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Add rel=next to paginated content on a dynamic site (mysql-driven) - Add reoccuring events for the fullCalendar plugin Add reocurring events to calendar to ASP app - add reports to my small access application add repost coz of stupid INR and $ problm - Add Reskin, Test, Upload iOS Game App -- 2 add Resort - Add Responsive Feature to Website written in Typo3 CMS Add responsive features into a moodle 2.4 site. - Add Responsiveness & Various CSS Tasks for Existing HTML Template Add responsiveness to a website - Add restaurant menu templates Add restaurant menu templates - repost - Add results for QU14 to sports database Add results for QU14 to sports database -- 2 - Add reverse logic to EA Add review and comment - Add RevMob, Chartboost, and In-App Purchases to iPhone Stickers App Add Revolution Slider into my website - add train on in its train section Add Rig & Animatons for 3D Sandworm for use in Unity 3D - Add Roles Permisison to Laravel 3 -- 2 Add roll OVER in OSC - add rotating image to wordpress site Add rotating images to website homepage - Add RSS Aggregator feature Add RSS capability to Cold Fusion based publishing system - Add RSS Feed to my Website Add RSS feed to php/mysql web site - Add RSS feeds to WP site Add RSS Feeds with Images to Wordpress Site - Add RTL to WP theme Add rtmp stream in ios app - Add Safari Push Notifications for Site / App Add Safari, Opera, Mozilla funtionality to webform - Add samples functionality to a website Add Santa Hat and detail to product image for Matcha-Me! Urgent - Add scale PDF print scaling option to the cef project Add scaling to current system - Add Scoreboard To iPhone App Add Scoreboard to the Java Android Game - add script 11 add script 12 - add script feature to screen capture program add script features to my current script to post search queries to my facebook fan page. - Add Script To My Site Add script to my site about CHROME APP - Add Scripts to Site Add Scripts to start in Linux on Boot. - Add ScrollMagic and Parallax animations to existing landing page + fix responsivness Add Scrollup function to pagination on Visual composer Post Grid addon - Add search and categories to wordpress site Add search and edit function to simple VB application - Add search bix and filter in my website Add search botton to Attribute Wizard Pro - Prestashop - Add search contacts to our launcher Add search criteria on a site. - add search field and newsletter signup Add search field to result list in Concrete 5. - Add Search Functions to to Display Property Adverts on Lists and Maps Add Search Functions to to Display Property Adverts on Lists and Maps(repost) - Add Search with Range in e-comm website using Magento. Add search, share and expand clipboard in context menu - add second language function on website Add Second Language Option on given Homepage - Add Section design to Wordpress site Add section tags to my OpenX ads manager... - Add Secured Offline Video Streaming in my app Add secured RTMP/HLS links to OpenPLi/Dreambox - add security to a form Add Security to a Web Form - Add seek bar to native video player on Honeycomb or later Add select button to WP Plugin - Add semi-transparent watermark to video Add send "friend request" button in existing Rails app - Add SEO Tab to CMS Add SEO Tags for 1000 Wordpress postings - add service and red hat centos 6 simple apliction to start up mi server linux - ongoing work Add service charge field *Floreant POS* - Add shading to lighting pics add shadow box feature to gallery - Add Share buttons to our Blog add SHARE capabilities or BOOKMARKS for a joomla site - add shiftcode affilates Add Shipment calculator to my site - Add Shipping Fields to Magento Checkout Form Add shipping for Magento 1.4.4 - Add shoesize in checkout and orderconfirmation mail. (Modified oscommerce) Add Shooping cart & admin area - Add Shopping Cart Add shopping cart - Add Shopping Cart and Information Pages Add Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. - Add shopping cart software to website Add shopping cart summary to header of joomla website - Add Shopping cart to my website - open to bidding Add shopping cart to my website. - add shortcode Add shortcode country option flag in private market socks5 - Add sidebar to wordpress posts Add sidebar to wordpress site - Add Sign up pop up option, and put the catalog download option, Add sign up with facebook feature to my website - Add Signaturepad to a rails app Add signatures and names to my web mail emails - Add sim card to the security camera add similer products tooltip on any image bigger then 300px on a diffrent website - add simple contribution to oscommerce Add Simple CPA Script To My Tube Sites - Add simple features to Avatar chat Add simple features to existing Ipad application - Add simple image gallery + audio player to flash pages Add simple In App Purchase feature to existing iPhone app - Add simple payment system to existing website ( Ruby on Rails ) Add Simple Paypal API to CakePHP app that uses Masspay - Add Simple SlideShow Quick Add Simple SOAP request to CURL PHP Script - Add Simplified Chinese Language to Magento Front & Back Office Add simply supplement to the source code & and correct source code - Add site map to aspx site, in HTML & XML formats. Add Site Pages - add site update tools to live site Add site wide link - Link Bulding - Add sites to Senuke XCR Add sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder - Add sizes to oscommerce site Add Sizes to Products on Oscommerce Shop - Add SKU search feature to wp ecommerce Add SKU to drupal ubercart "cart" page - Add Slider and Browser Compatability HTML Add slider and install headroom.js - add slider to html file Add Slider to product page on OpenCart - Add slideshow side registration on site SocialEngine Add slideshow side registration on site SocialEngine - repost - Add smaato ads to my Android app Add Small Ad Banners Gallery to Wordpress Theme's Home page - Add small feature to Existing magento extension -- 2 Add small feature to iOS app - Add Small Functionality to Java Script Form add small functions to as3 flash flip book - Add Smarty Pages & fields to Mysql Db Add Smarty to my exisiting php website - Add SMS module to
