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    dear freelancers I...to make a brochure for spa services, i am looking for someone who is creative and has good software to make a good brochure that folds on standard 8 x 11 paper.. 3 column front and 3 column back. it is for a spa/ cupping clinic. i have the logos and everything can be copy and pasted from website. thanks . i need good samples ..

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    ...an as-of-yet unbranded masonry and landscape construction company. My intention is to advertise in a local paper named Beach Metro news. I am going to start with a three-column by three inch print ad (5.07" (w) x 3" (h)) as well as a classified ad. I don't need copy written for the classified ad. It targets local masonry services and needn't be

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    BOOKS PHOTOS Έχει λήξει left

    ...recommended readings and fun. I am looking for a photographer to create the content for the platforms, I will give the credit of each material to be posted. I already have a table of times, delivery dates and inspiration material. The material should not be elaborated, it should be minimalist and inspired in Mexico lifestyle (this is the principal, only

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    I would like to combine two technical, medical protocol documents into one, and reformat to make more aesthetically appealing and easier to read, adding a table of contents and a pre-customized header and footer.

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    Frame out a software platform Έχει λήξει left

    I am developing a new tooling asset management system. Proof of concept is in-hand, and I now need an expert to design the essential structure that will convert fixed, variable, and dynamic inputs into specific outputs. The project objective is to supply the technical specifications and documentation that will support an RFP for software programming

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    I am currently trying to submit a paper for publication in a peer review jour...the data file, tell you the analyses I think are appropriate and if you think they are in fact appropriate, if you could do them and help me report them (as in provide the table, and explain how to interpret the results). Would that be possible? Thank you in advance.

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    List should be: a) lit...residential conveyancers). Would require the results in an excel spreadsheet in the following format: Column 1 – Firm name Column 2 – Contact Name Column 3 – email address Column 4 – specify if Litigator or Commercial Property Solicitor Column 5 – Location (town name will suffice e.g. Birmingham or Br...

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    involved studying the effect of variable water table on settlement behavior of a raft foundation and the effect of phased construction on problematic clay soils.

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    ...Page dashboard. The development should work locally and should not require any internet connection. Charts required in a page are 6 ranging from line, bar, column and pie charts. Table also required [κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL] Above is a template one c...

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    Create and deploy MS SQL multi tenant DB on AZURE and build REST API Service with 9 API function to access the DB. 8 functions are simple and 1 medium. Database consists ...DB on AZURE and build REST API Service with 9 API function to access the DB. 8 functions are simple and 1 medium. Database consists of 11 tables plus 3 lookups and 1 catalog table.

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    Do some data entry -- 2 Έχει λήξει left

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. Worked using excel, pivot, table, summary, calculation that telated with excel

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    Google Sheet Application Templates Έχει λήξει left

    ...Contractor will require as input to these forms, the Google Sheet Name, Tab Name, Row number (for Update and Delete), and Tab Column Number. 2.a) The Form Field label will be set to the Table Column Number Header (in row one of the identified Sheet/Tab/Column). The second (hidden) row can be assumed to contain the data type specification for ...

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    Create Control Panel -- 2 Έχει λήξει left

    To do this work, you need expience in Google maps Api. - we want to create ta...work, you need expience in Google maps Api. - we want to create tables with php to display my-sql tables, search, and edit the values. - we should be able to edit the mysql table via google map - I do not pay any dollar before seening that you did the minumum work.

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    Facebook Parser Έχει λήξει left

    ...Software considers how many names coincide and build rating from the most large number to the most smaller. If at us in the List: Sergey Filatov Sergey Yesenin Alexander Pushkin Software will build everything so: Sergey - 2 Alexander 1 Categories: 1)! All! column Favorites (rating) 2) Education 3) City 4) name and surname 5) Favourite

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    ...developer and now the best practices. Thank you. ----- THIS PROJECT IS ALREADY DONE ----- REQUIREMENTS: 1. Build via Bluemix a Very simple Chatbot, wich returns a Variable, as example Color=Blue, Red, Green. If the Bot Returns a Value, then the Chat is finished, there will be made A webrequest like http://...[κάνε είσοδο ...

