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AutoHotkey is an open-source automation and creation software tool developed with an aim to aid users in automating repetitive tasks when using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Applications' interfaces can be altered by AutoHotkey to allow the automation. The utility is driven by a programming language that allows customization and is specifically geared towards the provision of hotkeys or shortcuts on the keyboard.

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    Wish you a nice day. I am looking for a programmer who can write me a script in Autohotkey that will automatically transfer the data of an order page into certain entries from the shipping company UPS. Basically: I want to automate the copy&paste process that is currently done by hand. That's a bit short in summary, I hope the pictures can illustrate it a bit better as my English is not that good. The order web page and UPS web page are in German, but tried to translate them to English, just to make it more understandable. If this makes any difference. Looking forward to offers and support you as much as I can. Translated with (free version) ------------------------------------ Einen guten wünsche ich Ihnen zunächst. Ich suche einen Programmierer, der m...

    €30 - €250
    €30 - €250
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