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    I want a code for my arduino uno data logger connected to sd card module, rtc and a dht22 temperature & humidity sensor. I want the temperature & humidity data to be stored on sd card every few minutes and we can access the data from computer as excel file

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    Raspberry Pi Expert Needed 6 μέρες left

    Work Details Are you familiar with Raspberry Pi? Also With ReSpeaker projects audio microphone array? First is to have the basic visualization of sound levels over time: graph, and the direction of sound. The idea for example you have 3 units outdoor separated by whatever distance in meters (50 or 500 meters....etc.) and you have a sound that is captured by all 3 units. Also to monitor noise level...

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    Looking for Professional Electrical Engineers 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for electrical engineers having good expertise in following FPGA Xilinx Verilog/VHDL Raspberry Pi ESP32/Arduino

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    Programación esp32 -- 2 6 μέρες left

    Estoy trasladando el codigo en C de un micro antiguo a ESP32. Voy bastante avanzado y me queda la adaptación de la parte de codigo que tiene que ver con el archivo de información, que se hacia en una E2prom externa de 8kB. La idea es crear un file en flash que realice esta tarea. Yo ya he pasado la parte de display y Timers. I2c no hará falta si se usa el RTC y la Flash. El mi...

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    Need arduino programmer 6 μέρες left

    Need to update the existing firmware. The GPIO pins have changed & the person who does the job should be comfortable with reading circuit designs

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    Python Magic Coder Game 6 μέρες left

    Hi, I'm looking for a magic coder. i have a failed project from last halloween that i really want to get working. Trick or treat game with a scare. it already looks amazing, it just did not work completely in time. i have 3 links posted below and want parts from each link. the camera and sensor from one. i already made the despensor from the other one and the game is on one link also. I am op...

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    Infineon TC297TP booting 6 μέρες left

    we are looking for someone to make a method to boot this mcu from a control unit : TC297TP boot and read/write firmware.

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    Embedded Engineer is Required 6 μέρες left

    I am looking for an engineer having good experience in ESP32, Arduino IDE, Flask, Database. I will share work details in chat

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    Build a Morse Code Laser (Raspberry PI) 6 μέρες left

    We need a device built on whatever hardware that can send an infrared laser signal morse code. 1. We input some text (preferably via an API or manually at first) 2. The device should convert it into morse code and send this morse code via an infrared signal

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    I want the source code and complete product of 1KW 3 Phase hall sensor BLDC hall sensor Motor Controller having feature set as: 1, Speed control through Throttle. 2. Forward/ backward movement with switch 3. Over Current Protection the threshold set by user 4. dc bus voltage monitor 5. drive temperature monitor using NTC The STM32F072C8T6 Device is used, The detailed Circuit Schematic shared af...

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    Arduino psoc1 6 μέρες left

    Need a program on Arduino to program a psoc1 family

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    Construccion de localizador basado en IOT 5 μέρες left

    Emprendedor con experiencia de éxito en varios proyectos en la actualidad estoy buscando alguien con conocimientos de electrónica y programación para la construcción de un localizador basado en Arduino e IOT que no necesite de la comunicación vía GPS, sino que utilice la propia red de Sigfox/Cellnex para indicar su posicionamiento

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    Correction of Arduino code 5 μέρες left

    I have an arduino code that needs some correction to make it work..I need somebody with better knowledge to try and correct the errors..

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    ARDUINO_deisgn_Implementation 5 μέρες left

    To ski successfully a person needs to coordinate the motion of their limbs to balance on the skis and place the correct pressure on the skis at the right time. Controlled decent of a hill requires the person to continually cross and re-cross the piste, adjusting the line of slope they follow to keep them at a manageable pace. So it is important to be able to turn. This is achieved through a co...

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    I need a person who can develop a project using ARDUINO uno 5 μέρες left

    Hi My Name is Nick and I have a small project to develop an Arduino Uno, I would like to measure current via a current transformer, (30A HALL CURRENT SENSOR MODULE) feed the signal into the Arduino, and then based on a settable current close a set of contacts. The second part of the project would be to make the signal be able to be transmitted via Wifi and operate a smart power outlet. Not sure ho...

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    ESP32 + Flask + Database 5 μέρες left

    Hi, I'm looking for somebody who will be able to create project connected with smart home. The project is about programming the ESP32 (Arduino IDE), which would control several LED lamps (without relays, it's a mini smart home model), one micro servo and collect data from several sensors (DHT22, PIR, UV). Controlling and collecting data would take place using a website (Python + Flask)...

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    changing the arduino code to Python 5 μέρες left

    I have an arduino code for arduino uno. I want this program in raspberri py. If you have experience, let me know. simple task

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    a time-critical task. should be done within an hour from this advertisement with a limited budget of 15$

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    Hi, We need technology related articles on topics like Microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32 etc. We are looking for low prices as we will provide bulk orders. We will provide you 2-4 articles per day and we are looking for multiple writers. Plagiarism tolerance 0%. Interested candidates place their bids with Price & words(they can write per day) at the top, those who don't me...

