Python is a powerful, versatile programming language known for its simplicity and ease of use. It's widely employed in various industries for solutions ranging from web applications to data analysis and machine learning. Python Developers have the expertise to create, modify, and enhance programs using this language, offering a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs. Hire Python developers on to bring your project to life with their technical expertise and creative problem-solving capabilities. Here's some projects that our expert Python Developers made real:

  • Developing custom APIs for seamless integration between diverse software platforms
  • Building browser-based apps with elegant user interfaces for various industries
  • Creating automated tools for data gathering, cleaning, and analysis across datasets
  • Designing specialized applications for tasks like audio mastering and chatbot deployment
  • Modifying existing systems like Odoo or Django to deliver improved functionality or customized reports
  • Developing web applications using frameworks such as Flask and Django with full-stack support
  • Implementing machine learning algorithms for advanced data processing or recommendation systems

The vast array of successful projects completed by our skilled Python developers demonstrates the limitless potential of this programming language. Hire Python developers on to turn your ideas into practical applications that suit your unique requirements. Our platform offers instant access to a large pool of talented freelancers who are ready to take on your project and deliver exceptional results.

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    I am looking for a client script that can fetch the total unpaid amount for customers in the Sales Order doctype and automatically close the sales orders if the unpaid amount is greater than 42 days. Specific functionality needed: - Fetching the total unpaid amount for customers in the Sales Order doctype - Automatically closing sales orders if any unpaid amount older than 42 days Preferred scripting language: No preference Specific requirements or conditions: - The client script should be able to identify the unpaid amount for customers in the Sales Order doctype based on a 42-day threshold - The script should have the capability to automatically close the sales orders that exceed the unpaid amount threshold Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in client scripting l...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a Unilevel Matrix Plan MLM for my client and worker sales commission in website. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in MLM plan development, specifically Unilevel Plan - Proficient in web-based software development - Knowledge of MLM commission structures and calculations - Experience in developing sales commission tracking systems - Ability to provide suggestions and recommendations for the software features The ideal candidate will be able to create a web-based MLM software that is user-friendly and efficient in tracking sales commissions for both clients and workers. They should be able to provide guidance and suggestions for the software features based on their expertise in MLM plans.

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    Pine script conversion to python 6 μέρες left

    Project Description: I am in need of a skilled developer who can convert a Pine script to Python. The complexity of the Pine script is intermediate. The conversion needs to be completed within a week. Commenting the Python code for better understanding is only necessary if needed. This is the script I need to be converted. Plus I need the buy sell alerts on webhook whenever it triggers. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Pine script and Python programming - Proficiency in converting scripts from Pine to Python - Ability to work within a tight deadline and deliver high-quality results - Attention to detail and ability to understand complex scripts - Excellent communication skills to clarify any necessary comments in the Python code

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    Digital Ocean deployment expert -- 2 6 μέρες left

    I have python code with django "webscrspper" need to deploy it on digital ocean If you can do it start your bid with Ocean to be considered

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    I am looking for a developer to implement authentication with Google OAuth for my project. The project involves sharing a token between two applications that are hosted separately. Skills and Experience: - Experience with implementing authentication using Google OAuth and/or custom authentication - Knowledge of how to share tokens between applications - Familiarity with hosting separate applications - Strong understanding of web development and security protocols Timeline: - The project needs to be completed in less than 1 week.

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    Llave de seguridad para software ya existente 6 μέρες left

    William, buenas tardes. Después de haber analizado el software y el escenario, he llegado a la siguiente propuesta de solución. La comparto para que puedas valorarla. *Propuesta de solución* 1. Generación y Validación de Licencias • Cada licencia se asocia a una identificación única de la máquina del usuario, como puede ser el ID de hardware o la dirección MAC. • La licencia podría ser un token firmado digitalmente que contiene la identificación de la máquina y la fecha de expiración. • El servidor de licencias valida la licencia y la fecha de expiración, y comprueba que la identificación de la máquina coincida con la que está registrada para esa licencia. 2...

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    flask python - 02/10/2023 18:09 EDT 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a freelancer with extensive knowledge in Flask Python to help with my project. Specifically, the developed application should have user authentication, database integration, and API integration and be responsive. For database integration, I prefer MySQL and would need the application to be responsive. If you are qualified and have the necessary experience to complete this project then please get in contact. Thank you.

