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Εργασία/Διαγωνισμός Περιγραφή Προσφορές/Συμμετοχές Δεξιότητες Ξεκίνησε Τελειώνει Τιμή (EUR)
VPN Router Want to create a VPN PTP router with Server and Client to bridge 2 locations over AES 256. Need to make a plug and play box which can be put at both ends and a bridge of AES 256 encryption is created. 5 Linux, OpenVPN Mar 23, 2018 Mar 23, 20185μέρα 11ώρα €609
Project for David K. Hi David K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Διαχείριση Συστήματος, Linux, Ασφάλεια Υπολογιστή, , Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185μέρα 15ώρα €12
Looking for OpenVPN Expert who can fix some bugs on current OpenVPN iOS client application. I have openvpn ios client application and it has been almost finished, but it needs some work for confirming it is working correctly or not with our OpenVPN server. This is very urgent job. If you are OpenVPN expert and iOS veteran, please apply to this job. Thanks. 6 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Objective C, Swift, OpenVPN Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20181μέρα 10ώρα €136
Vpn help in denison tx -- 2 I need help with runing a vpn through my at&t router so my xbox, dell comp, smart tv, chromebook, & android phone can b protected 9 PHP, OpenVPN Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 2018Έχει λήξει €125
i need a site to site vpn We need to make a Site to Site VPN on Centos 6.9 4 Διαχείριση Συστήματος, OpenVPN Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 2018Έχει λήξει €72
Setup and write a setup script for an OpenVPN server that works natively for ChromeOS clients Note: ChromeOS support via .onc file importation is a critical requirement. You can download and run Neverware's CloudReady OS which is based off of ChromeOS in a VM, as a live CD on your computer, or fully install it to your computer so that you can experience ChromeOS without owning a native ChromeOS device. If you go this route, test your config by importing from the chrome://net-internals... 2 Linux, Chrome OS, Δέσμες Εντολών Γλώσσας Υπολογιστή, OpenVPN Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 2018Έχει λήξει €20
AWS EC2 VPN VPS & Cloud Computing expert Hi am looking for [το url αφαιρέθηκε, συνδεθείτε για να δείτε] VpN expert. Only apply if you can do experience else please excuse us. Regards, sofia 24 Cloud Computing, VPS, Coding, OpenVPN, Aws Lambda Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 2018Έχει λήξει €114
make vpn working on social plans I have configured VPN server, that is working with special mobile plans or with wifi but not working on. social media recharge plans. also, i want to limit the users to use only 3 devices only. Thanks 2 Linux, VPS, Ubuntu, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Feb 22, 2018 Feb 22, 2018Έχει λήξει €202
VPN Mobile App I am working on a project. I need a programmer/develop that can build android VPN app that can give free internet access when connected to a mobile network or public wifi. This is a sample website below that has similar app [το url αφαιρέθηκε, συνδεθείτε για ν&... 29 Android, Programming, OpenVPN, Web Development Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018Έχει λήξει €1065
openvpn between pfsense server and dd-wrt client need help setting up a openvpn connection properly i have a pfsense server i want this to be openvpn server i have a dd-wrt router, i want this to be the openvpn client i need the dd-wrt client to receive a dhcp ip from pfsense dhcp server, and be able to access everything on that network including other clients. of course i also need the dd-wrt client to give the ability to do web browsing. t... 10 Διαχείριση Συστήματος, Linux, Ότι Να'ναι, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Jan 27, 2018 Jan 27, 2018Έχει λήξει €124
Palo Alto GlobalProtect on Azure - open to bidding Palo Alto Global Protect needs to be configured. Palo Alto is hosted on Azure so engineer should know about Public IP addressing the requirement in Azure for outside to inside access. Also Firewall rules, policies,NAT etc needs to be configured for Palo Alto. we are looking for experts only. 9 Κοινωνική Δικτύωση, Cisco, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, Ασφάλεια Διαδικτύου, OpenVPN Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018Έχει λήξει €482
