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A - a a - a a a - a business plan, about the ebusiness a c# or program using winsock - A Female Voice Recorder needed in Canada for Upcoming Project A Few Items Modify - A Mathematical Biography about Archimedes A media relations / Pr executive - A services and goods demand listing site A Shoe designer - A Vocational Platform - Employment Website A website with rate update and CMS - A "lottery" website made A "lottery" website made - open to bidding - A & M Global Solutions inc. A £100,000 income proposal - A ''QuickMail'' tool. Drag items onto a ''mailto'' icon. A ''rent-a-coder-like'' Guide booking system - a 'web-brochure' a (Civil Engineering) Dissertation - a .net backlinks software - forum profile backlinks tool A .net developer - A 1 minute 30 second product description video for a mobile application A 1 minute animation video presenting what we do - A 1-2 min animated video based on a short storyline A 1-2 min Video require - A 10 page business report on Caterpillar inc. A 10 page paper on a dataset (double spaced, including figures) - A 100 articles rewrite work A 100 page book - A 100k Views A 105,000 word novel checked for spelling and grammar - a 15-20 page literature review for a doctorate A 15-20 page Wordpress site for my small business, almost all pages will have same Header & Footer - A 19 minute reel of clips to submit for an Emmy A 1:30 minute music composed - A 2 page essay on an advertisement on a magazine, newpaper or online. (You can choose the advertisement!!) Just show me the advertisement before you write about it!! A 2 page insert for last brochure - A 2-min video needed to upload on youtube to promote my website! A 2-minute whiteboard animation video - repost - A 20-second animated advertisement created in Flash -- 3 A 20-second animated advertisement created in Flash. - A 2000 WORDS NEEDED IN 10 HOURS A 2000 WORDS RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT RELATED TO ACCOUNTING & LAW - A 250-300 word catchy and enjoyable article on Fashion wanted - Trial Article A 2500 - 3000 words assignment in Islamic Banking (UK) - A 2D cartoon image design A 2d character animation for a game - A 2nd shooter for an upcoming Wedding this Saturday 26th A 2nd tiker - A 3 page Essay A 3 page excel sheet developed to assist a quoting project - A 3-D prototype A 3-Match based Game - a 30 second animated sequence A 30 Second animated video - A 3000 word Archaeology essay done by August 27th A 3000 word case analysis using SSM Methodology - A 3D African Warrior/Superhero Toy Illustration - open to bidding A 3D ancient book - A 3d animator who can work for me A 3d animator who can work for me - A 3D CONCEPTUAL DRAWING A 3D cyborg model with rig - A 3D fox made from our logo a 3D free animator. - a 3D little animation of cardiac coherence a 3D little animation of cardiac coherence - Repost - a 3d model of a hot water pump and unions A 3d model of a house - A 3D or Flash Presentation A 3d photo designs for packaged products - A 3D shape in Solidworks a 3d shed designer and order system - A 3ds Max model A 3DS Max model in version 10 or earlier. - a 4 pg essay a 4 to 5 page essay on how italian culture is expressed in the short stoy "War" by Luigi piraendello - A clone A 44 pages mockup. - A 5 Min Job for a Singaporean Freelancer. ONLY Singaporeans! A 5 min speech over the lantern festival - A 5 part series A 5 Point Infographic - A 5-page Wordpress site (home and 4 sections), with simple layout, no javascript effects. A 5-part email course on how to go about getting a website for your small business - A 5X9 matrix mlm website A 6 , L6 Coolomar1998 - A 600 word speech re-written A 600+ Essay about the nude underwater pearl divers of Japan - a 700 words small academic case study article A 750 word analytical psychological piece on a "Cognitive Theorist" - A 90 Second video hand-drawn animation video. A 90-120 second 2d basic flash animation - A a video gallery and video player to our existing site A A3 flyer for a Gospel Concert - A Adobe Reader Plug-In for Microsoft AD RMS A adoption site - A almost cartoon / animation of 2 house's, with face arms legs etc. The first is to detail broken windows, doors, gutters etc. a sad week looking house. The second is to detail a strong happy house with new windows, doors, gutters etc. a always exist love story - a android application fertilizers a android application fertilizers - open to bidding - A anime style video A anonymous chatting website - a app for the iphone and android phone A app needed, simple mobile and tab/ipad built for all platfoms to conserceve battery - A AR Answers website, where people can post answers to tests and rate them. a architectural sketch artist for concept drawings - A Asian history paper, 1000 words need help! a ASP website have need retouching - A awesome landing page website of an mobile app A awesome landing page website of an mobile app - A B2C web portal for hiring agents online (Minimum Viable product only) A baby Bib designed - A backend solution to an existing website A Backgammon game between 2 players - A ball game android application A ball game android application -- 2 - A Banner / Logo designed A banner about soccer - A banner for a campaign A Banner for a new products "iLabs" - A Banner for my website A banner for my youga school - a base html page to "PraOndeVou"(nowhere to go) a base idea and a slogan - A basic Augmented Reality based project A basic band page with design - A Basic Desktop Tool/App A Basic Desktop Tool/App -- 2 - A Basic information app utilising a dynamic database with possible submissions to other sites A basic input program - A basic online opt-in data capture page(s) to build up list for property investors A basic page with a JSF Woodstock Table - A basic room booking web application to be used in a university to manage rooms and resources booing an example being a website like developed in mvc A basic room booking web application to be used in a university to manage rooms and resources booing an example being a website like developed in mvc - a basic website a basic website - a basic Wordpress site A basic Wordpress website set up on a fast reliable hosting service - A BAYESIAN NETWORK made in NETICA - Artificial Intelligence. A BBS System - A beautiful sun