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    erpnext document formats 6 μέρες left

    invoice (pdf and dot matrix also) delivery note(pdf and dot matrix also) LPO(pdf) use the below template and make exactly the same no difference at all lpo to be made using same format work is needed urgently

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    I am looking for a creative and experienced developer to create a Telegram Bot where projects can apply for listing. This bot will feature listings for startup projects, and I am open to suggestions on the format or layout of the project listings. One of the features this bot needs is the ability to collect user data. If you have prior experience with developing telegram bots and are confident you can deliver a quality product, please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    O aplicativo seria basicamente, uma câmera que iria fotografar o corpo do usuário e fornecer um avatar realista, com cada parte de seu corpo. Alem de descricoes fornecidas pelo usuário como tamanho, altura e peso. Nesse avatar eu iria querer 3 conjuntos femininos e masculinos para alterar e ver como ficaria no corpo.

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    What do I need? *The end user, after being validated with a key, will be able to collect specific information from a specific email (gmail), that receives verification code from differents systems/companies. The end user will have an authorization key to receive the "verification code" received in the g-mail email. The system will work in a generic way, so that it can redeem codes from several different systems and with different rules (I created the rules I want, you can make them better if you want, I'm not a programmer, but I know giving you all the information I can, turn the project cheaper and faster). *With this information, I know you can give me a price, the budget is not high, I know will have a lot of different prices, so, is a important thing. After I talk do you...

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    create website car listing like Autotrader 6 μέρες left

    Project Description: I am looking for a developer to create a custom-built website, similar to Autotrader and cargurus pretty much the same exact

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    CODE FOR TRADING 6 μέρες left

    I'm looking for a talented programmer to help me develop code for a trading system. The programming language should be Python, and the type of trading system should be bank nifty. This project needs to be completed as soon as possible. The program would activate buy and sell orders based on Renko Chart

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    Tengo una app en python (back end) donde se puede cargar preguntas y respuestas de formularios o encuestas de satifaccion de clientes y reservaciones de servicios tambien de clientes. Pero necesito tener una app en Android que los usuarios puedan facilitar momentaneamiente a los clientes para que completen las encuestas y confirmen las reservaciones desde una Tabla con Android. Esta app debe consumir desde el back end las encuestas y reservaciones para poder ponerlas disponibles para que el cliente las complete. Una vez completada estas deben ser enviadas al back end para su registro.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a web app that is a google drive like file sharing app, using django. The main features I need the app to have are file uploading and sharing, user authentication and permission options, and version control with revision history. I would also like the web app to have a user-friendly design, as well as any other innovative features the developer may suggest. No specific integration is needed with other apps or platforms. I'm looking for an experienced developer who will create a top-of-the-line web app that meets my needs and exceeds my expectations. I also need a word file explaining how exactly things are working or you can share the github repo. There's a video on FreeCodeCamp's channel but it's in PHP and Laravel was...

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    Hello. I want to create a website containing the past 5 years of 10K and 10Q data from public US companies in the S&P 500, all of which can be found and downloaded (in bulk) for free from SEC’s EDGAR. Approximate number of documents: 5 years * 500 S&P 500 companies * 1 10K/year = 2,500 10Ks 5 years * 500 S&P 500 companies * 3 10Qs/year = 7,500 10Qs Total = 10,000 documents (reminder, these can be bulk downloaded) The website will contain a smooth UI/UX allowing users to search for a company and select which year/quarter 10K/10Q they want to read. Once selected, the user can view and read the 10K/10Q and interact with an AI chatbot at the bottom. This AI chatbot will be able to answer questions about the selected 10K/10Q in question. Essentially, equivalent abilities ...

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    Webscrapping Tool -- 3 6 μέρες left

    Project Description: We are looking for a skilled developer to build a webscraping tool that will extract text data from a specific website on a regular basis. Requirements: - The tool should be able to scrape data from a provided URL - Only text data needs to be extracted, no images required - The tool should be able to scrape the data regularly, as per the specified frequency Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in webscraping techniques and tools - Experience with extracting text data from websites - Knowledge of scheduling and automation tools for regular scraping Hello, I would need to create an webscraping script that will search on a website based on our info (date & keywords). If results are positive will export 2 fields. We will also need a GUI interface for login...

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    we are looking for a script to be built that call floods spammers phone numbers. We are a group fighting spammers in france

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    A program for a website to sell clothes 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a program for my website that sells clothes. The ideal candidate should have experience in Python programming language and be able to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website. Functionality: - As the client, I am open to suggestions for specific functionalities to be integrated into the website. - The website should have a secure payment gateway for customers to make purchases. - It should also have a search feature for customers to easily find the clothing items they are looking for. - Product pages should have detailed descriptions and high-quality images. Clothing Type: - The website will primarily sell both men's and women's clothing. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language. - Experienc...

