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    The goal is to write a google script for exporting a google spreadsheet file to pdf, with page parameters (portrait/landscape, ...) and a particular print area.

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    ...looking for a custom google script developed. I need to use a similar method to Google Apps Manager to print user groups from one user, and then assign another user those groups. I need to run a google script that will print User A's groups and then assign those groups to User B. I would like a Google Form to be filled out to a ...

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    Looking for a google script writer for a extensive project. Must be good with google script. I have a google spreadsheet and want to automate it to generate labels for printing based on the search criteria. Labels are mostly on pdf format, so it will be required to be uploaded through script to find the correct label and then print. Pleas...

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    Quick Google Apps Script Task Έχει λήξει left

    I am working on a Google Sheets document, and have the task of creating a sidebar (already done), and scanning the two-column spreadsheet into a 2D Array. Then, I have to print out a list of "Red Flags" based on conditionals with the first column and second column, and print out any of those Red Flags onto the sidebar. It is a pretty simple task, but

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    Need to create a standalone script Έχει λήξει left

    Hi I want a script for read the spreadsheet data via api, Below is the requirement 1. Script should use google api key 2. It will read the spreadsheet data and print 3. It should not ask for authetication login 4. We need documentation for use it.

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    Write a reservation sheet in a spreadsheet form for each day of the month, and each month of the year, to use in Google Docs. Design a script that will total daily reservations and monthly reservations and format reservation sheet to print nicely.

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    I am after someone that can write a google spreadsheet script that will extract from various individual google spreadsheets (that all use the same layout and are effectively copies of each other although they have different data entered into them) There are 3 sheets within the google spreadsheets one for income, one for expenses and one as a chart

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    Google Spreadsheet Auto Print Έχει λήξει left

    Hello, I need help in Google Spreadsheet Auto Print. I need Google Apps Script to print automatically. The code will be written in Google Spreadsheet Script Editor. Make a Menu Button in Google Spreadsheet named Print and if you click on Print it will print the active sheet using Google Clou...

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    We have a spreadsheet of information we need printed on a 5.5 inch wide ticket x 2 inch high. It looks like this..see picture of ticket on right side [login to view URL] The ticket feeds through a special printer that works like any other printer but only prints tickets. No unique printer language. We have

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    ...requests via a google form. This google form populates a google spreadsheet that the school admin staff can view and approve individual purchase orders. What we need is to be able to automatically produce a nice printable form from each row of data (individual purchase request). I believe this should be possible via google scripting in google spreadshee...

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    Google App Script - Test Project Έχει λήξει left

    Google Apps Script Real Estate Management - Proof of Concept This work is to help me to test the effectiveness of Google Apps Script and to gauge whether it will be suitable to use to develop our custom CRM system. I need to see the speed at which the script will run as script on the spreadsheet and a deployed web application. We currently hav...

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    Custom Project Feb 21 2013 07:07:12 Έχει λήξει left

    Peter; have another small project. We have a Google spreadsheet that lists articles in progress for a client. (Our website is [login to view URL]; theirs is [login to view URL]; their journal for which we ghostwrite most of the articles is [login to view URL]). Every now and again we need to print the spreadsheet. Usually I do it manually in which case the things

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    Write script for Google Spreadsheet Έχει λήξει left

    I have a Google spreadsheet that I want to publish so it can be used by my customers (re-sellers) to generate a product quote for their customers. The spreadsheet will need to be view only. I need to write a script so that after entering data in required fields the user can print the quote to their local printer, e-mail a copy to the customer

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    There are 2 parts to this project. Part 1 is to make a Google Sheet print a custom radar chart that, for some reason, won't show up when saved as PDF. Part 2 is to increase the font size of the labels of that same custom radar chart. 1) Go here: [login to view URL]

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    1 προσφορές complete this project, please modify the script below so it works. Try it out with a test google account. The goal is to add new rows of data to a Google spreadsheet. The script is pretty self-explanatory and basic. #!/usr/bin/perl use Net::Google::Spreadsheets; my $service = Net::Google::Spreadsheets->new( username =&g...

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    ...documents for site design and full spec into. CMS: ModX Design • Slice supplied Photoshop file • Adhere to design format • Code necessary pieces Style sheets • Print compliant • Mobile compliant Pages • Homepage / Live product page • FAQ’s • Archive • Downloads • Forums • Blog • Affiliates • ...

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    WEB PROMOTION / LINK BUILDING Έχει λήξει left great demand by most business that sell a products and services. We need a page ranking of 8 or better in google, for search terms: business card printing, postcard printing, post card printing, rack card printing, club card print, flyer printing, sell sheet printing, catalog sheet printing, catalog printing, brochure printing, poster printing

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    ... I don't know how difficult it would be to implement, or the best technology to do the job, but I am hoping that you guys can make suggestions. Here is the idea: we need a script/program that will autmatically: 1) Take a query (this could be a zipcode, an address, a property type, a price range, etc, and any combination of these). 2) Log on to

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