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    ...and need concept designs to present with out proposal - it should be noted that the design is the most critical aspect of the project at this stage, as this is the biggest variable. The successful Architect should have a working knowledge of Aboriginal people and their culture, and also be familiar with outdoor structures. You will need to have excellent

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    Project for Vaishali W. Έχει λήξει left

    Hi, can you program S7-1200 Siemens plc using TIA Portal 14, with data-logging features, with HMI, variable speed drives, etc? If so please let me know.. Thank you, Gopal

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    ...hit a record number of sales for their business. Our office is full of talented millennials in the heart of Exeter, it is a young millennial, fun work space where there are palm trees, music blasting, palm trees and fashionista social influencers working around filming, blogging , vlogging etc! Think bean bags, pool tables, Fifa, table football and

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    ...Customer Owner Name (1), to see how many Trademarks they own, and put the number in a 5th column in google Sheets. So if they have 2 Trademarks, then to each customer’s google sheets row will appear - 2. Scrap #3 - scan the internet and find the Customer phone number and put into 6th column (use either owner and/or Brand. Project 2. System uses rows

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    ...Australia next to it) - Slogan is 'Fuel Your Body' - '500g | Raw' located at the bottom of the pouch For the back of pouch design (more details to come): - Nutritional Table is TBD soon, however please leave room - Text for product will be provided soon - include 'HEMP-PRO' as main title - [κάνε είσοδ&om...

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    Java-JSF development Έχει λήξει left

    On request, JAVA, JSF, Primefaces developement in collaboration.

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    ...required) or allow for user to register / login. The difference is when registered / logged in that data is persisted in a database - will allow in the page, the creation of a number of 'tabs' for a user, which represent an item (for which a user can give it a name) - for an item there is the ability to have some item specific data by moving a slider

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    data entry -- 2 Έχει λήξει left

    ...have around10000 toys product list from amazon.in. I want to check the price of the same ( or near same ) toys on aliexpress.com. The attached sheet has details of productId, number of hits that product got per day and the title from [κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL] Eg. ...

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    ...wants a computerized printed receipt for each of its customer’s transaction, and a summary report for all its transactions. Each input consists of the room number, the number of nights, and the number of customers. A customer may request additional night stay after the initial stay has expired. Also, a customer may have other members joining at a later

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    ...tables is saved in a table. The table contains the name of tables in other database (database 2) and the name of the column that holds the date of the data entry in this corresponding table in DB2. Example: table_name date_column tabe1 created_ts table2 created_ts The python script should connect to this DB2 and for each table group data by date_column

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    ...view (like Unique Page View Google analytic) which could handle fraud like robots, unfair page view - Hide tracking when login - Could works in cache and cdn - Create own table (contain post id and total view) since when using post_meta it very large - Not slow down website. - Having good logic and light code. - Explain the algorithm and result

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    market research- Alcohol beverage Έχει λήξει left

    ...used till today. In the 1960’s the company took a major leap in the alcohol manufacturing industry by increasing its capacity through fermenting and distilling alcohol using a column distillery. Growing rapidly the Eagle Distilleries started to produce many products under licenses from major brands in the UK, Scotland and France. In 1975 the Eagle Distilleries

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    simple macro to copy lines : - for each row in the ...macro to copy lines : - for each row in the sheet 'PRE' sheet vlookup the cell in the B column in Sheet "charsvalue" and mutliply the row as the number of the matching found in the vlookup at at sheet ""POST" add the found values in the lookup at column G see for exemple the fir...

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    ... Il est donc essentiel que la personne qui créée ce contenu connaissent bien Paris, aime la découverte et les endroits insolites. La rémunération est à définir et est variable selon plusieurs critères : - Contenus uniquement en français ou en français et anglais - ‎Contenus uniquement pour l'application ...

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    ...essentiel que la personne qui créée ce contenu connaissent bien Paris, aime la découverte et les endroits insolites. La rémunération est à définir (entre 75€ et 150€) et est variable selon plusieurs critères : - Contenus uniquement en français ou en français et anglais - ‎Contenus uniquement pour l�...

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    ...digital goods. I need some small changes to user flow which involve PHP/MySQL (i.e. removing some image & description fields, improving a responsive menu and adding a new column in the database for data which is unique to each product) I also need Bitcoin added as a payment method. I DO NOT want to use any service providers' APIs. I want to use

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    Need help with Xenforo error Έχει λήξει left

    ...register for some reason. If it is disabled, users can then register. The specific error in the Server Logs is: XFDbException: MySQL statement prepare error [1054]: Unknown column 'result' in 'field list' src/XF/Db/[κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL...

