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A Catalog of Products - A CDR for Electrical Engineer - Repost A CDR for Electrical Engineer -- 2 - A challenging position companu A champions Mind - a change to the logo for Sunrise Plumbing please A change up of my already designed webpage. - a character design of cloud to realize a plush A CHARACTER DEVELOPED - A charity website that allows donations to be made a chart - a chat system like CamFrog A chatroom app - A cheat for a very unpopular fps MMO. -- 2 A checkout page bug on My Magento Store - Does not proceed to shipping method page - a chemical engineer to devalop a products A chemical engineering related job since i have Diploma on Chem Eng. - a children jingle and 2 instrumentals A children story book named the little girl - A children's book illustrator a children's book illustrator - a childrens song, english voice, female A childrens story book illustrated - A Chinese translator for German language in muchen, germany for 2 hours on 18th of June 2014 A Chinese translator needed for the educational English sentences - A Christmas Calendar 2012 a christmas card email - A Church CMS website (Wordpress edit, with adding some special features) A church flier for distribution - A Cisco 2901 router and switch configured A Cisco 2901 router and switch configured - A Civil Engineer A civil engineer - A Class for a Framerwork for a game called World of Warcraft A class for multithreading and multi core scanner - A Classified App like Olx A classified board out of phpbb - A Classifieds website for people to login and post sell/buy ads. A Classifieds website for people to login/create account to post sell and buy ads. - A Clean Website Required A Clean Website Required - a client report advising on options for sustainable retrofit for an existing building A client side map implemented by google map API showing some information - a clone easyroommate site for south africa a clone for hebrew web site - A clone of 3 a clone of - A clone of a clone of Norton Personal Firewall 2002 - A CLONE of website A clone of is needed. - A cloth logo a clotheing disgner - A cloud application A Cloud Backup System with Unique Features - A CMS based on Model-View-Controller PHP needs modification A CMS based web application(MIBE) is going to be developed. News with hybrid contents(video, rich text, image) will be entered by business users. - a CMS web site with back end PHP with Oracle a CMS web site with back end PHP with Oracle - open to bidding - A code A code about random access memory written in Verlog language - a code with C language which uses some fortran libraries A code written and fig made by GUI - A coder to fix a website. A coder to help add ads to my blog. - A Collaborative Application A Collaborative application for house improvement / modelling - A Collection of WordPress sites as starter to permanent part-time role (updates and basic site creation) A Collections Of UK Articles Needed - A Colloidal Silver Primer A color chart and a revision to my php file - A COM interface for Matlab A combination of Search Engine and News feed - A comic Site need A comic strip image that can be made into a poster and placed on T-shirts - a commercial designer for project in Chicago A commercial diver - A Community driven website(repost) A community knowledge database website -- reposted - a community website A community website development. - A company info site a company intro video - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - A company logo -- 2 A company Logo : Doxa Interactive Studio - A Company Portfolio - open to bidding A company Presentation - A company to create a custom marketplace store a company to fund my project which is based on low cost sewage cleaning system - A company website in Wordpress. - open to bidding A company website is needed - A Comparison Between Structured and Object Oriented Methods A comparison of Australia and Article 101 of TFEU on restrictive business practices - A competent telemarketer to call around 100 Australian businesses to verify certain details A competent Web Designer - A complete accounting solution for your business entity A complete Affiliate website, with all coupons, deals, tips n tricks... etc - A complete copywriting for a travel website A complete copywriting for a travel website - A complete e-commerce website for my comopany a complete ebook on permaculture, moon phase farming and biodynamic agriculture - A COMPLETE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DATABASE for Service Industry A complete Mangento webstore - A complete redesign of our oscommerce site a complete registration process of a partnership deep with TIN number - A complete site A complete Squeeze Page System Design - A complete website A complete website - A complete website revise. a complete website with a associated database - A complex finance peer to peer lending website - repost A Complex Flash Game - A composite rendering A composition in after effects - a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools designed to help run my laundry pickup and delivery business efficiently and profitably. A comprehensive university portal - A Computer Graphics Project a computer hacked - A concept of deadlocks in c A concept or plot plan for developing our property - A conistent job writing, technical, travel, cooling A connection between Technology, Business and Society - A Consultant Needed who can find me leads A consultant to help my start-up make more effective use of my 1,200+ contacts on LinkedIn. - A content creator for personal branding a Content management - A content writing for a company A Content Writter with Good SEO Expertise - A contract template A contract Translated from english to Spanish - a cooking pot - open to bidding A cooking(cake) game - A cool website for my small VFX studio A copied - A copy of A COPY OF BLUENILE.CO.UK - but a little different - must have all the features found on - A copy of the site under a new domain - a common database A copy of this site with proven script - a copy writer to write content for a landing page for life insurance. and then content for the rest of webiste A Copy-writing project for himalapalni only! - A copywriter who has experience in trends reports (marketing) A copywriter with a wedding industry background - A corporate identity for a real estate agency
