerberg - open to bidding a programmer to build an online store - A programmer who is experienced in Processing language A programmer who is familiar with ViciDial - A Programs For Chat Network / Social Network! A Progress Tracker Site (Runs of Network LAN, Hard disk) - A project already made in medical engineering A project already made in medical engineering - repost - a project for Maggwa---$3.20( More 6 pieces ) A project for nickslyf26 only - A Project for Amaroula Only A project for ambidextrousbd - web2.0 template - A project for BenjeeBenjee only A project for bijubina - A project for dartex A project for dartex (zentcart modification) - A Project for Dragon ONLY! A project for dreamsweb only - A project for forconiepilac! A project for Foreigntree to resize pages for 'Moonshine Speaks' - A project for HQwork only a project for icosytech - A project for Jay Baker A project for Jeegraphix! - A PROJECT FOR LALITA ONLY A project for latila only - A project for Marshall only! A project for MaryJaneSS - A project for mutsa only A project for my friend - A project for php4world A project for Picklu - A project for Rc verma a project for Reading a MS-DOS floppy - A project for shellywagar A project for shellywagar - 1 - A project for someone i know a project for someone specialsomething somethingsomething somethingsomething somethingsomething somethingsomething something - A project for the establishment of a global web site A project for the expert - A project for Vitalisierend only A project for VKgarg ONLY..... - a project for yoou A project for YOSIF - A project for Zdenga only!!!!! A project for zdrenga - a project in SolidWorks Program A project in the middle - a Project Manager a Project Manager - open to bidding - a project on combination of c++ language and electronic A project on Corporate Social Responsibility - A project on Numerical Analysis A project on opengl in c++ - A project proposal for an organisation helping children with basic needs a project proposal presented in power point - A Project team A project than can detect Human behavior before crime - A project to combine individual working files to a single spreadsheet with macros to control A project to connect someone who need a service at his house and someone who wants to help - A project which is small - 02/12/2016 22:27 EST a project with C++ - a promo real created for my short animation film - open to bidding A Promo Video - A promotion video for a start up A promotional animated video - a proof reader and a collaborator A proof reader to edit a short story - A proposal A proposal - A proposal to a departmental store to start a clothing line for them A proposal to a departmental store to start a clothing line for them - A Prospect list built A Prospect list built - repost - A prototype Java GUI using SWT a prototype of a product for the automobile after-market - a provider needed A provider to write an Iphone and Android Mobile App. I have a retail website - A PSD for barbecue website to wordpress theme A PSD for blog design. For posting Event content - A Ptc Website + Design A pub in the old town - A pure c test bench and c code for face detection using neural networks A pure C++ library for controlling a large graph - A Python developer is needed. -- 3 A Python developer is needed. -- 4 - A python QT graphics view for an itemmodel A python script - A qualified book keeper that has a full understanding of Pastel A Qualified Civil Engineer.. - A quality box to package a dress A quality coder / developer for ongoing projects - A Quality Writer needed at $1.25/ 500 Words A Quality Writer needed at $1/ 500 Words - A question about cache A question about mangement - A question to be anwsered a question to be solved - A quick addition A quick addition to part of the work already done - A quick BA Project A quick banner design! - A quick database/GIS project A quick design Needed! - a quick flash menu A Quick Form Made - A quick landing page with Bootstrap *this weekend* (for a promising Startup) A quick learner is required - a quick MVP needed A quick overview of Drupal Moodle and Install on machine - a quick shopify website SEO A quick shopping cart - A quick twitter-oriented web site A quick update - a quickie - make layout 800x600 proof with css A Quicky for Pinky - A Quiz Theme Logo Design A Quiz website, only the experienced coders please!!! - A quote on a website A quote on an essay - a rails work a rails work - open to bidding - A range of new logo ideas based on our current logo. A range of smallish modifications to my site. - A rateing site A rates page - A react.js frontend panel A reaction paper - a real business expert! A real designer for a real estate newsletter - A Real Estate Website - open to bidding a real estate website and mobile application for android and iOS - A Real Time Project a real time question and answer site - A realestate website Theme customization A realiable researcher regarding prescribed drug "champix". - A really Good Graphic Designer WANTED A Really Good Outbound Telemarketer To Help our Small Company Grow Larger - A really tiny version of A really Unique Beat Selling Website - A recipe/ingredient database website A Recipie Card mockup template - a recruiter a recruiter - A Redirect Script That Hides Referrers