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    I need Money Flow indicator which is working same like in Market Liberator B or Market Cipher B. Same style of plot and same values. I do not know exact formula therefore I am looking for coder which know how to make it. Please see attached picture from Market Liberator Money Flow

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    Triangle Hedge 5 μέρες left

    I need a EA that can trade 3 or more pairs at same time. If you are not not familiar with triangle hedge please don't reply. Inputs -currency pairs -lot size -profit from combined currencies -restart after profit -timeframe -slippage -spread -max orders -time start -time stop -orders hidden from broker Thanks

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    EA Close Only 5 μέρες left

    [Scenario] I have an existing EA which is running on one chart, and it opens several orders for multi currency pairs. [Requirement for a new EA] I need a new EA running on a separate chart that will do only 2 order closing operations Note: Requirements document is attached

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    I have a script in Thinkscript I will like converted to Pine script with functionality and design remaining the same.

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    trading pine script 5 μέρες left

    tradingview pine script buy-sell strategy

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    Crypto Trader. Cryptocurrency creator. 4 μέρες left

    I started trading crypto since 2013. Headache. And I have a full time job already. I want to list my new coin on coinmarketcap and coingeko. I want to trade new coins that are already on coinmarketcap. I will need help from someone in Asia who can monitor our assets when I am sleep here in USA. I need a freelancer to create those new exchange accounts. Who I can trust. And who can monitor the volatility during asian day times. please be fluent with Pancakeswap. Not just bitcoin. I want to buy into the new coins.

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    I need MQL programmer to program the multiple trade open close and reverse with on click . I want all this on the Chart as a expandable dashboard for further detail refer to the attached files. thanks

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    I will let u know my Heikin ashi strategy with EMA indicator strategy. I want you to convert in to a code The code should filter out stocks from live data from US markets. Any Language can be preferred by the user to integrate

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    trading bot 4 μέρες left

    I have profitable trading strategies that i would like to make into an EA . Hands free trading bot. Need someone to work hand in hand to turn my trading strategies into a automated trading bot.

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    Custom stock trading indicator script Tradovate 3 μέρες left

    I have a simple custom indicator in thinkorswim and need converted for tradovate. I hope you have knowledge of trading software. Must start and finish within a few hours. Here is code from thinkorswim that needs to be converted input RiskUnit = 150; input buffer = .00; input digits = 0; def price = close(priceType = ); def candleRangeBull = price - low + buffer; def candleRangeBear = high - price + buffer; def BullRisk = (RiskUnit) / round(candleRangeBull); def BearRisk = (RiskUnit) / round(candleRangeBear); def BullRisk1 = rounddown(Bullrisk, digits); def BearRisk1 = rounddown(Bearrisk, digits); def o = open; AddLabel(yes, "Risk: " + AsDollars(RiskUnit) + " Ele : "+ (if price > o then BullRisk1 else BearRisk1), if price > o then else );

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    Crypto trading bots app 3 μέρες left

    Looking for developers for crypto trading bots app, that can trade in futures and spot. Reference app bot like AntBot or royal Q bot app.

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    Ib investimentos 3 μέρες left

    Esse projeto, funciona com objetivo simples.a ib investimentos é um projeto de site e empresa brasileira. Nasceu como uma fintech de investimentos e educação financeira com objetivo para se tornar uma corretora de vvalores.

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    Build Auto Traders and Custom Indicators using VTL 3 μέρες left

    Dear Programmers I need a programmer that can Build Auto Traders and Custom Indicators using VTL (VertexFX Trading Language)

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    Help in Pancakeswap sniper bot configuration with teamviewer 3 μέρες left

    Hello, Looking for help to setup pancakeswap sniper bot and scanner in my computer with your help thank you

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    finding professional people to write a backtesting program with simple entry/exit trading rule for stock, automatically perform multiple tests using each of the possible optimization combinations (eSignal MetaStock Pro 10.1 is suggested or Trading View , Excel VBA, Python may be used) 1) with BUY, CLOSE BUY, SELL, CLOSE SELL 2) with entry time offset setting 3) output Test Report to excel file(or can be copied to excel file) to show required information(eg. total no. of 3 consecutive loss and win, total no. of set "1 win + 2 consecutive loss + 1 win" which in between each most recent set of "1 loss + 4 consecutive win + 1 loss" and "1 win + 4 consecutive loss + 1 win", etc.) no hidden code or password protected and all code have been commented and editable by...

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    Forex robot Price action 3 μέρες left

    Specification I need a programmer who can compress the following into a robot and generate like 12% in a day as follows : - 3MA - RSI - WILLIAMS STOCASTIC - ADX - MACD - PRICE ACTION - NEWS FILTER 2. The programmer should takes these into consideration : a. start hr and end hr of the day b. trailing profit and loss c. time session ( Asian, Europe and American) d. should be able to work on these : - all forex pairs - indices - metals - stocks Thanks.

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    Help in Pancakeswap sniper bot configuration - 3 μέρες left

    Hello, Looking for help to setup pancakeswap sniper bot and scanner. thank you

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    I made a code in pinescript I would like to copy in NT8 and add some deltas to it. It's simple coding, 4 lines of codes, pretty basic ones. What would be the price and delivery time? Bond chart - ZB value= security("ZN1!*3-ZB1!", , close) period = input(10) bull = value[0] > lowest(nz(value[1]), period) and close[0] < lowest(nz(close[1]), period) bear = value[0] < highest(nz(value[1]), period) and close[0] > highest(nz(close[1]), period) bull1 = BarDelta[0] < MIN(period)[1] bear1 = BarDelta[0] > MAX(period)[1] plot arrows --> This is really the basics. Showing a divergence between price on the chart and custom value. I'm using MAX and MIN in NT8, but something is wrong and therefor not plotting right. I believe because custom value asset (in ...

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    fix error for Market orders Ninja trader strategy 2 μέρες left

    i buy all market orders on the strategy, the strategy trades fines 70% of the time. 30% of the time it fires off order then cancels the strategy leaving the shares in ib. and disabling the strategy. I need this fixed. it works fine simulator, so its a live trade issue with IB. Ninja support gave way fix but im not programmer. U5586188, Order Message: SELL 93 VXX BATS Warning: Your order was repriced so as not to cross a related resting order affected Order: SellShort 93 Market

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    I need a platform similar with support for multiple cryptocurrency and support for perfect money please only professionals with experience in similar projects

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    Help in Pancakeswap sniper bot configuration 2 μέρες left

    Hello, Looking for help to setup pancakeswap sniper bot and scranner. thank you

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    c-bot for cTrader 2 μέρες left

    I have a very simple c-bot that should help me by trading forex with the ctrader Plattform. You can find it here: It does only the trailing-stop-loss after a certain predefined amount of Pips are gained. 1) All I need is just a little modification of it so that my training-stop-losses are (optional) invisible for the market and are handled as market orders 2)After loading the cbot on a chart I have to press the play-button to start the bot and the bot is starting to work by the next tick or candle (depends on how it was coded) In my case (as posted in the link above) it starts by the next tick. But I would like to modify the cbot somehow to start immediately by pressing the play-button and not waiting for the first tick to set the visible trailing-stop-loss. So if the price freezes on...

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    I have set parameters for my trade entries and trade criteria, so i'm trying to see if there can be an alert system created with the parameters set.

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