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    TradingView strategy backtesting 6 μέρες left

    I am using a tradingview trend indicator and I would like to test different stocks, indexes and currency pairs. The idea is to determine wich is the best timeframe and trading hours analizing the data with the backtesting. The indicator give the amount of pips in which the stop loss needs to be located, so the code will need to analize doing the backtesting, how would be performed.

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    I am seeking a talented and experienced developer to create an Android & iOS mobile application for a financial startup. The primary goal of the application should be to improve financial management. I have a detailed list of the features I am looking for, and would like a highly custom design with unique features. This application should be able to appeal to our targeted mobile user base & provide intuitive user experiences. If you believe you possess the skills and expertise needed to complete this project, I would love to hear more about your experience and what you can bring to the table. In easy language, I want 0 too application listed on play store and app store. Full developer My contact details : (Removed by admin) ACE CAPITALS

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    Develop Python, React, Node, iOS, Android SDK packages for Payments Orchestration API Description: - I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Python, React, Node, iOS, Android SDK for our payments orchestration API. - The SDK should be developed using Python, React, Node, iOS, Android ensuring compatibility with our existing infrastructure. - The project timeline is flexible, allowing for thorough testing and refinement. - The main deliverable is a fully functional Python, React, Node, iOS, Android SDK that seamlessly integrates with our API. - The ideal candidate should have experience in Python, Java programming and API integration. - Familiarity with payments systems and orchestration is a plus. - This project involves developing a single SDK for our API.

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    I am looking for a Python developer with experience in tkinter to create a tkinter project focused on data entry forms. Specifically, I want the project to include: - A user-friendly interface with well-designed data entry forms - The ability to input and store data in a structured format - Validation and error handling for user inputs The client has a design layout or wireframe for the project, so the developer will need to work with the provided design to create the desired interface. The timeframe for completing this project is one to two weeks, so the developer should be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python and tkinter - Experience in creating GUI applications and data entry forms - Strong attention...

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    We are looking for a talented freelancer to create an Email Response Generator powered by advanced machine learning models like Llama2, DeepPavlov, or TensorFlow. This project involves training the model on a dataset of historical email responses, enabling it to generate contextually relevant and well-structured email replies automatically. Key Project Goals: - Utilize state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques. - Train the model on a diverse set of email response examples. - Fine-tune the model for accuracy and context-awareness. - Ensure scalability and compatibility with popular email platforms. - Documentation

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    Python script 6 μέρες left

    Hey thank you for reading. I am looking for a short Python script to be able to convert the first 2 letters of each word in a PDF file into capital letter. - I want the script to take as input PDF and EPUB formats and output the document in the same format and same font and internal text structure but with the 2 first letters of each word in Capital Letter. Example: Input PDF file: It as announcing it me stimulated frequently continuing. Least their she you now above going stand forth. He pretty future afraid should genius spirit on. Set property addition building put likewise get. Of will at sell well at as. Output: SAME FILE FORMAT IT AS ANnouncing IT ME STimulated FRequently COntinuing. LEast THeir SHe YOu NOw ABove GOing STand FOrth. HE PRetty FUture AFraid SHould GEnius SPi...

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    scrape table from many pdf 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to scrape tables from multiple PDFs. The project details are as follows: Source of the PDFs: - The PDFs are sourced from websites. Consistency of PDF format/layout: - The PDFs follow a consistent format and layout. Size of average PDF file: - The average size of the PDF files is between 1-10MB. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong experience in web scraping and data extraction. - Proficiency in working with PDF files and extracting tables. - Familiarity with Python or other programming languages for scraping. - Attention to detail to ensure accurate data extraction. - Ability to handle large-sized PDF files efficiently. Please provide examples of previous similar projects and your approach to scraping tables from PDFs.

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    Trophy icon Create expedia web scraper 6 μέρες left

    Project Title: Create Expedia Web Scraper Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a web scraper specifically for scraping flight schedules from Expedia. You can either make this file run on my pc or create a new one I will pay no more than 30usd for it do not make offers if you wont take 30.00 Specific Requirements: - The scraper should be able to retrieve flight schedules from Expedia on a daily basis. - The scraped data should be delivered in CSV format for easy analysis and manipulation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in web scraping and data extraction. - Proficiency in Python or another suitable programming language. - Knowledge of HTML and CSS. - Familiarity with web scraping libraries such as BeautifulSoup or Selenium. - Attention to detail and ...

