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    ...categories on the left as well [login to view URL] Example of the product in the old website here [login to view URL] Example of how I would like to have them is here, but maybe different

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    Two Php pages 1. [login to view URL] - UserName - Password 2. [login to view URL] - PostCode - IBAN See the attachment. Need to start immediately and finished it in 4 hours. The specification in the attachment.

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    Hello, We have a magento website with around 600 items. And we are looking to add attributes to our products so our customers can use the filter on anchor pages. We have all the attributes we need on the product pages description. And what I want is someone to extract the html tables from all our product pages and add those attributes to the items.

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    I have a Woocommerce shop with 472 products, and I need to add 4 attributes to each product. These are not for variations, just attributes. I need someone who can start right away and finish it, but do it manually, one by one without plugins. Atributtes are in Spanish, but they are simple and intuitive.

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    ...added to both. We need some additional coding done as follows: Attributes from parent product added to wish list and compare. Attributes from child product added to wish list and compare. Basically, when a user adds a room to ether wish list or compare it must be able to pull the attributes from both of the child and parents. We also need a google

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    XML to Access Project This is a 2 stage project to convert an xml file into an Microsoft Access database. Stage 1 Produce a list of attributes (fields) within the xml file and send me the list of attributes. From this point I will produce a layout of tables, fields, keys and linking relationships that I would like the Microsoft Access database to

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    Have 2 sites with Ubercart that include price changes depending on the options chosen from various attributes. Need the Sell price to reflect the changes to the pricing when various selections are chosen from the drop downs on the attributes/options

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    1. I would like 2 order attributes to the orders table. fraud_confirmed and first_time_customer, both boolean (no, yes) values defaulting to no = 0. 2. I would like these 2 order attributes editable in the order record in the backend with a dropdown (no, yes) defaulting to no. 3. I would like this developed as an extension. You can name it /local/Dks/One/

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    ...m2e on our magento 2.1.4 ... For some reason attributes data are not moving to ebay template .. so we want a way .. that will bring attributes directly on ebay listing attribute area or at least a script / template that will bring those datas in description area... Right "Magento expert" on your bid so i will understand you have read and unders...

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    ...have a Wordpress website...using Woocommerce. When I try to add attributes to a product, the attributes will not load (as seen in screenshot). Also, for products that already have attributes, when trying to add the product to the cart, the following message shows and won't allow the product to be added: "Invalid value posted for Material&qu...

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    I need 10 game characters designed with animations (All in PNG). a few Heroes and a number of enemies. 64x64 pixels in size approx. Theme is Cruise and Summer, so I need a male and a female tourist / cruiser. Then in 3 age categories. Young, adult and elderly. Animations needed are: Idle, Jump, Walk, Run, Crouch/Sit, Die and Celebrate The enemies can be discussed but would include police, thi...

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    Change the attributes for a PDF file so it have different date. Same date must show if open PDF and check properties and if right click on windows explorer (and other programs) and select properties. I can do both, but it show different in the PDF properties and Windows properties. Can you handle this?

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    I do a simple thing export to csv entire product catalog + attributes, and after the re-import changes

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    Project : Using Aggregations as Derived Attributes 1 Objectives In this assignment you look to address scalability concerns with your previous sketches by using aggregation techniques. Again, take care to use good software engineering practices. 2 Ground Rules This assignment is intended to be done alone. You may ask others for help with fi guring

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    Hi I have opencart theme Journal 2 and need to setup attributes and filter for product paramenters. I need more consultation that work done.

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    i have created an module to add an xml to an order on mageto, the only issue is that i need to replace the sku for a custom product Attribute call ctscode [login to view URL] attached

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    ...have ~30,000 products listed. There is 1 attributes spanning 6 categories & sub-categories, and I haven't been able to configure the plugin correctly Plug-in must be able to do the following: Recognize and display all Attributes of the currently-viewing category Recognize and don’t display all Attributes of the currently-viewing category if the

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    I have 2 extensions called "Magento Fast Product Import" (e-commerce team) and advanced product options (mageworx). Now my supplier provides me with a csv file for automatic updating all the product options. The fast product import guide recommends the follwing code: {'type':'drop_down','is_require':1,'sku'...

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    We have a shop in Magento (current version) with should be migrated to Shopware 5.2. We are using the Shopware Migration plugin which works for basic products but not for attributes. There seems to be a bug in the extension or other problems. So somebody has to import atttributes "by hand" with DB queries or API.

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    ...on stock products of most of our brands, we need a script for our magento store (in cron) that works automatically regarding some rules. When it’s done, products will automatically become sale products and/or not sale products by a cronjob. This might be an extra feature to magento > promotions > catalog price rules, but we have to discuss that.

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    PLEASE NOTE : ************************* BIDS THAT DO NOT MAKE AT LEAST SOME RELATIVE COMMENT ACKNOWLEDGING THAT THEY HAVE READ THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE IGNORED OBJECTIVE ************* I want to include a query string at the end of each image or attachment url displayed in wordpress For example : An image --------------- <img src="http://mysite

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    shopfiy expert bug fixing on color attributes urgent fxiing

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    urgent bug fixing and for long run lot of shopify work . Attributes issue

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    i need someone good adding attributes and variations in wordpress woocommerce the system update and something is not working the attributes and variations are still there but not working properly i need you to fix this problem 20 total products [Thursday, February 16, 2017 11:23 AM] Alex Muller: <<< hello the woocommerce make an update

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    I am looking for a Auto-configure - new attributes when we do bulk import via Magmi. If you have this script ready, would be better.

