An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools and protocols used for building application software. It is a set of clearly defined communication methods between various components of a software program. An API makes it simpler to develop computer software, and provides all the building blocks for the programmer to put together.

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    1. I need to pull all amazon seller central orders to google Sheets via Amazon SP API integration. 2. I need to set inventory quantity to amazon seller central via google sheets using Amazon SP API integration. Contact me for further information

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    Building an H5 recorder and English speech scorer 6 μέρες left

    The application is for users to listen to a sample audit, meanwhile see the script, then record his/her own voice, returns a scoring of his speech evaluation via a speech service API. Imagine Koraoke, the only difference this is for language shadowing. H5 player & recorder - able to play a mp3 file from online URL with a script shown above - able to record via mic, pause, and stop, play Speech scoring - post and get result with a paid third party API (can provide document, sample) - returns the result to show the user Managing & Display - a backend managing sample sentence, audio file, correspondent URL - able to have one lesson ( sample audio, caption, recorder) embed in another website e.g.

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    Android development project 6 μέρες left

    Hello, I have an Android project ready to develop. The technologies used include: Kotlin, MVVM, Hilt, Retrofit, Room, Paging, Socket.IO...etc. The development time is about 3 months. I want to find a skilled full-time developer to help me with my development. Thank you.

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    Slot games 6 μέρες left

    Casino style games. Need a team to develop multiple games about 20-30. To be intergraded into my site, that is currently being developed by another team. I have some games on PCB that need to be duplicated as well as some reference sites that needs to be out done. Reference: please check only the casino slots page

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    test api using postman 6 μέρες left

    issue to test api using postman how to pass credintials in see Screenshot from 2022-08-07 attached how to create python code { "client_id":"2d95f7d6", "grant_type":"password", "username":"3scaleuser2", "password":"myPass2@", "client_secret":"a8d106d95ac114c86a7d6584894497a9" }

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    SaaS ERP + CRM Já existente perdemos os Fonts 90 dias 6 μέρες left

    Ola precisamos copiar este ERP + CRM existente com todas as funcionalidades, temos acesso as adm. Segue meu site Precisamos de uma equipe de 2 no minimo , entrega em no máximo, 3 meses , o sistema já existe, e uma reestruturação do atual ,perdemos os fontes mas temos acesso total as funcionalidades, ele é em devido a segurança de encriptografia do banco de dados e configuracão. Estudamos propostas de outras linguagens de programação portanto que tenha criptografia nativa. E um sistema de SaaS ERP +CRM. Algumas funcoes dentro do ERP , já vem pronta de outras empresas via APi, tipo , Toda a parte fiscal de Nf(e), Integracoes com integradores de MarketPlaces. Devera ter APi Pronta com: Woocomerce Shopify Openca...

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    Python+Ebaysdk expert. -- 3 5 μέρες left

    I need to create python script to handle refunding order in ebay seller central. Who has any experiences with ebaysdk in python? I need to handle several functions . Please bid if you have used ebaysdk before

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    Fix custom plugin issue (Wordpress) 5 μέρες left

    I have an issue with slow loading time on matchlist (on homepage: ). The matchlist is a custom plugin (mostly php and javascript). The data is imported from API to DB and then we show data on frontend by pulling data from DB. The matchlist loading slow when changing date or reload page (5-10 sec sometimes), especially when there are many visitors on the site at same time, and in weekends where there are many matches. So I am looking a solution to can fix the loading issue, so it will load fast 1-2 sec when changing date, no matter amount of matches and amount of visitor at same time. Most likely it will need to change in coding for the way of how is showing the data on frontend. I am not looking for someone who can optimize speed by Google Pagespeed or optimization plugins, since that&...

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    api integration 5 μέρες left

    pyton script for api integration see pdf uploaded

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    Experienced Python back-end developer is needed to develop the operational back-end part of a new crypto copy-trading bot. Project scope: The bot will operates as a tube between 2 platforms. Tradingview, and the crypto exchange. From one end, it will listen to webhooks triggered by a 3rd party website called Tradingview. The webhooks includes the information of the trade (for example: buy Bitcoin). It then process this trade for all subscribers on their individual crypto exchange by accessing their API. It needs to use a Python library called CCXT, this library unify all crypto exchanges APIs into one identical function. We consider this project to be an MVP. We made every aspect as simple as possible. Please submit your past projects, git and description of your experience. We will s...