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    Machine learning project 6 μέρες left

    Testing. This is a dummy project without any content. The purpose of this is to know the working of this site.

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    Booking website with admin 6 μέρες left

    Project Title: Booking Website with Admin I am looking for a skilled developer to create a booking website with an admin panel. The website will primarily be used for country houses bookings, so experience with booking systems is preferred. Specific features required for the booking system include: - Multi-language support to cater to a global audience (Arabic and English) - Room availability calendar for customers to select their desired dates As for the technology or platform, I would prefer the use of other CMS options such as Joomla or Drupal. However, I am open to suggestions if you believe a custom-built solution or WordPress would better suit my needs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with hotel booking systems - Proficiency in Joomla or Drupal CMS - Familiarity with ...

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    DevOps engineer 6 μέρες left

    Only for freelancers from Ukraine! Тільки для фрілансерів з України AWS Knowledge - IAM, S3, EC2, Lambda, SNS, SQS AWS Knowledge (desirable) - CDK/Cloudformation, Mediaconvert Docker basics Web stack: Typescript, Nexts, React Basic bash scripting Scripting language of choice (Python, Js...)

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    Ai developer (accuracy improvement) 6 μέρες left

    Project Description: I am seeking an AI developer to enhance the accuracy of my existing AI model, which relies on OpenAI APIs. Currently, the model's accuracy stands at below 70%. Ideal Skills and Experience: Strong background in AI development and expertise in machine learning algorithms. Proficiency in working with libraries such as Langchain, Pandas, and OpenAI APIs. Knowledge and experience in neural networks and various AI models. Familiarity with techniques for enhancing accuracy in AI models. The capability to analyze and optimize AI algorithms to achieve significantly higher accuracy rates. The current version of the code is operational, but there is a pressing need to improve its accuracy. The model operates based on a CSV file containing transactional data, which is causi...

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    I am looking for a Raspberry Pi Operating System expert. I need a raspberry PI OS to be done for us that should fast boot and run any QT application. We have something in place that we used for many years but the boot time is slow. I have found this which we would like to use, but may need optimising a little to give us the right IMG file and guidance on where to put our QT application file on the microSD card to run it correctly. Thanks.

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    Python code developer 6 μέρες left

    I'm looking for a talented Python code developer to create and/or modify an existing code to complete a project. Specifically, the code needs to be developed to automate a template quickly and efficiently. Working with this project requires great attention and knowledge of Python language so the desired completion of this project should be within two weeks. The suitable candidate for this position must be an expert in Python code development.

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    Code a algo trading software 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to code an algorithmic trading software for me. Here are the details of the project: Trading Strategies and Indicators: - I have specific trading strategies and indicators that I would like the software to incorporate. - I will provide all the details and specifications for these strategies and indicators. Programming Language: - I prefer the software to be coded in Python. Integration with Trading Platform: - The software needs to be integrated with a specific trading platform. - I will provide the details and specifications of the trading platform that needs to be integrated. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Python programming language. - Experience in coding algorithmic trading software. - Familiarity with various trading stra...

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    Data scraping project 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me with a data scraping project. Website(s) to be scraped: - The client will provide a list of websites that need to be scraped. Type of data to be scraped: - The client specifically needs sport betting data scraped, including text data and images. - The client also wants the changed value to be sent via email. Frequency of data scraping: - The data needs to be scraped 4-5 times daily. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in web scraping and data extraction. - Knowledge of sport betting data and the ability to scrape and extract relevant information. - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R. - Familiarity with email integration for sending scraped data. - Attention to detail and the ability to accurately extract and ...

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    Features add to my script 6 μέρες left

    I am looking to enhance my existing Python script by incorporating two new features. Firstly, I want to implement a 'auto break-even' functionality, which would determine the point at which revenue equals costs, ensuring that there's no net loss or gain. Secondly, I aim to add a 'take profit 3' feature, which would automatically close a trade or position when it reaches a third predefined profit level. The integration of these functionalities will provide more flexibility and precision to the trading strategy and risk management within the script.