A beautiful views in your open eyes - A Beginners Guide to Guns & Shooting A beginners guide to meal prep ebook - A Beta B2C Portal for hiring agents online A BetFair Bot needed - A better salary A Better Shot App - A Bible App for Iphone/Ipad A Bible Application in Twi/Hymnal and also sabbath school - A big Forex website A big form of Jquery - A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery -- 2 A big web site development - A Billing system A billionaire gets rich from a tie - A Biostatistician needed for time curves and regression analysis A biostatistician who knows RevMan software - a bit of Ajax integration A bit of code tidying, change layout from tables to css, and setup emailing list to be automated - A Bitcoin based game A Bitcoin Exchange - A black and white illustration - vector for a logo design A black and white line drawing that looks like a woodcut - A blog A blog - A blog based on Wordpress with ad-ons a blog commenter - A Blog on Study in Australia A Blog on Study in Sweden - A blog site A blog site - A Blog written A blog, a mission, eventually the place to sell my book. Mostly I need to have a "Gratitude wall" - A blogger that knows about the automotive industry A blogger that specializes in brand engagement and brand recognition - a blueprint of a barbershop and hairsalon along with a logo A BlueStacks Kik Auto Responder - A book A book - A Book About Twin Pregnancy A book adapted into a screenplay. - A book cover A book cover - A book created from blog posts A book edited - A book illustrator a book illustrator - A Book on \"Top 100 Easy Ways to Get A Job\" a book on beating addiction - A book recommender system on a webpage A book report 7 the grade the singing tree - a book typed up a book typed up - A Book Wrote A bookcover - A bookkeeper a bookkeeper - A Bootstrap Designer Is Needed!!! -- 2 A bootstrap theme editing - A bot for Yahoo Messenger or Aim that sends mass messeges A Bot Required - A bot/spider to crawl the web for flash and non-mobile optimized websites A Botanist and a photographer [need to see qualifications] - A box to send a tee-shirt, small line of paints, 1 paint brush, and a pair of sunglasses. a box with game cards - A Brand for Haiti A BRAND FOR MY COMPANY - A brand new artistic logo for my startuo company A brand new job description written to incllude a descriptive working title - A breast pump prototype A Breath of Fresh Air - a brief summary a brief thank you speech - A brochure designed a brochure designed - A brochure to launch a student hostel A brochure to launch a student hostel - A bug fix in a PHP SugarCrm module a bug fixing - A bulk conversion of XLS to XML including delivery of a cloud solution with client granted unlimited conversions A bulk facebook accounts creator - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #4 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #4 - A business /company logo, which is a simple but attractive picture, drawing attention A business analysis - a business Card For me A Business Card for my trading company - A Business Development Research for Malaysia A Business Development Research for Nigeria - A business grant proposal A business idea for the Middle East or Jordan - A business logo A business logo - A business logo A business logo - A business logo to use on my website and business stationery A business logo to use on my website and business stationery - repost - A Business Plan A Business plan - A business plan (formulated with facts and figures) for a e-matrimonial portal for divorcess (REMARRY>COM) A business plan (formulated with facts and figures) for a e-matrimonial portal for divorcess (REMARRY>COM) - open to bidding - a business plan for personal training A Business Plan for Private Equity Companies - a business presentation of our new company and product with prezi a business promoter online - A Business Sustainability Document A business thesis needs help, 24 hours job., good pay. - A Button in Microsoft Outlook that links to a Web based email server A button needs to be pressed using 50 different Google accounts - A C program projectt A C program that converting assembly language - A C# sharp program as described in the attached pdf a c# simple program - A C++ fuction A C++ game code is required... - a c++ program.... A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - a C++ version of the infix-to-postfix conversion algorithm a C++/C program is written for the MSP430 μController - Easy project - A CAD design A CAD Design File of a Snowmobile Bumper - a CAD/CNC A cafe branding project - the cafe name is 7 AM - a calculus assignment a calendar app - A call for all PHP scripts A call for digital painters - a camera and photo developer a camera and some editing softwares - A Campaign Site For An Event A Campaing for a Facebook Activity that I an organizing - a captcha typer a captcha typer - open to bidding - A car wash management system using C++ A car wash management system using C++ - A caricature A caricature drawing that can be used in advertising - A cart script to site a cart vending logo - A cartoon explaining a new app idea A cartoon for a music video - a cartoon of my wife for Valentines DAy a cartoon of myself for website with logo - a cartoonist