A Corporate Identity for an IT managed service provider - A corporate website A corporate website - A count down app particular for student A Countdown Clock - A couple for a social reality show is wanted A couple for new social reality show is wanted - A couple of designs for shirts A couple of Edits - A couple of pages added to my site, some CSS and a bit of a tidy up A couple of photos photoshopped - a couple of zencart mods & tweaks (quick look, column view) A couple pages Desinged - a couple tweaks to a ZenCart store. A Couple Writers for Erotica Stories Needed! - A cover and few pages of illustrations for a children's book a cover artwork for song - A cover page for a proposal A cover page for a proposal - open to bidding - A Creative and Tech Writer A Creative and Tech Writer -- 107-SP - A creative graphic designer A creative graphic designer - A Creative Mind to Write Something - FR11916 A Creative Mobile Website - A Creative Website Designer A creative website which depicts my quality photography - A creative, eye catching, cutting edge photography website designed and built A creative, Professional, Uncommon & modern Logo - A Cricket Website For Sale......... A crime alert application - A CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE RELEVANCE OF INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION IN THE RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES IN THE INTERNATIONAL OIL AND GAS AND ENERGY INDUSTRY A critical review - A CRM System for a small Recruitment Company a CRM type of program / Php / Mysql - A crossbreed of & A crossword generator - A CRUSADE FOR GOLDEN AGE. a cryptographer for some meetings - A CSS ''vertical centering'' problem and a form field problem - Shuld be easy A css code for my website to hide footer - a css3/html5 responsive one page site A CTP application on TinyOS and Test it on FlockLab - A Custom Android Project for Thivorien A custom app design. - A Custom designed News theme a custom designed website - A Custom Facebook Application A Custom Facebook Application - open to bidding - A custom HTML5 canvas - repost A custom HTML5 canvas sketchpad - A Custom Made Cosplay Store A custom made logo for my business start up - A custom Minecraft Enjin Navabar and Login A custom MLM Script in PHP/MySQL - A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. -- 2 A custom place page website wordpress page - A custom s/w A custom Script to check the product availability on Manufacturer's Sites - A custom Tshirt design - hunting/outdoors A Custom Version of the EduExpression CakePHP Online Exam Solution - A custom woocommerce payment pluginoftware A custom woocommerce website - A Customer management system for a mobile phone company A Customer Progrmming Need - A customizable web forum A customizable website builder for textbook stores - a customized pair of football/soccer boots a customized pair of football/soccer boots - repost - a cute logo for my new business A Cute Skype Cam women - A Daily Planner in a Notebook . A daily quiz website, only the experienced coders please!!! - A Data Base A data base created on business's in the Melbourne CBD with 3000 postcode only - a data entry job a data entry job - A Data entry project - Repost A Data entry project - repost - A data processing Job A Data project - A database built A Database changelog - A Database of Lunch Box Ordering System A Database of Lunch Box Ordering System(repost) - A Database Using Visual C++ a database website developed - A Dating SITE A dating site - A day with Lime (2 min. explainer video) a day with you - A deals and coupon website A deals website for redesign and development - A dedicated editor for my streaming channel to make comedic youtube highlights a dedicated modeler who can model anime style models and buildings - A Deluxe Book Cover in both Kindle (front) and CreateSpace (front, spine, back) formats a demand letter to tenants who are breaking their lease in FL. - A description of computer problem. A description of events and a list of recommended actions in response to a medical misdiagnosis - A Design Banner A design built for my blog run through Tumblr - a design for a cover of a scientific journal A design for a cycling jacket - a design for a t-shirt a design for a tattoo - a design for my website A design for new dog food plastic bag - a design job A design job for a mobile app. - A design project for Cariva Design A Design Project with Rendering and 3D Modeling - a Designer a designer - a designer on call, website designer, internet marketing savvy, A designer or artist for my upcoming android game - A designer who can design sports team logos and layouts for sports jerseys. A designer who can regularly produce ideas or assets for MVT campaigns - a desktop app A Desktop Application - A Desktop text, voice and video Chat Messenger Over Internet A Desktop text, voice and video Chat Messenger Over Internet - open to bidding - A detailed report on DESIGN METHOD FOR A RECONFIGURABLE MECHANISM FOR FINGER REHABILITATION, by using 10 reference papers from past 10 years to till date. a detailed research paper - A developer for iOS and android platform A developer for our wordpress site - A developer to install WP e-commerce plugin A developer to maintain my website system - A developer who is proficient in wordpress and php A developer who knows MVC and Fireabse - A developmental editor streamline my book a developper to recover the data from the backurl of Kiala , select & store - A DHCP client in java or C# with some modification - open to bidding A DHCP client in java with some modification - A diamond ring A Diary App - A different thought on mangalyan A different version for the logo Hoop·Hope - A digital download A LOT of people would like to buy for 1 dollar. Write your idea please A digital download plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce - A Digital sound processing expert with sound knowledge of C language (IOS app development is a plus) A Digital Timer - A directory listing website A directory system and the affiliate program - A discussion cum freelance website where freelancer can write articles and get hires. A discussion forum - A dissertation from scratch