Add SMS Module to Website - Add SMTP details to code of CakePHP website Add SMTP email settings to wordpress theme - Add social buttons on Joomla website add social buttons to PHP site - Add Social Images/Links to sidebar wordpress Add social invite buttons for Facebook, Twitter etc to existing website (NOT WORDPRESS) - ADD SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL BLOCK Add social media button (FB share) to our videos - Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App -- 2 - Add Social Media Icons to Website Add social media icons to Wordpress website - Add social media support in my application Add social media to 'J2T Reward Social' module - Add social networking capability to existing website Add Social Networking Features and Wiki features on Existing wordpress theme - Add Social Sharing Icons to Wordpress Theme In-built Gallery -- 2 Add Social Signals, Gain Followers, Manage Social Media - Add some features on a Code Igniter web site. Add some functintionaly to 95% complete VB app - add some angular with local hosting add some angular with local hosting -- 2 - add some buttons and animation to existing simple HTML5/javascript web page Add some buttons to my Wordpress site - Add some code to a component Add some code to a flash page - add some coding in PHP (VERY SIMPLE) Add some coding to a chat site - add some content to HTML website add some content to my blog - Add some Custom HTML Code to a Joomla Site Add some custom jobs in my shopify website - Add some design elements to existing website (shoes website) Add some design to a website wireframe - Add Some Extra Code To Responsive Wordpress Design Add some extra features to a wordpress plugin - Add some Feature in Wordpress Website add some feature like color cart - Add some features and fix website - open to bidding Add some features and fix website Classified website2 - Add some features on a exsisting app Add some features on a2biling - Add some features to a mobile app Add some features to a ms access database - Add some features to an already existing website Add some features to an eCommerce in PHP - Add some features to Codeigniter web app Add some features to Codeigniter web app -- 2 - Add some features to my current website Add some features to my current website - repost - add some features to my website Add some features to my WordPress site & template - Add some features to premade music html 5 player Add some features to SimplyLinks Joomla Component - Add Some FFA Sites to My Submission Script (CGI /w/ Database)(repost) add some field forms to magento website - Add some function add some function & change design to my php script - Add some functionalities in existing site Add Some functionalities in Website - Add some functionality to a website Add some functionality to a website design - Add some Functionality To my projects Add some Functionality To my projects(repost) - Add some functions to existing server-side add some functions to my BBcode Editor - add some funtion to script in php add some funtions to module - add some info to a html page Add some information to current website which use HTML - add some joomla articles (2 pages) add some joomla articles with a gallery - add some listing to my website -- 2 Add some listings into Drupal directory website for testing - Add some module website in ASP.NET (VB.NET Class) Add some Modules and Fix some Issues - Add Some New Features including Bug Fix and Layout Change on PHP Site Add some new features to a Php Matrimonial Script - Add some option in FLASH Add some option to my script - Add some pages, products , categories to my website Add some pages/tweak design for my wordpress website/theme - add some pictures to finish illustrator flyer Add some pictures to joomla site - Add some products to Magento Add Some Programming code to my current script - Add some side bars for ads in wordpress blog Add some silder (jquery) in my webpage and convert PSD to HTML. - add some static block and google checkout in Magento cms Add some static text to top main body in Chamilo LMS course section. - Add some text and images over header image add some text in flash movie - Add some things to my site and remove some others Add some touches to a shopify website, need urgently, 20 min job. - add some web pages with coding Add some widgets on my NodeJS + Angular and D3 website - Add something on a PHP theme script... Add something on my site - add something to videojs Add somethings to my site. - Add sort function to auction website Add Sort Order Option To Attributes Oscommerce - Add Sound Buttons To Existing Flash Movie Add Sound Effects & Background Music to a 2 Minute Animation Clip - Add Sound To Casino Game Simulator add sound to clock - add spam deterrent to TMAIL form Add spam email filtering for wordpress - Add Special Effects to song video Add Special Effects/Spaceships/Creative Animation to song video - Add Specified Content to Page Templates Add speech balloons and text to photos cartoon-style - Add spinning boxes to wordpress website theme Add Spintax Support and Fix Imported Images to My Wordpress All Import Plugin - add spring security to an application Add spring security with ACL in mysql, fix minor issues (springmvc), get code ready to deploy - Add SSL Certificate to a single domain wordpress site Add SSL Certificate to Linux Dedicate Server running Webmin - Add ssl on to 2 websitee Add SSL Seal and BBB Seal to WHMCS header template - Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels -- 2 - Add static banner on Magento Website Add static banner on Magento Website - Add status bar to a Windoes GUI Add status bar to a Windows GUI Application - Add Stock Widget or Ticker to website... YAHOO HOSTING!! Add stock-Page on u/c site - Add Store Locator functionality to Adobe Flash project. Add Store Locator to Joomla website - Add street names and numeration to city in Google maps. Add string to HTTP header in Internet Explore (BHO) - Add Stripe Payment Gateway To PHP Site Add Stripe Payment method to plugin - add studio lighting to a subject Add Studio Made Music Files to our Existing Website - add sub domain to existing whmcs / wordpress site Add Sub Menu Capability to existing menu - add subcategories to JOOMLA Add Subcategories to our Shopify Store - Add Submit File Functionality to Google Form Google App Script Add submit image button to a form - Add Subscribers to Mautic via Script - API