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    tata asn api 5 μέρες left

    tata asn api integration to python software

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    extension này có thể nối API hoặc lấy dữ liều thông tin các đơn hàng thông qua tài khoản sellers từ các platform bán hàng như etsy, amazon, shopbase, shopify, woocommerce, sau đó chuyển sang một server khác để fulfilment, mua tracking hàng hóa sau đó trả lại thông tin tracking lên các platform kia.

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    Help me build my stripe checkout and payment (both customer and seller), backend workflows using most secure / best practice methods. Using the following - Cart checkout system for both services and products: 1. Confident with Stripe API's to and from applications 2. Backend workflows where possible (server side) 3. using 3D secure methods / best practices e.g. paymentintents 4. using also the zeroqode stripe marketplace API plugin 5. multiple sellers and transactions in the backend 6. assist and inform on benefits of methods employed vs alternatives (may change reasoning around methods employed) 7. Multiple cart items, multiple sellers > Marketplace automate pay-out / payment to each of the listed sellers on check out. Build all logic to make individual pay-outs to ...

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    Kami sedang menawarkan 1. Project e-commerce, POS, Chat realtime, payment gateway (Semacam linkaja, midtrans, dana & sejenisnya) dan Kurir. 2. Project LMS, Web Pendidikan, Zoom Meeting 3. Project sewa lahan dan manajemen 4. Project manajemen pergudangan 5. Project sale marketing (Mobil, Hotel dll) 6. Dan masih banyak project lainnya Yang kami inginkan : • Bahasa pemograman php native (Non Framework), jquery, css • Kami sediakan template layout tinggal di ganti sesuai kebutuhan (Backend) • Seluruh coding yang selesai nantinya kami ujicoba dan menjadi milik perusahaan. • Bisa bekerjasama dengan tim dan berjiwa leadership • Mampu mengelola hosting dan memberikan pelatihan ke user-user kami. • Kerja cepat & bertanggung jawab. • Personal bukan perkumpu...

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    Need stock sync API connection woocommerce and supplier. 4 μέρες left

    Need a API connection to sync stock in woocommerce shop with suplier. Documentation is available. Only need the stock lines

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    SDMX API Data analysis and Visualization 4 μέρες left

    Develop a 'template' and methodology to review and understand the structure, content and relationships of selected datasets that will be input into a prototype, including: Document data types, length and codes or patterns Collect descriptive statistics like min, max, count and sum. Tagging data with keywords, descriptions or categories. Performing data quality checks Validate the feasibility / challenges of joining with other datasets Discovering metadata and assessing its accuracy. Identifying key candidates and foreign-key candidates Identifying value dependencies, consistency rules, aggregation rules, etc, So i need all this documented in a dedicated git repository, where i can manage: Documentation (Wiki, Readme, etc) Datasets (csv files, etc) Notebooks with data profilin...

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    automation of the import of products to a shopify store 4 μέρες left

    Dear, I need to automation of the import of products to my shopify store using api shopify thank you

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    Build modern fresh website for selling domain name website -- 2 4 μέρες left

    Hi need someone who can make fresh modem website and design that focus in selling domain name. Install the API from rrpproxy(net) . Setup stripe payment system and make it work for my website. Design must intergate with whcm(dot)com billing system. No ready made template I'm focusing in selling domain name. So the website must be look more to domain name industry then normal web hosting site. Please PM me thanks

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    Python+Ebaysdk expert. 4 μέρες left

    I need to create python script to handle refunding order in ebay seller central. Who has any experiences with ebaysdk in python? I need to handle several functions . Please bid if you have used ebaysdk before

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    I have an API written in NodeJS that uses multer to upload files. The videos will be uploaded on a separate endpoint from the one that already exists today and will be stored on the S3 and I need that before the videos are sent, there is a treatment in the quality and resolution of the video, because the files have become very large and the idea is to reduce it as much as possible while maintaining an acceptable quality. This work can serve as a gateway for others, we have more tasks that can be yours in the future if the work is done well.

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    Python 2.7 rest api call with post call/payload 3 μέρες left

    need to make a rest api call for creating few payload items in python 2.7 using urllib3 modules

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Wordpress & Woocommerce developer who knows how to develop (or who has already developed) an e-commerce for the comparison of shipping and forwarding agents. In a nutshell, the user connects to the site, and calculates the shipping cost of his package, based on the shipping company chosen, the size and weight of the package. We will need to integrate the platform with the APIs of the shippers we will indicate (Example, BRT, FedEX, GLS, TNT etc.). In such a way as to follow the whole phase of the purchase and shipment of the parcel. Packages will be picked up from the shipping point chosen by the customer and taken to the customer's desired location. To get an idea, view: or , clearly we will need to have the ability to enter our rates with t...

