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    Need someone to design a business card and flyer design. Need 3 business card samples like these [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Also need this flyer template customized [login to view URL]

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    Hi - I need someone to please design a logo for me. I have examples of what I like and a clear idea of the finished product. The logo will need to be used for a blog, business card etc. Thank you

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    I want to create a logo similar to the attached. I designed the business card based on someone else's design. All the details such as tag line (big or small) and company's name is correct. I just want something similar to the card style and colors which I created. I apologize but I...

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    I am starting a business. I need someone to 1) design a logo, 2) design a template for an 8 page booklet that can be easily edited by me to include new data, 3) design a 4"x6" notecard (front and back) to act as a recipie card (also one I can edit easily), 4) d...

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    ...contest is a two part opportunity. The winner that designs both the winning logo and matching business card will get 20$ bonus (for the business card design) The company name is called "Go Prime Media" The company is geared to offer virtual services under the company offering, such as: > data entry > call answering service &...

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    Hello, I Need someone who designs my Business Cards. I have already planned the design and Content but someone Needs to form it into a Business Card.

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    I have a project that needs to be completed ASAP. No more than 24 hour turnaround, including edits. So need someone to work in real time. The project itself is not very difficult and shouldn't be overly time consuming. There are three parts. It is important for image quality and formats to be correct and perfect for sending onto printe...

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    Hello, I am looking for a business card design from someone who understands how to design business cards that may use foil, embossing, spot uv or a combination of these in the design and want help to create something with a unique design to have maximum impact. Part of the design pr...

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    Hi, I require someone to design a business card. All the details are in the attached PDF, and the logo AI is attached as well. Do leave a clarification message if you need any. Thanks Regards, Ethan

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    Good Morning, I am in need of someone to design my company business card. This should be a simple project as I will be providing you with the logos! The rest will be up to you as the designer. YOU NEED TO BE CREATIVE. DON'T ASK ME TO SKETCH ANYTHING. YOU ARE THE ARTIST. I just recently increa...

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    Good Morning, I am in need of someone to design my company business card. Requirements 1) An external NDA is required before any files will be sent to you. 2) Do not use a online predefined template I can use myself - I only want a unique business card. 3) After the product is finished, y...

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    I need a logo designed. Need someone to design a logo , a YouTube channel art and a business card. Please provide multiple so I can choose the best. Need a person who can communicate well and has experience.

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    Trophy icon Design a Website Mockup Ended

    I have a website in Wordpress [login to view URL] and need someone to design pages and forms with same theme as main page. You can suggest different new colours to make it look stand out from others. Please see pages I want are 1. About Us, 2. Visas, 3. Register/ Login 3. Details of a member 4. Details of a business...

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    I am looking for a web-designer to design a domain portfolio site for my domain business. Please let me know if you feel I should have this website designed on a WordPress template or through some other means? I want to be able to have people search by domain extension, then narrow it down by category. I would like...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. I need a simple website called [login to view URL] The website is for people in the U.S.A. to donate the spare change that they have in their drawers and coat pockets at home to support small projects in Af...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    ...disqualified. I'll be able to tell very quickly if you are not following instructions. **Looking for designers, not people who can use a font and type. Show your design skills! Show how you follow instructions! I'm looking for 3 designers to join my team. Top winner will get the prize, but the next two runners up could also get a long term gig. ...

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    I need someone to design a business card, i'm an architect.

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    I am opening a retail clothing store called Trendi and I need someone to design a logo for me. The logo needs to be simple but classy and something thats easy to print on to packets, business card and make a lightbox. The feature colour is like a Teal Blue that i would like to inc...

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    Hi, I require someone to design a company logo, together with the business card and letterhead. All the details are in the attached PDF. Do leave a clarification message if you need any. Thanks Regards, Ethan

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    I need a re-design on an old business card. The work was done in Adobe Illustrator, which you need to work within. I have new updated content of the card that you will use to update the card. I have attached a template on how the final "FULL BLEED" product needs to be delivered for ...

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    Hi I need someone to design a T-Shirt, Invitation card(foldable square type with envelope), corporate identity( Business cards, Office stationery) Logo will be provided. Urgent work, need to be completed ASAP. Designer will give min 3 designs to choose from.

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    Summary: -I am looking for someone to create the branding for my new tutoring service. -I have strong ideas, but I need an artist/designer to tie it all together and actually create modern, impressive designs. -I am looking for someone to collaborate with over the long term as the tutoring service grows. (I've been a...

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    Trophy icon Design some Stationery Ended

    DESIGN BUSINESS CARD & SOFT COPY LETTER HEAD PAPER I need someone to use the attached logo and corporate information to design a business card and also a soft copy letter head paper. BUSINESS CARD 1) It must be in colours close to the logo using exact CMYK. I dont have...

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    I am looking for an all around graphic designer, infographic/flyer creator, and most of all able to do research and create projects from topics I provide. I need someone that I can work with for a long time, repeat business weekly and monthly that is willing to build a relationship with my company and myself. These will b...

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    I need someone to design a business card for me. My budget is $10 for this job. Please show your previous sample. Thanks!

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    I need someone to design a business card for me. Please send me a list of your previous design. My budget is $5 for this job.