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    I need Import products with Attributes/ Prices in Magento using magmi. Have around 100 products. * Other changes. Please do let me know with demo work done.

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    Classic ASP, read/parse a nested XML file and its attributes

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    Hello, We have bulk number of scanning documents we need a desktop based software to tag attributes to files (PDF or Word format) section wise, employee wise or subject, description, number etc and store them for retrieving via search anytime in local system Any ready made software or custom developed will do. Need in less time

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    10 προσφορές runs on woocommerce, we are using WC Fields Factory plugin to enter our custom attributes for our products. Because if this we cannot use the filter system provided by Woocommerce. So we want you to make woocommerce to take our custom fields to know them as attributes of the products. or OPTION 2 make a new a new widget for sidebar that can be used

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    I have a Magento Website that I need some help with as far as understanding and creating attribute sets. Also need help understanding how to import products and images via excel or .csv. This is a simple task for anyone that understands Magento I have a few small design edits as well as initial setup and menus.

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    For some reason we are unable to edit price via update attributes. We can tick the change box but it wont let you type in the price box it just does nothing?

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    Req a magento expert to clean up product attibutes and configure a working example configurable product.

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    Add product attributes, variables pricing etc of 299 products in Woocommerce Subscription (manual work). Has to be done whithin 12 hours

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    ISSUE 1: - The price on the product page ([login to view URL]) is no longer updated when combinations are in effect. Examples: [login to view URL] - On this page one can select different cable lenghts. However the price does not update accordingly since longer cables

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    Simply pull menu options and formatting from mysql - i have menu code and page code but need integrated with mysql

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are CSS, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL and SQL. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $250 - $750 USD. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files.

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    Need research for: the combat application of the purest: N-methylamphetamine) that can be synthesized for elite special forces..... I need OUTLINE> Combat performance enhancement: Purest forms of synthesis: Administration: Thru specialist Goverment psychiatrists.... Also University studies applications....

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    Need an urgent urgent fix for the following issue: When attempting to add attributes e.g. size or colour, to a new product in osCommerce, it does not work. When attempting to edit attributes on an existing product, it wipes all other available attributes, and leaves just the text of the product. The issue doesn't affect changes in price.

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    I am starting a WooCommerce website that is selling kilts. I am looking to create a "Tartan Selector". This will hold maybe 400-500 different tartan designs for the kilt that the customer can look at and select and continue with their order. Some tartans will have different prices compared to others, so there needs to be an option to add prices for each tartan. Basically, I require the e...

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    Hi We have a B2B project in Magento for spanish market, the magento is running but we need some changes: - Change languaje, we can't do, the module is uploaded but can't find where can we change it. - Install a module for login ecomwise_forcedlogin and put our logo in the login area (and translate to spanish) - Install a module that manage slideshow

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    Hello, I need help to make some attributes. Timer on product, each 24h the deal ends. How many sales the product got(I wish i can also edit that number) Something like this site: [login to view URL] Kinda same design, just other color. I already got a website, but i just want a new page for this feature

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    Hi I need some help inputting data to the attributes field of my wordpress site. All the data can be found on the product page. I need someone familiar with the attribute section of WooCommerce and can follow my word document notes. There are 20 pages to do, it should be approximately 10 hours work.

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    PrestaShop: Display attributes total in product page right under the product price.

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    ...Animals,and for selling live animals we have options like we ask the customer how many (Male-Female) for the animal he want to purchase from us, so I need to add option in product pages to let my customer add how many Males-Females from the animal he will purchase from us, and My Imagination is if there is possibility to add quantity box for Male and

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    We've got a a problem using the "Update Attributes" feature of Magento Backend (see screenshot "[login to view URL]") in a Magento CE shop. The problem is that even though I only check one of the "change" checkboxes and enter a value it will override many other attributes for the selected items. As you can see in the screensh...

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    ...osclass and its code. what I want: 1- To index the car attributes of an ad for search queries? This way, if an ad has an attribute that matches the user query, it can be displayed on the search results along with the other ads that match in title/description. here are the car attributes (fields) that i want to index to the search queries: Fuel

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    ...tuffclassified theme ([login to view URL]) Freelancer must have experience with osclass and its code i need customization to car attributes plugin (or write a new plugin) specifically i want to add more details to car attributes and more details to search. eg. someone post an ad and sells a car that has 15.000 kilometres he puts 15000 in the field "kilomtetres"

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    The attached spreadsheet has multiple attributes and values within 2 single columns (column F and column G). The task is to programmatically extract the attribute as a new column header and value. I want a new column and header for each attribute and everything that is currently within column F and column G flattened so it's all also accessible within

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    I need to refactor the html file and move all inline style attributes to a separate css file.

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