Project for Taras B. Hi Taras B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 Διαχείριση Συστήματος, Active Directory, , Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenSSL, OpenVPN Jan 20, 2018 Jan 20, 2018Έχει λήξει €22
install open connect on centos hello i need install openconnect on centos for conenct to server via anyconnect app from all device , also i need ipsec cisco / pptp- l2tp / openvpn / tunnel 7 Διαχείριση Συστήματος, Linux, Cisco, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Dec 30, 2017 Dec 30, 2017Έχει λήξει €22
Project for David K. As we agreed on the chat before a few minutes. 4 Διαχείριση Συστήματος, Linux, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Dec 27, 2017 Dec 27, 2017Έχει λήξει €25
Install VPN services in the server We would like to install VPN services in our server and close all open ports excluding port 80,443 which is needed for apache. The required ports should be only local access to the server so if our developers need to connect to the server, they first connect to the server through VPN and then finally they access the specific services. Anyone who has similar experienced, please bid. Also, this V... 10 Linux, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN, Διαχείριση Συστήματος, UNIX Dec 2, 2017 Dec 2, 2017Έχει λήξει €39
Openvpn client Looking for a developer to make a VPN Client with C++ and "QT" for cross-plataform "windows, ios, android, linux,mac". We have the design on "PSD" to vpn UX,and need coding all core software. Need create the communication with application and the linux servers, need create the server and client application. OpenVPN tcp and upd its a open-sourced and i believe alread... 10 Προγραμματισμός C++, OpenVPN, Qt Nov 24, 2017 ΣήμεραΈχει λήξει €1967
Build a small Software related to the Tor Network I want to build a small software that can basically make the Tor Network work as a VPN on windows or mac. 5 Γλώσσα Προγραμματισμού C, Ανάπτυξη Λογισμικού, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Nov 9, 2017 Nov 9, 2017Έχει λήξει €155
VirtualBox - Host:Windows - Guest:Apple - TunnelBlick OpenVPN Network FIX * VPN Works but Internet Fails when VPN Connects --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a Windows 7 Host with an Apple El Capitan Guest. Apple does not support OpenVPN natively so I am using tunnelblick The client connects to the Internet normally. However, the instant VPN is connected via tunnelblick, the Internet fai... 5 Mac OS, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017Έχει λήξει -
creating openvpn config file. Hi i want who can help creating onpenvpn config file as a using vpn. 4 OpenVPN Nov 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017Έχει λήξει €23
Fix "Pritunl VPN Server" I have a VPN Server on a cloud, and use the "Pritunl" open source VPN Server Already installed and configured but the clients can not be connected and i have the following error appear into "Pritunl web console": "TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity) TLS Error: TLS handshake failed Fatal TLS error (check_tls... 7 Διαχείριση Συστήματος, Linux, Ασφάλεια Ιστού, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Oct 26, 2017 Oct 26, 2017Έχει λήξει €26
Develop a basic iOS Profile or APP for VPN (No APP store, 1 page page) Key Details of the project: Main Project details: 1) This is a 1 screen APP basic APP. 2) The iOS Profile and/or APP will not be in the APP store. It will be downloaded by clients from a link and installed. 3) It will have a screen to select a server and a power button. 4) We will need to chage the Username/Password or Certificate for every client we provide the Profile and/or APP to. 5) ... 9 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Objective C, OpenVPN, iOS Development Oct 24, 2017 ΣήμεραΈχει λήξει €175
By-passing Geo restricted content I am using a vpn service, getting uk ip ion IP2location and maxmind, even google redirection is of uk but still i am unable access bbciplayer. The same thing is happening on US location, can't able to stream content [το url αφαιρέθηκε, συνδεθείτε για ν&alph... 1 Javascript, Διαχείριση Συστήματος, Έλεγχος Ιστοσελίδων, Γεωτοποθέτηση, OpenVPN Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017Έχει λήξει €125