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    Google Sheet and Whatsapp Automation 3 μέρες left

    I need someone who can work on this function. send message to all number available on GoogleSheet through WhatsApp Cloud API. Scirpt code is available just don't know the techinical part how to configure the same. REf :

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    • We need is a custom system that collects "in-game" surebets from BetBurger & Rebel Betting, and places them on pre-registered Exchanges & Bookmakers such as BetFair, Bet365, Smarkets..etc • The system will sit on a dedicated AWS server, that will have a simple config & settings dashboard, that filters bets based on some key elements and criteria. • ideally the system will then place the surebets on the exchanges/bookmakers as fully automated as possible, all the way to clicking bet & confirm • We are aware of issues with soft sportsbook based book makers trying to stop automation and not proving public APIs, so we may need Java based browser scripts that automated the last click bets on the Soft bookies websites, without risk of detection. ...

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    Integration between Woocommerce, Perfex CRM and pure PHP Panel. 3 μέρες left

    We need to create integration between Woocommerce, Perfex, dashboard in pure PHP, and a custom module to pull expired projects and other statuses that will be created. How would Workflow: 1 - Customer buys on Woocommerce; 2 - API checks if the customer has a registration in PERFEX; 3 - If the registration is not found, the API registers the client in PERFEX; 4 - Client registers service in pure PHP panel; 5 - After registering in the PHP Panel, a project is created in PERFEX; 6 - Control the status of the project in PERFEX. 7 - At the end of the project, it will be possible to attach an MP3 file to send to the client. Thanks.

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    Hola, Actualmente disponemos de un software de creación de horarios que genera un csv con las horas de entrada y salida de cada día y de cada empleado. A continuación adjunto una captura del formato del csv. Aunque podríamos modificar el formato filas-columnas sin ningún problema. *Las columnas son los empleados (número de identificación) y las filas son las horas de entrada, salida de descanso, entrada de descanso y salida. También tenemos unos terminales de huella de la marca ZKTeco, en la que los empleados fichan diariamente. Podemos acceder a los fichajes de los empleados a través del software de ZKTeco manualmente. La idea es hacer una integración del programa de fichajes y del creador de turnos para conseguir ...

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    Build a Mobile Application in React Native or Flutter 2 μέρες left

    We have built a listing website for management of Logistics, Products, Advertisements and Jobs which can be accessible through package purchase. Users can either post their requirement or search for available service providers. we are looking forward app developers who can built UI, API and functionality. Currently we have integrated Stripe gateway for purchase of packages and Advertisements. One type of payment is one time and other is recurring. Do not randomly apply before reading description, I will completely ignore bid. Also ignore irrelevant question like what is your budget, you will loose opportunity. I am a developer so please talk sense with me, I would really appreciate.

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    Candidate We require a coder to code a website that will be built by us on the Wordpress platform. We will build the pages and the graphics ourselves, but need the services of a coder to make the vision a reality. Here is a full mockup of the website: Skills / task requirement: Web based database: PostGreSQL. mySQL, SQLite etc Coding to update: 1 million pixel overlay image Coding to update: Bricks sold / % of total Coding to create a form that enters data to database Code to send .PDF "certificate" to recipient email address Code to create a recipient page (after successful payment) using a linkID Code to communicate with stripe api triggering the sending of PDF to email / Creation of recipient linkID page Full testing in stripe test mode Purpose This project was devise...

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    Build modern fresh website for selling domain name website.. 2 μέρες left

    Hi need someone who can make fresh modem website and design that focus in selling domain name. Install the API from rrpproxy(net) . Setup stripe payment system and make it work for my website. Design must intergate with whcm(dot)com billing system. No ready made template I'm focusing in selling domain name. So the website must be look more to domain name industry then normal web hosting site. Please PM me thanks

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    Laravel Developer 2 μέρες left

    We need an admin dashboard and website and apis for mobile app for the eCommerce website. We have all requirements documented, we need freelancer to join immediately and start working on the project. Following are the deliverables: - Website in Laravel/vue.js(We have UI for mobile app, website UI is on going will be similar to mobile app UI) - Admin dashboard for the website in Laravel - Apis for the mobile app

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    API Integration 2 μέρες left

