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add an embeding options for my media player on my website - Add an Extra Cell, properly aligned, to WPF DataGrid Add an extra feature to my PHP POS - Add an icon to a Wordpress homepage Add an icon to FontAwesome ones (that my site has integrated already) - add an image to 55 wordpress words Add an image to a SWF animation - Add an interstitial ad to add an intro to the start a video - Add an Online Database Add an online flight booking system to a current website - Add an Option in Wordpress Add an option module for listings and display. - Add an slider to this page add an SMS gateway to our website - Add an upload-photo/text function on a webpage, similar to photo book functions add an user interface to my python script - Add and Admin Panel to an existing html webiste. Add and Amend Functionalities to existing php website. - Add and Create a Shopify page + Minor Updates to WebSite Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration - Add and Edit page for exisiting website using Python Add and edit Prestashop modules - 24 hours project time line - Add and Match Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions - add and test 6 aweber lists/paypal process Add and test HTTP posting instructions - Add Angular admin template to site and build API to connect the datbases Add Angular Internationalization - add animation and grahics to a video add animation and music to my site - Add animation to web site banner Add animation to web site banner for KidzKraft - Add another Product page to existing website` Add another 1000 Products to Existing Magento - add another level Add another name to my business card template - Add another table to a Form in Access Add Another Two Menu Items Too My Site - Add API for adding points to Rewarder App balance Add API for domain - Add API payment getaway to OpenCart Add API texting service to my system - Add app to Android Market Add app to exception list on the Windows Firewall using C# - add appointment scheduling code to website add appointment to Outlook Calendar - Add Appsfyler Custom Event Tracking in My APP Add Appsfyler Event Tracking in My APP - Add Arabic voice over on my app promotional video Add Architect People from LnkedIn - Add around 170 listings Add around 170 listings - Add articles titles and filename to object Add articles to Article directory - Add ASIN to generated Amazon report Add ASIO support to a audio software - Add Associated Products In Magento Add Associated Products to Magento - Add Attachments feature for contact page on an existing website Add attachments to a webform in - Add attributes in Magento marketplace Add attributes on Prestashop database or MySQL - add audio and sounds on 4:00 minutes animation vedio add audio and video chat to php text chat script - Add audio player to existing iOS app Add audio player to existing iOS app (Swift) - Add Audio To Site Homepage Add audio to text project - Add Auth user name to linephone for Android2 Add Auth-Only to web Signup - Add author link to Joomla library page Add Author Photo & Name in Wordpress Text Box - Add to Photography website - repost Add to RSForm Pro web form - Add auto populate list to BreezingForms Add Auto Product Load Feature to Oscommerce Site - Add Autoblog Plugin To Wordpress Add Autochecout feature - Add Automatic Functions in our CMS - Only for VR26 Add automatic gps coordinates to mobile application - Add Autoresponder Code to Registration Process Add Autosize to print functionality (C# DLL) - Add Aweber and Mailchimp Autoresponder Codes To Xcart 1-page Checkout add aweber automatic signup function to the script - add back and front prestashop module Add back button to articles - Wordpress - Add Backend Feature to Keystone.Js Admin Add backend functionality to a specialist job site - add background image Add Background Image (About 50 Files) - Add background mudic to mp4 Add background music - Add background to photos Add background to photos - open to bidding - Add Balance add balance - Add banner ads to website. Add banner and category item to magento homepage - add banner to front page add banner to header in volusion - Add BANNERS and Adsense to my website Add Banners and Graphics to Phpbbs - Add Banners To Site Add Banners to Various Pages on my Website - Add Barcode to website Add barcodes - Add basic password protection to Apache sandbox server Add Basic Realtime form validations to CFM templates - Add BBcode toolbar and code to Site. Add Beach Writing to Image - Add Biblical scriptures to the second edition of the ebook Add Bidding Functionality to Real Estate Website - Add Birthday to customer registration in Shopify Add bitcoin an option to pay via bitcoin in Wix website - add Bitcoin to zencart urgent Add bitcoins deposit and auto / manual withdraw to my bitcoin website - Add blinking image to WHMCS ticket notes in WHMCS - repost Add block on top of Magento Theme - Add blog comment function add blog feature and store feature to drag and drop website builder - Add blog link to magento website Add blog module for my open cart site, with FB commenting option - Add Blog to 2x Wordpress Websites Add blog to a wordpress website - add blog to magento site add blog to magento website - Add Blog to website Add Blog to website - Add blue sky to my images Add blue text box to existing HTML - Add Blur Function to Existing Image Uploader Add boarders around articles- Joomla. - add booking service for petsitter JOOMLA Add booking system to wordpress site - Add bootstrap elements to page Add Bootstrap in an existing classic ASP application - Add box and text to image Add box Newsletter s.a. - add BRL currency on Joao Pessoa Property real estate Add Broadcast Feature - Add Bulk Import Feature TO My Mailing List Script Add bulk list to domain auction - Add business information to my online directory Add business Listing - Add Businesses to websites
