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    server-side SWF compile Έχει λήξει left

    ...need to create a 'proof of concept' to show how we can 'edit' the text in a web banner (flash) using PHP. i believe the only way to do this is by using a SWF (with the animation) and a text-based AS3 file (with the text) - and a server-side compiler. would you be interested in this? do you know how to do it? (btw - ideally this is on a linu...

    €264 (Avg Bid)
    €264 Μέση Προσφορά
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    Finance Website for Lead Generation Έχει λήξει left

    ...will give you ideas to make it better user experience for your dealers. Technology: • Php as server side language for coding and mysql will be the database. Plus we will be using jquery for rich UI components. • This would need to run on Linux server or php enabled windows server. Timeline: ASAP - Be realistic. Again We want to be blown

    €509 - €1018
    Προεξέχον Σφραγισμένο
    €509 - €1018
    5 προσφορές

    ...with new colour schema I don't know: - I like PHP, but do not know how is .NET, JAVA or Perl better? - I like Centos, but do not know how about Windows Server or other Linux, Unix distro - I don't know how can convert new Microsoft format like pptx to flash, they have many graphic effect and animation build in. Please help me in your pm about 3

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    Private project or contest #405579 Έχει λήξει left

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    E-commerce Site Έχει λήξει left on Linux. Olla Cart is currently used to integrate the physical store with the Zen-Cart database and provide cash register type functionality. You may chose to enhance Olla Cart or replicate it’s (rather simple) functionality. I will retain ownership of all source code and graphic element deliverables. I will supply all video, flash animation and

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    an animation image Έχει λήξει left

    The project is to build an animation image on an existing web page using AJAX or Flash (or else as suggested). The image has a ball. The ball can stand still or roll at 5 different speeds. Visitors to the page can click on the image to make the ball roll. If no clicks for some period, the ball can slow down and eventually stand still. The speed level

    €129 (Avg Bid)
    €129 Μέση Προσφορά
    4 προσφορές a honorable income 2- able to create dynamic websites using PHP and MySQL 3- able to create flash animation using Macromedia Flash (not those flash alike cheap application...) 4- able to maintain a regular daily contact via an instant messenger client (Google talk, MSN....) 5- able to create good looking, sharp and p...

    €26 - €44
    €26 - €44
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    2D/3D Flash Game Development Έχει λήξει left

    ...Work to be Submitted that Shows Your Work Ability that Reflects the Work Needed for this Project. **Any Bids submitted Without Samples Will be Deleted!!** We are looking to create a kid-friendly virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with each other. Please look at [κάνε είσοδο για ν&a...

    €7454 (Avg Bid)
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    elearning multimedia lesson creator Έχει λήξει left

    ...quiz and media. Use a little animation to author and present (like articulate does on their products for engage) This will integrate with [κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL] system using php/mysql - you should be good with php coding, so you can write a wrapper ...

    €26 - €4399
    €26 - €4399
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    flash website Έχει λήξει left

    We need to create an impressive flash website for bpo business. We would like to have a website like in terms of flash and animation. [http://callcenter.ramshyam.c o m/][1] <http://www.myremotestaff.c> o m/[κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL] <h...

    €343 (Avg Bid)
    €343 Μέση Προσφορά
    11 προσφορές

    ...tuned for the final design. For the final design, provide screenshots and all graphics. Create animation for home page. Note: we want a non-irritating, unobtrusive sort of animation to liven the page without being in-your-face or distracting. People who just love flash and think it should be all over need not apply. In your bid response, please provide

    €605 (Avg Bid)
    €605 Μέση Προσφορά
    9 προσφορές
    Build a site similar to this site Έχει λήξει left We don't want an exact copy of their interface, so we welcome creative ideas from you. But look should be similar (high-tech look w/flash animation), with local storing of test results and create links to the images. (we would also like a bid for a simple version of the site with only very basic features, see notes below) The

    €251 (Avg Bid)
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    Digital Advertising OS Έχει λήξει left

    ...looking for a Linux based digital singage/kiosk software with players for self serve systems. We need a fully-customizable web browser with advanced multimedia capabilities capable of accepting full-motion video(sattelite cable etc), Macromedia Flash animation, dynamic news tickers, and many standard web technologies (e.g. Perl and PHP). Also needs

    €1139 (Avg Bid)
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    Small Website - Linux Server Έχει λήξει left

    ...have the following pages/Areas: Home page which will contain a logo which will be supplied to you. I would like a little flash animation on this that will basically move the water in the logo - Should be simple animation. Well drilling - Contains some pictures and information on our well drilling process. Service - Contain pictures and

    €216 (Avg Bid)
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    Virtual Magazine Toolkit Έχει λήξει left

    Like the title mentions I need a Virtual Magazine toolkit which should give me the following abilities: -To create a web-based interactive animation of a real magazine so the viewer can: -Flip pages -Zoom in -Follow links to skip ahead or back in pages(so it would allow a user to click around in the index and skip to a target page). -And have a few

    €837 (Avg Bid)
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    Typo3 Website (P36-Nuc) Έχει λήξει left

    Provide web design to create a small portal site for a group of small companies who are working together. Site will basically have : - initial simple flash animation landing page ( with skip option and no-flash option ) - home page - contact details page - member profile summary - member company profile pages ( between 10 and 15 ) - news

    €252 (Avg Bid)
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    3 προσφορές
    Flash Modification Έχει λήξει left

    Modify, or create a new flash script which takes the existing collage matrix and morphs it into the shape of a heart, yet retain the same behaviors in the existing script. Demo of existing script is located here: <[κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL]> ...

    €29 (Avg Bid)
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    8 προσφορές
    10 PROJECTS FOR U Έχει λήξει left

    ...teaching PHP , MySQL ,Visual C++ , Delphi ,.NET , C# ,JAVA , JSP ,Power Builder ,Cold Fusion, Perl,Python , Search Engine Optimization ,Linux , Unix ,XML/XSL ,Database - Oracle, SQL Server,Access, C++ / C , Assembly / Machine language, Javascript ,ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual [κάνε είσοδο για να &...

    €26 - €88
    €26 - €88
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    10 PROJECTS FOR U Έχει λήξει left

    ...teaching PHP , MySQL ,Visual C++ , Delphi ,.NET , C# ,JAVA , JSP ,Power Builder ,Cold Fusion, Perl,Python , Search Engine Optimization ,Linux , Unix ,XML/XSL ,Database - Oracle, SQL Server,Access, C++ / C , Assembly / Machine language, Javascript ,ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual [κάνε είσοδο για να &...

    €57 (Avg Bid)
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    animation with poser, flash, bryce Έχει λήξει left

    ...starting a website for a software development business. I want to have an animation in the front beside the logo. It will not have any sound at the moment. If I like the work I will ask for additional help with the rest of the site which would probably be implemented in flash or php. I am looking for a professional and artistic looking site. I

    €121 (Avg Bid)
    €121 Μέση Προσφορά
    8 προσφορές
    Online Flash Intro Editor Έχει λήξει left

    I need a WYSIWYG flash animation editor for a web site. Please look at [[κάνε είσοδο για να δεις το URL]][1] to see an example of what I am looking for. I would like an exact duplicate or improvement upon their design tool. The editor should be able to create...

    €348 (Avg Bid)
    €348 Μέση Προσφορά
    9 προσφορές