    I need a developer who knows how to integrate various APIs and who can take data from different sites and load it into mysql

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    Find me which API some company uses 1 μέρα left

    This project is for someone who is really intelligent tech guy and know to work out of the box. I know few website that uses third party information and shows them on their website. I need to know who those third parties are. Below are the companies that I need information on. 1) Signalhire - They sell web extension that fetch contact information on the linkedin. It's obvious that these data comes from the third party. I need information where it comes from? 2) - They sell web extension that fetch contact information on the linkedin. It's obvious that these data comes from the third party. I need information where it comes from? 3) Kendoemailapp - They sell web extension that fetch contact information on the linkedin. It's obvious that these data comes from the third par...

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    HubSpot Postman collection for Create an offer by API 1 μέρα left

    We need some postman collection for HubSpot create offer by their new API. Please take care that this postman will work with their latest API version.

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    Project Development orkestral/superchats Github API -- 3 1 μέρα left

    Hello Freelancers I'm looking for developer who has already worked on orkestral/superchats or similar API like that Basically its a Whatsapp API If you have done anything like this before. We can discuss on project and finalize long term project.

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    Resale API6 Expert 1 μέρα left

    I need to fix the API issue on my WordPress Properties site and make it work perfectly.

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    Develop a Wordpress Plugin. We are a machinery dealer. The machinery details on our website are always out of date. The manufacturer has given us API endpoints for machinery information. We hope we can build this out to make it quick and easy to use. We see that the plugin settings page will store API credentials and bearer token with the potential to regenerate this token periodically, it has a 60 min expiry. The app settings will display a list of API endpoints available to access, each has a specific purpose returning JSON technical information about hierarchical product categories, their associated models and full rich information about each model including images, text and urls. We hope that we can enable or disable these API endpoints that need to be displayed. Selected API endpo...

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    AWS Developer 1 μέρα left

    Responsibilities: - Proficiency in developing with AWS databases - Development of applications with Amazon Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk - Development with AWS services, like AWS Simple Queue, AWS simple, workflow, etc., with relevant SDKs - Knowledge of cloud reference architectures and AWS best-practices - Documentation of the debug code modules on AWS - Stay updated with the latest open source technologies tools and their operations

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    Headline: Build a ThumbnailProvider for Microsoft Cloud Sync Engine ( Cloud Files API ) Skills: Visual C++, COM+ Scope: Successful applicant must create a ThumbnailProvider for placeholder files within the Cloud Sync Engine, which utilises the Microsoft Cloud Files API framework. Here's an example Cloud Sync provider from Microsoft: We simply need a ThumbnailProvider to assign binary image data as thumbnails to the placeholder files, and then disregard the thumbnail if the file is fully hydrated (This may be default action within Cloud Files API). The thumbnail will be downloaded from the Internet and must not exist on the local drive.

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    שיחות VOIP 16 ώρες left

    VOIP дзвінки по Україні Зацікавив український фахівець з VOIP-дзвінків, який спеціалізується на консультуванні з питань здійснення дзвінків по Україні. Маю бізнес послуг зв'язку для будь-яких потреб, У мене вже є сервер з вхідними дзвінками в Україні, а також вхідними та вихідними дзвінками в інших країнах, Тепер мені потрібно надсилати дзвінки з мого сервера на телефони в Україні, і я потрапляю в проблеми з бюрократією. 1. Потрібна порада як дешево дзвонити на всі оператори фіксованого та мобільного зв'язку України, 2. Також потрібна порада, як отримати віртуальні телефонні номери в Україні для київстар, lifecell, vodafone.

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    We have an app that should push notifications to the users to their desktop. Users are not connected to app all the time. When they will get a push -> they can click on it to go to webpage of app. (Like WhatsApp, Telegram Pushes). The program should contain login conditionals (authenticate with the app server) to fetch only logged in user pushes.

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    Webflow - API Link for Deals Page 8 ώρες left

    I am looking for assistance in setting up a data feed API link. I have all the documentation from the provider on how to set up the API link for a Wordpress website but would like this to be set up to work for a webflow website. I have all the required documentation for the page required and the GUID and weblink. This feed is for a travel website so deals automatcally are added and updated. If you have any further questions, i can send through documentation on how the provider would like this done. I also have the php file. I am wanting this to be completed in the next 12 - 24hrs. Overall I would like the deal to feed through to the Webflow website and the page to display these deals as the provider wants.

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    Κορυφαία API Άρθρα Κοινότητας