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Perl is a high-level programming language. It is widely popular around the world for scripting, system administration, network programming and report processing tasks. If you need help with the Perl programming language, you have come to the right place. Simply place your post here on this site and let freelancers with skills in Perl bid on your projects!
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Web Development We help Ukrainian companies and freelancers to find Clients from EU and US. Our client needs someone who is familiar with Perl, template toolkit, CSS, Javascript, and has a good eye for design to create a mobile and desktop friendly UX. In the future, he might benefit from someone who has a stronger systems administration background, understands Perl, has experience with virtualization, MySQL, A... 30 Perl, Javascript, CSS Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20185μέρα 4ώρα €35
Web based UI for Perl scripts Need a Web based UI for existing Perl scripts 3 PHP, Perl, Linux, Αρχιτεκτονική Λογισμικού, Δέσμες Εντολών Γλώσσας Υπολογιστή Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20182μέρα 8ώρα €32
Perl proxy rotator so basically a module where it changes original ip outgoing connections addresses to socks address. Socks5 could be added into input file, from Public socks5/free socks list if the sock dies its removed from the list 1 PHP, Perl, Γλώσσα Προγραμματισμού C, Linux, Δέσμες Εντολών Γλώσσας Υπολογιστή Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20182μέρα 6ώρα €47
I need perl developer he need work little bit on my script i added some function like collect url list from ip but i want do it same time will scan wordpress joomla and save different file 1 Perl Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20181μέρα 22ώρα €22
Perl Bioinformatics From this file I need to extract and present the following information: Part 1: the accession number, definition of the protein and organism. Part 2: the protein sequence (all amino acids). 7 Perl, Αρχιτεκτονική Λογισμικού Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20181μέρα 2ώρα €25
I am working on a research project. I am using the Linux system biomix. The research has been done before and the professors have given me their program and codes to set up and rerun it. 2nd step is bringing different features of my choice or create a new feature based off of their features evaluated. 2nd part will bring the whole research on transmembrane helix helix interaction. 1st part. Which is the best classifier and why. Using their data to reproduce the data and then pursue a specific area 1. Setting the Computing environment is what I have been doing 2. Th... 12 Perl, Γλώσσα Προγραμματισμού C, Python, Linux, UNIX Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 201813ώρα 27λ €412
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