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    We have SQL table that has a booking consisting of: Booking Date (date booking created) Cancellation date (NULL if still an open booking) StartDate (Date booking commences) CeaseDate (Date of last booking) Each booking occurs once a week during that period (on the startdate day) We then have a KPI table with a Week starting day (Monday) I

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    Crystal Reports Έχει λήξει left

    I need a crystal reports report show support ticket metrics from a sql database. You will design the layout of the report and get it approved. The two Microsoft SQL table schema's are included. Once the project is awarded data for the tables will be accessible. Also enclosed is a sample query based on a microsoft access query. Questions:

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    ...Participant scores and evaluation c. Track Participation and attendance in training program (Product) d. Track job placement attempts and interview notes 6) Dashboard (Reports in Table but with some visual) a. Visual Pipeline (showing days Opportunity is at a stage) b. Pipeline by User c. Pipeline by Product d. Reports exportable to Excel. Other Requirements

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    ...some digital goods. I need some small changes to user flow which involve PHP/MySQL (i.e. removing some logo & description fields, improving a responsive menu and adding a new column in the database for data which is unique to each product) I also need Bitcoin added as a payment method. I DO NOT want to use any service providers' APIs. I want to generate

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    Turn my 1 page PDF into HTML Έχει λήξει left

    ... I have 1 page of PDF, + EPS files and sources files provided. I need it turned into a single HTML page for MOBILE. - List the 6 functionalities VERTICALLY (in 1 column), so it fits better on mobile, - Put the picture of the guy down the bottom next to his text ("Townsie Founder & Local Manager, Mubin Rahimi"), and then the body of text below

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    Review of ...Research may cover communities form across the globe but the main focus be on the gender relations in CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) Communities in Australia. A table of all references and copies of all papers cited, will need to be provided. No specific word limit. The task needs to be completed within 1 week.

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    In need of a US Phone Number for SMS Verification

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    ...X screen size - Our existing share extension should pass data to a web URL (either in Safari, or an embedded web view in-app) - Swipe from the edge, to remove a row from table/list review (and call our API to complete the status change) - Allow multiple photos to be saved to camera roll - Allow video file to be sent to Instagram app, and saved to

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    Need a SH script to authenticate with Slack's API (oAuth), th...user between the specified dates. Each comment enclosed with double quotes, on one row. Dump it in a CSV file. If the comment has a line break, put the first line in column 1, rest in column 2 Logic: only include comments (grep?) that start with ":white_check_mark:" (it's an emoticon).

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    ...the shelves inside. 2. Render the bookcase model in the viewpoint (angle) that will best suit staging in the dining room photo (the bookcase will go to the far end of the table, against the beige-painted wall). 3. Make two photoshop mock-ups, showing the bookcase in the dining room. We want two scenarios: Scenario A: The book case as 9 ft wide

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    I would like to create an Excel file (assuming that Excel is the right program for this project) to organize and cross reference a few hundred historical photographs. My first question is if Excel is the right program to use. If so, I would like to get some expert assistance in setting up the file. I can do the data entry, but need help setting up the spreadsheets.

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    I have a table that looks like this: FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME TRIP_DATE_TIME Abdullah Nichols 1/1/2018 Abdullah Nichols 1/1/2018

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    Android/Ios app for school. Έχει λήξει left

    Android/Ios app will give parents details regarding the students attendance, result, homework, library info, school fee payment, school notification, exam time table and class time table. I dont know whether to keep registration on app or we should provide the login id and pass to the students of each class seperately.

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    Project for TechPlus -- 4 Έχει λήξει left

    ...yes, the following appears. Msg; It's ok! If yes, an image will appear (stored in a variable randon = 3 images) and below it will appear the value of the installment and the CET (repetition of calculator 1) and the interest rate will be fixed in a randon variable of 3 options (3 ; 5; 7) and after with a line break add below: Initial Vr / vr of the

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    I am looking to get a single page layout design for a site is specific to a board game. Attached is the pdf of the game manual. The page I want would have a left column for filters (text box, talent checkboxes, character type dropdown...). Main body would be a list of character cards similar to top of page 6 in the attached file. Key components is the

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    predictive quiz android app Έχει λήξει left

    ...varying resolutions. The UI should be clean and consistent with current UI trends. Pages: Today’s question – question and yes/no answer buttons. Score – number of questions answered, number of completed questions, correct answers to completed questions, score (% of correct answers) Answer – when a question the user has previous answered is compl...

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    ...acceptable) that is generated in VS2017. It should have default authorization and identification generated in the project. * Now, instead of the AspNetUsers table, there is a different table that is used, called 'Client'. It should have all of the fields that AspNetUsers has, plus some other ones that will be ignored by identity. Doesn't matter what

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