Add button - Add Button in FlashCart an send total_Price Add Button in Magento - Add Button to existing magento website Add button to existing universal iOS app - Add button; change ActionScript on Flash Video Add button; Change ActionScript on flash videos - Add Buttons, Text, Thumbnails, Icons to FlexSlider Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme - add cache in my iOS app Add cache to a php/javascript game servers query - Add Calendar and Countdown Timer to Auction Website Add Calendar functionality - Add calender to hotel products - Joomla add call anther table on php code - Add Canadian Postal Code Search to Website Add Canadian Postal Codes and Phone numbers to Mailing List - Add Captcha Add captcha - Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Repost - Add captcha in joomla Add CAPTCHA on additional Form - Add CAPTCHA to ASP form Add CAPTCHA to ASP form -- 2 - Add Captcha to Existing Form Add captcha to existing form - Add Captcha to Form, Drupal 6.x Add Captcha to Form, php and cold fusion form - Add captcha to matukio component Joomla Add CAPTCHA to my online contact form - Add captcha to signup perl form Add Captcha to simple contest site - Add captcha to wordpress php form Add CAPTCHA to wordpress website form - Add Captions to Video Add captions to video(s) using simple online system ! - Add Carousel to Wordpress Header Add cars from csv into my site - add cash wallet in opencart add cashU to my website - Add categories to a joke app Add categories to CMS for Newsletter - add category drown down to series add category for site - Add Category to Wordprss site Add Catergories to my Wordpress template - Add certain functions to the MVC website. Add certain promo to products on magento - mix and match promotion - Add changes to a task website Add changes to current website template - Add Character and Word Count Function To A Microsoft Word Doc Template Add Character To Existing Cocos2d Game - Add Chartboost and iOS7 support to our iOS app add chartboost to my gonga android game - add chat messaging like in freelancer site to my website Add Chat room to Site - Add Chatting, Social share functions to my app Add check all / uncheck all buttons to application - Add CheckBox to GirdEx Add checkbox to Joomla Search form - Add checkout to website Add Checkouts to my Zen Cart Website - Add Christmas Hat to the TideWater Logo - ongoing work Add Christmas lights to our Free Shipping banner above the header. - Add cities to escort directory Add cities to escort directory script - Add clam coin(Bitcoin like Crytocurrency) payment option to a poker website. Add clam coin(Bitcoin like Crytocurrency) payment option to a website. - Add click and earn more than 25$+ Add click code to 3 Flash banners - Add ClickBank and Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin Add Clickbank Payment Method To Script - Add Client Data to our Online Metrics Platform Add client IP to opensource github project: rabbitmq-auth-backend-http - Add closing dates to listing Add Closing features and adjust EA for Directman - Add CMS functionality to my wordpress site. Add CMS functionality to my wordpress site: - Add CMS to HTML site Add CMS to HTML site - Add code for Google Tag Manager to all pages on a Wordpress site Add code for Opencart pages - Add code to app Add code to auction site for purchase bids - Add code to my html page to make it fit to any mobile screen size Add code to my Job manager plugin - Add code to site Add code to Squarespace commerce website to change photos on option selected - Add Codes In TPL Files Add codes price updates - Add colliders to existing maps in Unity Editor Add colliders to existing maps in Unity Editor [Vinery Hall] - Add color on Dashboard 2 Add Color Option on my WooCommerce Shopping Cart - Add color to logo Add color to my designs to provide "glow effect" (Bidding on 5 images) - Add colors to list you already created. Add colors to list you already created. - open to bidding - Add column and data to Invoice oscommerce Add column for percent SIPRI trade, send file, split file into four parts - Add columns to a report Add columns to pdf generate code c# - add commands to chat(repost) Add commas to a Word Doc - Add comments / upload box to an existing web form Add comments about our hotel - Add comments to article in website Add Comments to Code - Add companies and some designed to my website add companies to my database also looking for spanish and french - Add Company to Wikipedia Add Company User Control - Add Composite Products plugin to woocommerce site and customize Add compression and encryption to this script - Add Conditions/filters To Wordpress Quoting System add config param TAB window as agreed - Add Contact form Add contact form - Add contact form to sidebar via iframe WLH Add Contact Form to site - Add contact page to web mockup Add contact to Constant Contact list using API - Add contacts to LinkedIn, Update Phone Numbers & Email Address in Contacts add contacts to outlook automatically when recognizing a specific keyword in the body or subject - Add Content / Listings To Website Add content and adjust formatting on WP site, migrate site to new server - Add content and images to site created in CONCRETE 5. Add content and images to two wordpress sites - add content for web site that was sent via email add content form to website - Add content in template and create website. Add content in the next hours. Start now! Urgent. - Add content on two sites Add content on two sites(repost) - Add content to a brochure ADD CONTENT TO A FLASH TEMPLATE - Add content to a Wordpress site Add content to a wordpress site - Add content to an existing Expression Engine Website Add content to an existing Expression Engine Website - Add content to Clipper coupon website add content to costum theme - add content to existing website Add content to existing website... - Add content to gaming website