VPN server for iptv Hi How much to complete this scrit to work with iptv? [το url αφαιρέθηκε, συνδεθείτε για να δείτε] 6 Linux, VPS, OpenVPN Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 2017Έχει λήξει €26
ubuntu vpn Server Secure VPN Account Encrypted WiFi P2P Support PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec 5 devices simultaneously Block ads, trackers, and malware Multiple VPN Gateways Unlimited Bandwidth SOCKS5 Proxy Included No traffic logs Instant Setup Easy to use Anyone can make a server like this? 3 Python, Linux, Ubuntu, OpenVPN Oct 16, 2017 Oct 16, 2017Έχει λήξει -
ubuntu vpn server hello, i have an ubuntu server and i need to install vpn server. (any working vpn server) i need to create users that connect from samsung, iphone mobiles using VPN in phone setting. i don't want to use the OpenVPN connect app. my terms: 1- log and type in text every command and setting you do on my server, so when i format the server i can do it myself. 2- the vpn should work s... 15 Linux, Ubuntu, OpenVPN Oct 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017Έχει λήξει €86
Build VPN client for iOS and Android We need Openvpn client whitelable for iOS and Android using IKEv2 and Connect on demand. 64 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, OpenVPN Sep 29, 2017 Sep 29, 2017Έχει λήξει €2558
OpenVPN Client For Windows We are looking for a OpenVPN Branded Client for windows for our VPN company which pulls profiles dynamically from our website. 3 OpenVPN Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017Έχει λήξει €166
Networking/VPN expert wanted Need someone who is expert in building and managing VPN network. A person must be able to bulid vpn using all latest protocols and must have vpn experience, please do not apply if you don't know what we are talking about, we don't want to buy vpn, we need vpn developer. Thank you 29 Linux, Δοκιμή Λογισμικού, UNIX, Διαχείριση Δικτύου, OpenVPN Sep 2, 2017 Sep 2, 2017Έχει λήξει €140
We are looking someone to make a VPN Guide for Windows 10 OS Here are the details of the tasks: Your task is to make a tutorial guide on our VPN in Windows 10 OS. * You must aware on OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. * We have an existing guide on Windows 8 and most likely, Windows 8 guide will be the same with Windows 10. * You will also make a guide using our application on Windows 7, 8 & 10. 1 OpenVPN Sep 1, 2017 Sep 1, 2017Έχει λήξει €150
Connecting Openvpn to fortigate ssl vpn  we are looking for a freelancer who is cable of creating an openvpn profile that can connect to fortigate ssl vpn instead of using forticlient. If anyone has the skill to do so plz contact me ASAP. Thank you 8 Ασφάλεια Υπολογιστή, OpenVPN Aug 23, 2017 Aug 23, 2017Έχει λήξει €22
Hire a Linux System Administrator (India, Mumbai only) 600$ Unifun is a provider of high-class IT products for Mobile Operators. Founded in 2005 in Moldova, today we have offices in 12 countries. Since 2012 we have been actively growing on the international market. During 5 years we began our collaboration with 95+ mobile operators. We have launched 200+ projects, with an average of 3-5 per month. Currently we are operating in 60 countries all over t... 28 PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, OpenVPN Aug 15, 2017 Aug 15, 2017Έχει λήξει €411
Create VPN L2TP WITH MIKROTIK I want create a vpn with l2tp with mikrotik 9 OpenVPN Aug 9, 2017 Aug 9, 2017Έχει λήξει €86
VPN Network Architecture Design Intend to build a group of VPN servers in different country. So the network architect is required. He should be able to provide productive proof of concept. Here are components of VPN network: 1. Multiple SoftEther VPN servers installed in different countries 2. Radius server (to be recommended) 3. Proxy server (to be recommended) The network architecture and design should be able to escap... 1 OpenVPN Aug 9, 2017 Aug 9, 2017Έχει λήξει €397
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