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    RUN ME THIS CODE 6 μέρες left

    import pandas as pd from selenium import webdriver from import By from import WebDriverWait from import expected_conditions as EC import requests from PIL import Image from io import BytesIO import base64 # Read the URLs and scrape quantities from the CSV file url_data = pd.read_csv("") PATH = "C:Program Files (x86)" driver = (PATH) # Initialize an empty list to store all scraped data all_data = [] # Loop through each row in the CSV file for index, row in (): url = row['URL'] scrape_quantity = int(row['ScrapeQuantity']) (url) try: content = WebDriverWait(driver, 10).until( EC.presence_of_element_located((, "lay-lft")) ) suppliers = content.find_elements_by_class_name("...

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    Need help with Odoo and WordPress small tasks. This project is long term and we always need help with some tasks. Looking for a freelancer (not a company) who could give us 8-15 hours a week.

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    in this project i want to detect some objects ( Layers ) and measure there contours, using python & openCV .. after that i want to compare the measures detected from the image if they match the measures that we have already in a database

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    Bypass Bot detection in Headless Mode 6 μέρες left

    I would like to hire anyone who can Bypassing Bot detection of the Website -> "" [Please don't think of this bot detection service like a normal captcha or something. It is far more advanced as it collects data from Google Analytics service.] Along with my team, I have tried all efforts to bypass it, from different user agents to copying the cookies, to changing the driver configurations and even the UChrome Mod. But none helped us. If you are up for this task let us schedule a Google Meet and I will explain you the task. attaching the bot detection screenshots and how you can replicate the Service. Step 1: Open "" link. Scroll below and select any available date and proceed to the next page. Step 2: Now select any available time slot and increase the pax coun...

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    Need a Python Expert 6 μέρες left

    Hi I will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. Thanks

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    api data to excel 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for help to extract data from my specific API on a daily basis. The data I need to extract is in JSON format. I have the details of the API ready and do not need any help in figuring things out. I am looking for someone who can help me extract this data from the API with accuracy. The final output should be in an excel file that is easy to read.

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    Spotify streaming bot demo 6 μέρες left

    Hello please I just need someone to give me a Spotify streaming demo or a Spotify streaming bot

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    4 προσφορές

    Start today first webscrapping logic (ebay marketplace): Further Details in private chat ---------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for a freelancer to develop a webapp for my new enterprise. The webapp should have the following primary features: 1. Scrapping Marketplaces: The webapp should be able to scrape marketplaces and provide me with unique job links. 2. Email Notification: I would like to receive email notifications for new job postings. The frequency of these notifications should be based on the customer plan. To successfully complete this project, the ideal freelancer should have the following skills and experience: - Strong web development skills, including experience with web scraping - Proficiency in email notification systems - Knowledge of m...

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    22 προσφορές

    I am looking for a skilled software developer to create an Image Acquisition and Analysis Software. The main purpose of the software is to perform both image processing and data analysis. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Strong knowledge and experience in image processing and data analysis techniques - Familiarity with various libraries and frameworks used for image processing and data analysis in Python - Ability to develop software that is compatible with Windows operating system This project requires a developer who can design and implement efficient algorithms for image processing and data analysis tasks. The software should have a user-friendly interface and should be able to handle large datasets. The developer should also have expert...

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    betburger valuebet bot 6 μέρες left

    Necesito un bot que recoja los feeds de betburger y los coloque en la bookie.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a plugin in Zoho for paylink payment gateway . The ideal candidate should have experience in creating plugins in Zoho and integrating payment gateways. Specific requirements for the plugin include: - Basic payment processing functionality, allowing customers to make payments through the payment gateway. If you have experience in creating Zoho plugins and integrating payment gateways, please submit your proposal.

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    Preciso de uma lista de tarefas com Python/tkinter, preciso que tenha conexão com mysql

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    Create a webhook using docker 9 ώρες left

    Looking for someone who is experienced in docker, python script, selenium, and sys admin related areas to build a custom webhook to deliver message to whatsapp something similar to You can read more about this here - I don't want to use ultramsg. I want to build something similar webhook using docker or a vps server Only bid and contact me if you have experience building such webhooks in the past. Contact me for further details.

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    Automation-Python Code using Selenium 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for a Python developer who can write a script using Selenium to automate entry for various tasks. The tasks are moderately complex and involve interacting with a specific website or application. The ideal candidate should have experience in web scraping, data entry, and test automation. 1- For test we want to work with 2- You need to provide python script that should work in headless mode [ we are running this on Ubuntu Server] 3- You need to bypass bot test and script must be able to enter to details in relevant location. FROM , to Location [ Journey start place, end place] date of journey, number of adults and children. Please provide relevant work details in your proposal. If selected, we may go with you for multiple sites.

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