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Add Contact form and fix mass email - Add Contact Form to Website Add Contact Form to Website - Add Contact to Database using API -- 2 Add Contact to Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail - Add content Add content - Add content and customize wordpress theme Add content and design to php site - Add Content And make Mobile release! Add Content And make Mobile release! -- 2 - Add content from 16 page PDF to an excel sheet and a html page Add content from a existing website into a Joomla-Website - Add content in Wordpress Theme add Content in Wordpress theme - Add content on website - repost Add Content Overlay on my FLOWPLAYER videos. - Add content to a site - 1.Simple HTML 2.Few WP pieces Add content to a website - Add content to a wordpress site - Repost - open to bidding add content to a Wordpress site from a silverstripe cms - Add Content to and Modify Flash Template Add Content To and Perform a Funtionality and Performance Evaluation of an Exhisting Website - Add content to Add content to and - Add Content to Flash Template Add content to forum - Add Content to Joomla Component Add Content to Joomla Component - Add content to my Drupal website Add content to my existing website - Add Content to new Website Add content to new website - Add content to set pages in wordpress Add Content to Site - Add content to video game site Add Content To Web Site - Add content to Website Template Add content to website, SEO and Redirects - Add content to Wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) -- 2 - Add Contents (written words, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & User Registration. Add Contents (written, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & Registration. - Add contents to my wordpress shop, add music articles to blog add contents to new whmcs themes and udapt colors shema - Add contribution to creloaded oscommerce templates Add Contribution to OsCommerce Site - Add Conversion tracker script to existing website Add Conversion Tracking Code - add cookie to javascript popup add cookie to javascript popup - add coppermine gallery to phpnuke website Add copun system to OScommerce site - Add correct Path (link) Add correct Topic Name - Add counter to listings add counter to products - Add coupon code feature to PayPal Checkout Page Add Coupon Code Field to Website (PHP, MySQL) - Add coupon to website Add Coupon, Gift Cert & Reward point redeem to Shopping Cart *ZENCART* - Add Craigslist XML to my Website Add crash tracking code to Andoid app - Add credit card details Add credit card details - open to bidding - Add Credit Card Verify Add credit card, paypal and secure lock images to checkout page - Add Cron Job to Cpanel Add cron job. - Add CSS variable Add CSS & HTML Design To Crowdfund HQ Website - ADD CSS Rule to Wordpress MENU Add CSS rules to pages of my website for printing - Add CSS to Joomla Navigation Add CSS to my current website! - Add csv file 1 Add CSV File Rows to SQL Database - Add curated articles to WP blog site Add curl HTTP Headers for new Udemy 2 API authentication in PHP - Add current web content to existing flash fla to create site Add Curved Text to Existing Logo - Add custom class via metabox Add Custom CMS to Online Repository - Add custom decal design to website Add Custom Design Elements and Fine Tune a Wordpress Website - Add Custom Featured Slider into React & Redux Homepage Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage - Add custom field output to template Add custom field text in products page. Shopify - add custom field when add product in new other project Add custom field with nearby objects - Add custom fields to my website Add custom fields to my website -- 2 - Add custom font to mobile keyboard Add custom font to my Shopify website - Add custom Google Map locations page to existing website Add Custom Hat feature on Shopify powered Template - Add custom line in code within wordpress theme add custom lists on our Prestashop's product pages. - Add custom omniture tracking to a web page. Add custom option - add custom paypal gateway to wordpress site Add Custom Photos to a Javascript App - Add Custom Registration to NopCommerce Project Add custom Reporting to Joomla Auction Site - Add custom table in Magento backend (LI) Add custom taxonomy category in my Wordpress Theme - add custom widget wordpress Add Custom Wordpress Search Functionality to Existing Site - Add Customer Service Priority Warranty to Prestashop Store Add customer shipping calculator & third party API to shipping website - Add Customized Field groups to Woocommerce site and link to products Add customized forums to drupal site - Add D3.js relationship diagram to Rails 4 project Add daily content to my games website - Add data for .001 per listings -- 5 Add data for .001 per listings -- 6 - Add Data Input & Import function Add Data Input & Import function(repost) - Add data into our database server via typing Add data into our website from Reference website - Add Data To A Website Today add data to an existing extension - Add data to my web directory Add data to our HTML5 E-Commerce Site - Add data to wordpress website Add data upload and Chart binding to script provided - Add Database Modify existing site (PHP/MySQL) [ActnFac] Add database of US universities to Worpress site - Add Date Arithmetic output field to Excel Macro(repost) Add date by url to grids and form CI - Add date/description upload to existing open-source Flickr Uploader project add Date/time picker javascript in game website php - Add debugging info to a .NET service Add deep linking to AJAX website - Add Delete Update of Contact Documents Add delivery address - add Description into Photo File Add description lookup to this page - Add design and color work to PDF documents - repost Add design and color work to PDF documents - repost 2 - Add design to a book in a photo Add design to a fpdf document - Add design to wordpress site
Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress - Add details and photo to ID template add details from a qr code to mobile phone address book - Add different API's and game mechanics to website Add different API's and game mechanics to website (BACK-END) - Add digital potentiometer interface - repost Add Digital Products to my Online Store - Add DirectWrite to existing GDI Application Add disable registry feature - add discount feature to individual products on website Add discount labels on Category page - Add Disqus to my Website Add distance search functionality to auction website - Add document option to Real Media Library front end -- 2 Add document.title to attribution javascript - add donations tracking on my blog Add door to 2 photos of wall - Add download image functionality to existing PhotoSwipe Javascript code Add download image link prettyphoto lightbox on a wordpress site - Add drawing functions to Order system add to my game - Add drop down menu and Transfer Content from existing website to template. Add drop down menu on website.... - add drop down menu to x-cart html smarty PHP add drop down menu to x-cart html smarty PHP - Add Dropbox & Google Drive to File Manager Add dropbox bulk upload to my site - Add Dropdown To HTML Site NOW add dropdown to menu & other css edits - Add DUoSecurity to Mac OSx Server. Add DVR compatibility to Wowza server, that would allow for instant re-stream after end of event. - Add dynamic flash logo to web site/plus other misc. minor maintenance Add dynamic gif to banner - Add dynamic sort to items list Add dynamic tables to wordpress site. - Add e-commerce to existing static html based website Add E-Commerce to existing website. - Add EAN field to inventory in OpenERP Add easy admin to existing website - Add Ebook Store to Existing Website Add ebooks to my opencart store - Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress site.. Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress website - Add Ecommerce to Existing Website Add Ecommerce to Existing Website - Add Edit Delete View Pagination for 10 tables Add Edit Delete View Pagination for 10 tables - Add Effects to an Icon add effects to existing gallery and add price button - Add element to HTML pages Add elements & Fixtures to an Interior Model + Render - Add Email Addresses in Twitter Find Friends Add Email Alert to Credit Application - Add email contact form to web site menu Add email delivery to exisiting rub application - Add email mail box into banner Add Email Newsletter to existing WebSite - add email section in wordpress site Add email setting to wordpress plugin and try and reduce PHP value - Add email unsubscribe feature to website. Add Email User Button and function to c# .net site - Add Emails to My Autoresponder - repost Add embadedd code in wordpress - Add employment page to website. Add Empty Category Function to Wordpress Site - Add English and Czech "language pack" to Magento store ("Mega Mall" theme) Add English subtitle to Chinese 7 min video clip - Add Entries to Online Directory Add entries to tourism website - Add estimated earnings in my website Add Estimated Shipping to OsCommerce - Add Event to jquery Plugin add event tracking - Add events to website calendar - ASAP Add eWay online payment system to existing Xero file - Add exchange to NOMP multipool. 100$ Budget Add Exempt MAgneto URLS To Varnish Cache - Add Existing Logo to a Tent Add existing logo to image of Christmas ornament - add expanding/contrating text area to web page Add Expedia Engine To Existing Website - Add export to OSCommerce contribution(repost) Add Export To PDF & Excel Button To ASP.NET Website - Add extera background job to flash light application Add exterior lighting to a house - Add extra editable articles in OSCommerce Add extra editable articles in OSCommerce(repost) - Add extra features to Node.js Project add extra Features to open source and change couple things - Add extra fields to prestashop registration form add extra fields to squeez form - Add extra functionality to an existing wordpress woocommerce site Add extra functionality to Big Commerce store - Add extra img to flash banners Add extra input field to Magento Onestepcheckout module - Add extra product options to Cubecart - repost Add extra properties to python GUI - Add Facbook and Instagram to my site - ongoing work Add face book likes on my page - Add Facebook and Instagram Upload in Laravel website Add facebook and instagram widget to site - Add Facebook App Install Tracking SDK to my eclipse app add facebook application on website - Add facebook comments to wordpress website Add Facebook Connect - Add Facebook Fans to a selected Page Add facebook fans to my page - Add Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of Albania Add Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of Albania - v2 - Add Facebook icon and other icons, create link add Facebook icon on Joomla website - Add Facebook like box to my wordpress site add facebook like button in mailchimp - Add facebook like-option to html-form Add Facebook Like/Tweet button to Nextgen Gallery or similar - add facebook login ability to my website Add Facebook Login abiltity to website - Magento - Add Facebook Login to Magento Store Add Facebook Login to my Chinese website - Add Facebook page feature(s) Add Facebook page like and counter to wordpress site - Add Facebook SDK Add Facebook SDK and Open Graph to Android app - add facebook to my site -- 2 Add facebook to oscommerce - Add Facebook/Digg/Twitter buttons to my HTML homepage Add Facebook/Gmail Login & Register - Add Fade transition to existing HTML slide show Add faeture to unity game - add fans to facebook Add Fans to Facebook and Followers to Twitter biz account - Add FAQS to PWE Website add fashion page with search options -- 2 - Add FB Feed to Add fb integration to wordpress site; Add image to news feed item - Add FBConnect to WP Add FCK editor - Add Feature Column in Wordpress Shop Add feature for check duplicate data on a Tool - Add feature in my Backend Panel / Admin Panel Add Feature in Smarty PHP - add feature selection on submit car Add feature so use can Translate my existing android app into different languages - Add feature to an Android App Add feature to an App - Add Feature to Android App