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    Hey! I am looking for someone RELIABLE to work on a long term with. I need communication over [text hidden]. I am looking for a team of designers that are RESPONSIVE and ORGANIZED. Send me your prices (and more info for each one) for: - logo design - business card, letterhead + stamp design - whole package (logo...

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    Hi there, i am recruiting someone to design , configure and setup a full ecommerce website for me The website will be about online organic products ( Teas, Herbs, Spices) i will be starting with 3-4 products and increase week on week (Stage 1 would be to get the platform up and running) You will be responsible for the: - Brand ide...

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    Ok, i'm looking for someone to design a classy looking flyer to compliment my detailing business. I need it to incorporate my logo and be along the similar lines of my business card which I have enclosed as an image along with the logo too. It will need to be A5 size and both sides used please...

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    Εγγυημένο Σφραγισμένο
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    ...You joined a contest last year, and I love your design. Unfortunately, I have awarded design to someone else, but after so much thinking I would like to work with you. I was wondering if you can revise your design. I have also changed the name. Also was wondering if you can provide me with a variation of ...

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    i am looking to design a logo a business card and brochure a very simple project i am looking for this to be completed in 12 hours i need someone with a creative eye and please show me your portfolio as well

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    I need a logo and business card design for my small business. I am a neuropsychologist who provides psychological assessments and therapy to adults and children. I am looking for a unique business card design with a logo that incorporates a picture of a mind or brain. The l...

    €64 (Avg Bid)
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    Need someone to design a business card for me in two hours - I need to order them today - in two hours I am a speaker who specializes in risk reduction seminars. Let me see a few samples and I will send you what I need done - Need a two sided card Would really ...

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    Hi there, I am looking for someone to design and develop a site for my unlocking smartphone business, the site must have a form on the right to collect customer info with PayPal or credit card payment see this youtube video to follow [login to view URL] -Clean design need as per the video -mobile friendly -...

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    I need some graphic design. I am looking for a designer that can design a business card for me. I have a company in the US and I am looking for someone to outsource some my work to. I need this done ASAP! You can not use the design in your portfolio. If you agree please bid...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a .png of my business card design and I want the black background to be absolute black. I had some cards printed using this .png recently and the background of the printed cards came out slightly gray. The printer tells me that I should have the background an absolute "0" black in CMYK. I don't have any ed...

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    Trophy icon Design a company name Ended

    I need someone to design the name of my company: Advanced eDiscovery match the colors with the logo (blue & silver, with a little shadow) company is about the Information Technology industry This will be for a Business card

    €13 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello! I am starting a new business and need assistance with business branding. Someone to help coordinate all of my platforms so they look consistent, professional, and get to the point quickly. Don't need help with the marketing aspect as much as I go directly to my clients over the phone or in person. This is ...

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    I need someone to design a logo and business card for my fashion brand. To be precise, I would like to make 2 logos, one plain design with just the brand name in a nice font, second design would need to be more symbolic. Business card design shall be in sync with the...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to design my webpage. My business is : TO OFFER SPANISH LESSONS. The language of the website is Dutch. I want a website that primarily will serve as an online business card with basic information on me and my offerings along with a way to reach me. On the other hand, I want

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    I will need someone to redesign my business cards that will be a bit larger than the average business card. I have the copy and face pictures and logo you will just need to put in all in for a satisfactory design. Who ever gets the project I will send my existing business card that wil...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    ...everyone! Someone asked for my business card yesterday, aaand I didn't have one. So, here I am. I run a business called "[login to view URL]", which is a website, where students can go review their school and education. I need it in landscape mode, not vertical. I need both fro...

    €13 (Avg Bid)
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    ...website design.  Hi I need someone to put together a design for a construction company. I need a logo and business card to be designed. In addition I will need small website explains about the business. It does not need to be more than 3 pages. A ho...

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    Trophy icon Design Business Card Ended

    What i need designed is a 2 sided business card. i want the main color of the card BLACK it can have a theme/ gradient to it. you can be creative if you want to. I want JUST my Logo that is attached 1 side. on the other side i want my company name THE PURPOSE AGENCY and underneath it saying Full-Service Digital Ma...

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    I need someone to design a logo, business card and simple web page for my baking business.

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    Hi, I'm Shannon I'm looking for a designer who can give me a Logo Brand Style Guide Business Card + 1 flyer template (I will need all original source files) My business retails a new innovative product where it gives people the freedom to change their hairstyles/lengths/colours without altering the natural st...

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    I need someone to design a flyer. Flyer size will be DL below is the Info needed on the flyer, If you need anything extra or would like to add extra pictures feel free. Logo: see attached files, I have also attached my business card design to help proide a feeling of current design. P...

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking to hire someone for full time position so winner of this contest will be offered a full time job for my other businesses. Offer for full time position will be discussed separately so this has nothing to do with contest. If you are good, you will not regret it. Now , For this contest, I will need a brand Identity for my coaching b...

    €8 (Avg Bid)

    I would like to have someone complete the business card design I already started and incorporate the elements of the card that is attached as a pdf. Specifically I want to replicate the top portion of the card that looks like rows of small x's next to each other (with the name in the middle). I w...

    €85 (Avg Bid)
    Επείγον Εγγυημένο
    43 συμμετοχές