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    Arduino Project Using PID 4 μέρες left

    I'm building a steam boiler and engine with a generator attached, I know how to do wiring and setup Arduino i just don't know how to code. Basically, the boiler will have a fan attached to blow air into the fire to control the temperature I will also have a hopper for woodchips with a screw and a motor attached to feed the woodchips into the fire. I need to monitor the voltage of the dc ...

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    E-paper stock display 4 μέρες left

    Hi Friend, I am looking for somebody to code a stock tracker for a Epaper display using arduino and a esp 32. The epaper display is the LilyGo T5 4.7 Inch Epaper with an ESP 32 integrated it has 16MB of flash with 8MB of PSRAM I would like the display to show the price of chosen Stocks and maybe Crypto currencies updated every 30 seconds to a minute and show the % change. Thank you, Charles

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    MPLAB X for C coding for dsPIC microcontroller -- 2 4 μέρες left

    I need someone who can do C coding in MPLABX in 3 hour

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    We are using a little device called an oximeter that is a non invasive device with a finger sensor (see attached picture). Values are displayed on the screen and we need to find a solution to collect data every few seconds (selectable 1-5-10-15-30 seconds) into an excel spreadsheet for long periods and to display : Date - Hour - Minute - Second - Sp02 value - Pulse rate value We need somebody ...

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    Sistema de control web de Arduino 3 μέρες left

    Estamos buscando programador para realizar el back de un sistema que controla actuadores y sensores por medio de Arduino conectados a un server. El control del sistema debe ser desde una app. BUSCAMOS PERSONAS QUE PUEDAN TRABAJAR DE MANERA PRESENCIAL EN SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMÁN, ARGENTINA. (Excluyente) Chequear medidas en el archivo adjunto

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    MPLAB X for C coding for dsPIC microcontroller 3 μέρες left

    I need someone who can do C coding in MPLABX in 3 hour

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    Buenas tardes, me dedico a la venta de mayoreo de combustible, actualmente estamos entrando en el mercado agricola, donde ponemos a comodato toda la infraestructura, tanque , bomba de combustible, instalaciones etc. Necesito un software que me permita controlar el surtido de gasolina o diesel, generar reportes de carga etc.

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    ESP-32 Mesh Network Setup 3 μέρες left

    I want to setup ESP-32 mesh (WiFi) to connect about 30 ESP-32 to WiFi via mesh spread across 700 Meters square area. Distance between any neighboring ESP-32 will be 8 Meters. In Mesh ESP-32 wont be sending any data to each other, its for WiFi connectivity. Code need to be developed using Arduino. Tip : [κάνε είσοδο για ν&alp...

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    Good evening, I would like to make a door lock for my garage with a keypad and also a controllable/ unlockable with phone via wifi. I would like to have a simple iPhone app where I can: 1. see door code(every day automatically generates a unique 4digit code. For example, I could send this code to someone from my family and they can open the door with the keypad that is on the garage door) 2. butto...

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    Programming project 2 μέρες left

    The project is to design and program a microcontroller based system with an HMI, that is capable to monitor and control several parameters, as follows: - Control X and Y Axis movements should be controlled through HMI. - Same force applying must be controlled through HMI with a multi force sequence option. - Test Frequency should be controlled through HMI. - Thermal control option to control temp...

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    Embedded systems hardware video producer 2 μέρες left

    We are looking for an embedded systems engineer who has - Good spoken English - American accent is a plus - Workshop with so many components Arduino, esp, raspberry pi, pic microcontroller, and others - Ability to shoot videos with voice narration explaining how to connect a circuit and test it out for students, like how to make a led cube using arduino from scratch and similar things Comment wit...

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    Create hardware to monitor a healthcare resident call light system via a photoresistor to sense when a call light is activated. System intended to track and trend call light response times to improve patient care.

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    Stm32f746g programming 1 μέρα left

    I want to control of stepper motor useing stm32 . This system useing with syringe pump controlling.

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    Hello, i have managed to interface a 433MHz radio reciever with arduino with assembly code, and the data reception is perfect. I now need to download the ASCII data and get it displayed via serial port. All the hardware is working, its just a software job. You can use teamviewer, amd I can be there to help on the hardware side. I can do it myself but im just too busy to crack my head on this. ...

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    I need an expert in Embedded System Design 21 ώρες left

    program STM32L475IOT for new machine tool, adroid ios app to interact with stm, data logging and upload of data and settings to cloud. motor controllers, hearing controller, temperature control.

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    Prototype - Smart mirror with raspberryPi. 6 ώρες left

    I need to have a prototype developed - A smart mirror with Raspberry pi for a scooter. Please look at the attached image and connect with me to know more in-depth requirements

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    Biaxial Tensile Testing Arduino Code 3 ώρες left

    To use Arduino programming, to develop a software programme which can control a designed apparatus. I have attached a diagram showing what is needed. Please ask if further details are needed.

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    Looking for someone to assist and program a pixhawk drone , the drone is a boat and has 2 esc motors, steering is done altering power to left/right motor. Control of drone to be used with basic 7-8 button controller

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